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2011 Halloween Party Themes for Each Astrology Sign
Halloween Party Themes Do you want to throw a Halloween Party this year, but are stumped for an idea? Here are some great ideas for Halloween party themes that would suit each zodiac sign.


You are such a mover and shaker and you do like classy, retro things, so how about throwing a madman inspired party theme? Ask people to bring their favorite sixties canapé and serve Swedish meatballs in a chafing dish. Be sure to serve old fashioned hard cocktails like Manhattans or Singapore slings.

Another fun them idea for the Aries is a Ghosts of Ancient Rome style of party. You love cut-throat politics. Have people dress up like their favorite character from Roman history. Serve grapes, roast beef, and hand your guests fake daggers for a spree of backstabbing after dinner.


You are the sensual beast of the Zodiac and love tribal markings. This is why throwing a tattoo party might be ideal for you. You can ask guests to draw on themselves or put on their own fake tattoos or you can provide henna tattoos and stick on tattoos at your party. You can be decadent and serve whiskey and beer.  Asking everyone to dress like a biker is also a nice idea.

A more traditional Halloween theme for Taurus would be to throw a Werewolf party. Ask your guests to show up as furry beasts. Be sure to feature a howling contest and serve lots of rare beef. 


You have one of the best senses of humor of the whole Zodiac and you are also one of the most sexually kinky of signs so the old “Tarts and Vicars” theme (also known as Prostitutes and Priests) is always fun. Either sex can dress as a priest or a nun or as a male or female prostitute. If you are into Facebooking, this provides many unique Facebooking opportunities.

You are the writer of the Zodiac, so what better idea for you then to hold an Ouija party. Turn your living room into an old fashioned psychic parlour complete with red cloths, candles, and an old fashioned Ouija board. Be sure to have plenty of booze set up in a nearby room as people tend to get quite scared when using this old game to channel the spirits.


You are a bit of a traditionalist, so holding Black and White party on Halloween is a nice idea. This means that everyone who attends must be in a costume or outfit that is only black and white. Your cocktails can be black and white cows. Be sure to serve lots of black and white food such as Oreo, black Jell-o and whipped cream, and black caviar and sour cream.

For a more traditional party, the Crab might want to consider holding a Crystal Ball party. Hire a psychic with a crystal ball to sit and read your guests. Tell them that the dress code is gypsy style and serve rustic style food such as bread and cheese and mulled cider.


You are a primal sign that loves the wild, so why not have a Halloween costume party that asks people to dress like their favorite pet. If any of your friends have pets, tell them that you will also be holding a “Pet and Owner” look-a-like contest. You could also hold a “Best Stupid Pet Trick” contest. Be sure to serve the “animals” lots of treats.

You have always been a sign that likes fame and gossip so another good idea would be a Dead Celebrity party. Ask your guests to come to your Green Room in Heaven dressed as their favorite dead celebrity. Be sure to serve angel food cake and other heavenly concoctions.


You are also a fabulous sportsman (or sportswomen) so you could throw a prim and proper “Day at the Races” party. Your kinkier guests could wear riding boots and carry riding crops and others could show up in the pretty suits and bit hats that people used to wear to the races. Be sure to serve a bit of southern food, like fried chicken and corn, along with Southern cocktails; like a mint julep with vodka in it.

You are also a sign that loves sitting around a fire and telling ghost stories. Why not light a campfire in your backyard and have people over for an old fashioned apple bobbing and marshmallow roasting followed by a request that each guest tell their favorite spooky story.


You love literature so why not throw am Edgar Allan Poe party? Every guest must dress in turn-of-the-century style or costume. After a very old fashioned dinner that consists of very English things from the Poe era, such as Cornish hen or steak and kidney pie, have each guest, by candlelight, each read a short story by Edgar Allan Poe.

Your sign is also very domestic and loves sweet things. Why not throw a cupcake themed party? Ask each of your guests to bring a cupcake they have baked and to also dress in a costume that is similar to the cupcake. Be sure to serve lots of milk, tea, and coffee based drinks to go with the treats that people bring.


You are the seductive soul sucker of the zodiac, so you are very much suited to throwing a big party for all the Vampires you know. Be sure to serve up a punch bowl full of blood (nice sangria) along with red velvet cake, prosciutto, and other foods vampires like. Be sure to play Rob Zombie tunes to add a little Goth sound to the evening.

If you would like a more gourmet type of event to suit the evening, then try holding a pumpkin carving party. Ask people to dress in black and orange or even as pumpkins. Give a prize to the person who carves the eeriest looking Jack-O-Lantern.


Your sign loves all things gory and macabre. Ask your guests to come to your house dressed as their favorite Killer from History. Be sure to serve foods that have been on famous “Last Meal” lists.

Zombies also fascinate your sign. Simply ask your guests to show up at your party dressed as their favorite zombie. You can send the directions from YouTube on how to do great make-up for this. Be sure to serve “brains” and Bloody cocktails to your hungry guests.


You are a sign that loves to know what is in the cards, so why not throw an old fashioned Tarot reading party complete with a professional card reader that you hire yourself. Be sure to set out some tea, brandy, and a spread of Victorian treats to entertain your guests while they are having their fortunes told.

You are also a sign that dearly loves children. Why not throw a “Dress as Your Inner Child” or “Dress as Your Real Age” party? Even more amusing can be a “Dress as a Toddler” party. Be sure to serve cookies, pudding, and everything that kiddies love at your party.


You are one of the grooviest signs in the zodiac, so why not throw a Sixties Psychedelic Dance Party. Ask guests to dress like go dancers and hippies from the 60’s and play all that great old rock music. You can also easily project psychedelic patterns on the wall using a projector and colored oil and water.

Aquarians also like science fiction, what with being a sign that symbolizes hope for the future, so another suitable Halloween party theme for your sign is to ask people to dress up as their favorite character from a science fiction movie. Make it clear that monsters are as welcome as heroes like Captain Kirk and Luke Skywalker.


You are a very spiritual sign, so why not ask people to come to a Totem Spirit Halloween party where they dress up like their favorite spirit guide. Make sure that the cocktails and food that you serve is also exotic, holy, and unearthly. Cider is a good choice as is a mushroom pie or a blackberry and whipped cream cake.

You are also a sign that loves fairy tales. Why not throw a Monster Fairy Tale Party that asks your guests to dress like their favorite characters such as The Big Bad Wolf, The Witch from Hansel and Gretel, or the Wicked Queen from Snow White.

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