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2010 Christmas Eve and Day Astrology Forecast
Christmas Astrology Forecast - Merry Christmas This Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, there will be several influences in place that are going to impact how we experience Christmas. Perhaps the biggest influence is going to be the full moon eclipse in Gemini, which for most signs is going to delay travel and communications. As the sun is also in Capricorn, it is likely that these interruptions will be due to weather.

The moon will be in a waning phase for these two days, which means that matters will be losing energy rather than gaining them. This tends to predict a Christmas that is more laid-back rather than bustling. The quiet tone to the celebrations might once again be due to power failures, lack of technology, or lack of ability to travel caused by the full moon eclipse in Gemini.

The moon will be in Capricorn on Christmas Eve and stay steadily there throughout Christmas Day. This is a good domestic, stable vibe that promises a lot of cheer.

However, the moon will be straying in Sagittarius for two hours on the morning of Christmas Eve (the 24th), so that is probably one of the worst times this year to travel.
Expect delays, schedule changes, and bad weather. This is because the Archer is the sign of travel and when it is afflicted, our transportation tends to slow down.

The moon strays out of Capricorn early Monday morning and keeps wandering in the sign of Capricorn until noon. If you must travel on that day, wait until the afternoon although the setbacks will not be as extreme as they were when we were trying to get to our holiday destinations.

Here is a closer look at what the planets have in store for each sign on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


You are affected by Mercury in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius. The planet makes a number of angles to other planets that make it difficult for you to have a single, sane organized day. The key to you making it through the holiday is to not let the severe stress of all of this get to you. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to traffic and transportation issues.


Mars, Mercury, and Pluto in Capricorn have been causing some problems in your personal life in since the tenth. You may have been finding it a bit hard to get along with those who you are meaning to spend Christmas with. The key to getting through these two days is to not take anything personally; many signs in the Zodiac will be a bit edgy.


Mercury is retrograde, so travel around this time might be a bit difficult for you. Planets in Capricorn could also be causing difficulties with family. However, the moon in Capricorn on Christmas promises a financial windfall or lucrative gift of some sort. A relationship with an earth sign person that is important to you also improves around Christmas.


The big news is Uranus direct in your fellow water sign of Cancer. This means that you will probably receive gifts that are gadgets or technology oriented this year. Be cautious while traveling on Christmas Eve and Day and also beware of burning Christmas dinner. You are a bit accident prone on these two days.


You are impacted by Mercury in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius. The planet makes a number of harsh angles to other planets in the days leading up to Christmas that could cause hardship and financial difficulties. You might have to just grin and bear some of these delays and inconveniences if you are to make it to where you want to go for Christmas. Be prepared to become a genius when it comes to considering alternatives.


Planets in Capricorn may have you dealing with a friend or relative who is drunk or problematic in some way. Do not be too shocked if someone near and dear to you pulls a disappearing act on you just when it matters the most. Otherwise, the moon in Capricorn on Christmas Day encourages you to show off your fantastic cooking skills.


Mercury retrograde causes all kinds of delays and cancellations, so not everyone may make it to see you on Christmas. Christmas Eve promises a bit of luxury and, on Christmas Day, the vibes around you will be cheery, yet restful. The moon retrograde in Capricorn advises staying at home rather than trying to go shopping on the 26th.


If you had a big plan to skimp on Christmas and then shop on 26th, then you are best to forget it. The stray moon in Capricorn on 26th is going to make it difficult to get around. Your Christmas holiday in general promises to have a traditional Norman Rockwell flair to it that will be very peaceful and gratifying.


Mercury is retrograde in your sign in the few days leading up to Christmas and this makes it difficult to travel, shop, or even do some of the simplest transactions online. It will definitely feel like if it is not one thing or another. You will just have to resign yourself to the fact that you might have to do a lot of muddling through difficulties to get things done this Christmas.


Planets in your sign put the focus on you, your skills, and your ability to perform in public. This is a good Christmas for you to put on a dinner or party of some kind. However, retrograde and afflicted planets are going to make Goats touchy and emotional volatile. To avoid arguments, be prepared to swallow your ego and let things go.


By the time Christmas Eve rolls around, you might be feeling quite irritable thanks to delays and technical problems caused by retrograde planets. The good news is that you will be able to soothe your fried nerve endings in an abundance of prosperity and good cheer. On Sunday, you could hear good news about a family member or acquire a new pet.


The planets favor sticking close to home and spending some time in nature. Uranus in your sign promises some nifty gifts for you under the tree, including a gadget that might make your life a lot easier. The moon in Capricorn also encourages you to be the one to play host or hostess and show off your cooking skills. Good news about money may also come your way the day after the 26th.

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