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2011 Astrological Fashion Trends Guide
2011 Zodiac Fashion Trends Guide There are several major influences in the sky this year that are going to affect modern fashion. They will also affect the way some zodiac signs will dress.

On January 4th, there is a partial solar eclipse in the domestic sign of Capricorn. This means that fashions will get a lot wilder. House dresses, sensible shoes, and pants are going to be traded in for sexy sheaths, heels, and designer tights. Men will also dress a little bit more like dandies – throwing out the overalls and wearing more of a mix of night club wear and jeans. We will probably see the return of the velvet jacket with jeans for men. This tendency to be a little wilder will last all year, but it will be stronger in late winter and early spring.

The next big trend is going to be for opulence, luxury, and looking well off even when you are not. This is thanks to the dominance of Jupiter starting in April. Fire signs, in particular, will go wild with this influence and start wearing a lot of silks, satins, and dominant colors like purple and red. Until June, we are going to see a lot of gold buttons and details on men and women’s clothing. Gold purses will be in style for spring as will gold boots, shoes, and sandals. All signs will be a little more status conscious than usual and willing to wear designer labels. There will be more money floating around, thanks to the influence of Jupiter so people will be willing to pay a little more for quality clothing.

Expect trends to get quite radical and wild from mid-March to mid-May when an entire subculture of fashion devoted to old technology arises. Once again, it is going to be the fire signs such as Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius that will be affected the most by this. People will be wearing big rubber digital watches, t-shirts with Atari symbols, and cell phones will be bigger than ever. Don’t be surprised if a major phone manufacturer comes out with a cell phone that is big and clunky or looks like an old Personal Assistant. As Uranus is quite eccentric, you can be assured that Android phones will do better than Apple phones.

When both the moon and the sun are in the inhibited and creative sign of Gemini around June 1st, we are going to hear about some sort of bizarre, yet colorful trend in lingerie. This sign also rules the feet and arms so we could see some innovative designs in running shoes and also in jewelry. Whatever it is, the trend will be so crazy and original that we can barely wear it!

Not every sign will be into these wild fashions. Pluto in Capricorn will have earth signs dressing a little more staid, especially in the last half the year. Colors like grays, blacks, and neutrals will be popular. The trend for big eyes and straggly hair, so that you look like a lost orphan, will also still be with this. Pluto is all about expressing the inner child, but especially the damaged part of us, so there will be some sectors of fashion that will take this to the extreme. Don’t be surprised if Pluto in Capricorn does not bring a “little girl” look that is very dour and serious to the fashion runways.

Here is a brief guide as to how fashion trends may affect your sign in 2011.


Your wardrobe is likely to go from being conservative to quite wild and trendy. If you have been wearing beiges and grays, they will be traded in for reds and oranges.


You are going to consider dressing up a little more this year. The jeans might be hanging in the closet more often and traded in for dresses and dress pants.


It’s all about standing out in a crowd for you. You will be wearing the highest heels, the shortest hemline and the skinniest tie, especially around your birthday when planets in your sign encourage being an extremist.


Thanks to the influence of Pluto, you might find yourself drawn away from the wilder, sensual forms of dressing to the more formal styles; gray and black will be your choice of colors. Younger Crabs will be attracted to the Goth and Rockabilly styles.


You will be going through a bit of an “Austen Powers” type phase this year and be more attracted to purples, retro clothing and wild ruffles. You will be particularly attracted to the fashions of the sixties and seventies.


Pluto is going to have you dressing more conservative this year. You have been overwhelmed and hurt lately so you are not really feeling like drawing too much attention to yourself.  You will be sticking to your usual utilitarian wear.


This year you will be dressing as hip as possible. You will probably be influenced by fashions from the sixties and seventies. June is your month to go shopping for great bargains and retro styled clothing.


Pluto will have you dressing a bit darker and grayer than other years. Classic styles and colors will appeal to you more than others. The Goth look will also appeal to younger Scorpions. You are more into covering up your body rather than exposing it this year.


You may find yourself leaning toward dressing more opulently, especially at the beginning of the year. Golds, purples and reds appeal to you throughout this year as do expensive materials like leather, suede, cashmere and silk.


You will be dressing practically but luxuriously this year. Women, in particular, will be spending a great deal of money on clothes – if anything to make a rival jealous. Designer labels are where it is at for you for most of the year but you will tend to be more conservative.


This is your year to find a “futuristic” fashion identity. The light, fun vibes in the air will have you wearing the latest new materials and imitation animal prints.  You will want to be unorthodox and the way to do this is to dress in a retro fashion that is also reminiscent of the space age.


As you are a lover of the environment, you will be continuing your tendency to dress eco-green and practically. However you might be inclined to spend more money than usual on your clothing; especially during the last half of the year.

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By theresa, Thursday, January 06, 2011 05:29:32 PM
geminis r not all like that I was born june 19th 78 thank you and my mother in law june 15th 1942 .we do not like high heels #1 they r annoying to wear 2 we wear comfortable clothing .3 we r sneaker wearing kinda girls 4 we donot like hoochie wear clothing 5 we r leather and ordinary wearing jackets leather is only for causaul wear 6 we only look good if we go to party and low flat dress shoes ok ,but geminis all of us that I have met r jeans t shirts and sweat shirts and sometimes sweat pants .I am 5ft 9 in so i donot like high heels they kill my back also geminis r clumsey lovable people heels would probably break our backs ok same with the guys they like jeans as well never met a gemini in a suit and my only son is a gemin too also an idiot on dressing himself thanks to his stupid dad
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