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Best Ways To Entertain Each Zodiac Sign
Best Ways To Exercise for Your Zodiac Sign Are you dating someone and wondering how best to entertain them? Take a look at this guide as to how to impress and retain the attentions of each of the signs of the Zodiac.


Aries people love being shown off. Take them to the best designer restaurant in town and order a 10-course gourmet meal cooked by the chef who has his name in all the papers.

You should also make sure you spend money on wine. This way, the Ram can give himself or herself permission to get drunk with you. Getting drunk with you is another one of their favorite past times, but they won’t allow it unless they are pleased with you and the surroundings.


If you want to impress a Taurus, head to a garden show or an arts and crafts store. Many of them have a much better time in Home Depot than they ever would at a fancy ball. They also enjoy driving around the neighborhood to estimate the price of housing.

You are also more likely to impress a Taurus by making him or her a home cooked dinner that is plain and healthy, yet delicious. Their favorite moment is just after dinner when everyone is talking and enjoying wine and coffee.


Gemini’s love speed, adventure, and the great outdoors. A Gemini is exactly who you should be taking to an amusement park or water park on a first date.

They also love big parties and opportunities to social climb. Many of them are happiest at the movies, the theater, or a book launch. If you know people in the arts, you will impress a Gemini.


Cancer natives love to go people watching. Taking them to the mall, outdoor cafes, and beaches is a great idea so they can observe everyone else. They also like to gossip and, in fact, when a Cancer loses a friend, it is usually because the Cancer could not resist sharing a rumor.

Cancers also like a person who is into entertaining others as much as they are. They love to have a good friend drop by every day. If you are a good host or hostess and know how to make others feel comfortable, the Crab will be impressed by you.


Leos like things to be done in grand style, especially when it comes to courting. These noble creatures, which are ruled by the Sun, need to be treated like royalty. A Leo will not have much to do with anyone who is not willing to drop their agenda for theirs.

Leos are adventurers, so they respond well to first dates that have a bit of a challenge or adventure to them. Take a Leo on a long walk through the woods or a climb up a mountain.


Virgos really paying too much for things or sitting for long periods of time. They dislike going to the theater and concerts for this reason. They are like working for charity or participating in some kind of hobby that could also somehow make them money. Participating in a walk for charity or in a jewelry-making class appeals to a Virgo.

Keep in mind that Virgos have an extremely critical eye. They will immediately assess you to see if you are a likely candidate to be a lifelong partner.


Scorpios are a little bit kinky. Take a Scorpio to a costume party to really excite them. They also like anything to do with the occult, history, or anthropology. Things of a mysterious nature also thrill them so be sure to take them to movies that feature themes to do with science fiction or horror.

If you want to fascinate a Scorpio alive, then it is a nice idea to plan an evening where the two of you do something like go to the same party and pretend to flirt with other people all night.


Sagittarians are also the champions of unusual or alternative ideas, so they love to go to art shows, unique performances, and concerts. They also love avante-garde cinema and philosophy. 

They also love to gamble and watch sports. Even many of the female Archers relish going to a soccer game or going to a casino. They are also usually up for mild physical exertion such as hiking or going for a canoe ride. 


If you want to entertain a Capricorn, you should also go to a great effort to schedule one-on-one quality time with him or her. Capricorns have a very deep and almost neurotic need to feel special.

When you are alone with your Capricorn mate, you will notice too that he or she gets off on the idea that there is just the two of you and that you are both the members of a secret club. They have a delicious and erotic sense of privacy that they fear will be invaded so make your dinners and gatherings as intimate and special as possible.


Socializing is an Aquarian’s favorite thing. They also love to talk about themselves and their long-term goals so be sure to share in his or her enthusiasm for planning the future.

As they are skilled people watchers, they also love to analyze other people’s relationships and usually this is all accomplished with a great sense of humor. Just sitting in a park, a mall, or a restaurant is very entertaining for an Aquarius.


Like Gemini, Pisces is a sign of companionship. There is a twin fish in the Zodiac symbol for Pisces and fishes of both sexes are always looking for “the other” so they like to do things that can be shared.

Pisces individuals also love seafood, trips to the beach, anthropology, history and religious subjects. They are happy visiting museums or just settling down with a good book that you can read in bed together. Many of them are also very fond of classical music as it moves their soul and puts them in the mood.

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By linda, Monday, August 16, 2010 01:58:56 AM
Sorry, I'm a Leo and we are never left out, so sad Libra...I guess you're just too well analyzed...and for the Virgo, that was just to make you crazy, and it did, didn't it?
By Debra, Monday, December 07, 2009 02:27:38 PM
Virgos DISLIKE people who do not proof read!!!!
By Carole, Monday, December 07, 2009 12:49:33 PM
I realize that we LIBRAS are amazing all on our own.......still we are curious beings as to how right on we are when people write about us. (or maybe sometimes articles don't know what to do with us.....) Shall we write this for you ,Spirit Now??????)
By Renee, Monday, December 07, 2009 10:25:20 AM
Not only did they leave Libra out ,no one proof-read Virgo.
By Tiffany, Monday, December 07, 2009 07:38:13 AM
Guess who ever wrote this article doesn't like virgos much because the others signs seem pretty accurate except the first paragraph about virgo's. I don't think our sense of sacrifice or charity has that much to do with our sense of romantic encounters. And I guess the writer really doesn't like libras because they got left out all together.
By Jennifer, Wednesday, April 15, 2009 10:10:54 AM
where is libra im a libra
By Tracy, Thursday, April 09, 2009 10:00:43 AM
were is Libra?????
By Bernette, Monday, April 06, 2009 01:04:37 AM
Yes you Libras are such a balance in life that keeps us looneys in check!
By Patty, Thursday, April 02, 2009 08:54:50 PM
I agree, this is the second time Libra has been left out. My new boyfriend is Libra, I need information please.
By Judy, Thursday, April 02, 2009 12:01:58 PM
Got to ask the question, why do you always leave Libra out of of this articles.

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