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Are You A Bully or A Pushover? Your Zodiac Sign Tells!
Are of you a Bully or a Pushover? When it comes to the game of life, it seems that there are those who win because they dare to ask the universe and the people in it for what they want. Some signs of the Zodiac are definitely pushier than others and, in some ways,that can translate into being more successful than others.

Zodiac signs can look at which are the pushiest signs, to the extent that they are bullies, and which signs tend to be so people pleasing that they are practically doormats.


As far as being a bully goes, your sign does have some talents. You walk that fine line from between persuasive and pushy. You are a great salesperson and can sell anything, including yourself. Your main tact is not giving anyone else too much time to think too hard about what you are saying. Before they know it, they are agreeing with you and getting out their wallet to buy from you or deciding to jump in bed with you or whatever you want. You are also not beyond making fun of or belittling those weaker than you.


As far as the Zodiac signs are concerned, you are one of the major bullies in the set of twelve horoscopes. You get your way mainly through intimidation, bullying, and emotional blackmail. In fact, you will do anything to get your way including withholding sex, giving people the silent treatment, and even resorting to violence if necessary. The milder bulls like to practice a bit of passive aggressiveness, which of course drives other people crazy. The Taurus always feels like they have won when they see the other person “give in.”


The Gemini is a verbal bully and can talk so fast and only about him or herself that the other person just does not have a chance to get a word in edgewise. These glamorous creatures also believe in stealing the limelight whenever they can. They do this through dressing provocatively, being funny, or simply just speaking loudly at parties and in public places. They are not beyond creating a scene or mocking others if they feel ignored. This is all part of their agenda to be the center of the universe.


The Crab is definitely one of the complete pushovers in the Zodiac. They will often cry or try to make people feel guilty if things don’t go their way, but all this does is make them seem powerless and insecure to others. Occasionally, this emotional blackmail works, but mostly Cancers try to gain control of situations by doing favors for other people. Usually, they are very much taken for granted and often others also take credit for their work. If a Crab does stand up for him or herself, it is usually accompanied by an emotional outburst.


The Leo is a notorious bully and one of the worst of the twelve signs when it comes to intimidation both physically and psychologically. This sign is charismatic and has a huge boisterous presence that is difficult to ignore in the first place. The Leo is not beyond yelling at or snubbing someone in a public place. They will also use sarcasm, verbal abuse, bigotry, and belittling to make someone else feel about two inches tall.


This sign is an expert at emotional blackmail. They seem nice enough, but they can really shovel out the guilt. They control others by pretending to be flawless and in control and then belittling others when they don’t make the grade. However, not all Virgos are so controlling and pushy. Some like to make others feel guilty by doing everything over again when it is not done right the first place.


This sign needs constant approval from others and is just not that pushy. However, being the sign of the scales, this sign simply cannot tolerate injustice and will fly off the handle and become very violent and abusive if they think that someone or something (like an animal) is being treated unfairly or tortured. This sign becomes very aroused when they think it is time to fight for the sake of an underdog.


This is a very shifty and sly minded sign so the bullying that is done is quite subtle. The Scorpion is more manipulative than anything. The Scorpio native is also excellent at personal politics and has an entire armory of defense mechanisms, passive aggressive tactics, and downright sneaky and deceptive behaviors that are used to succeed in life.


The Archer is quite happy go lucky and is one of those signs that does not have its own way. This is a philosophically and spiritually sophisticated sign that believes that states of personal power and success are transient. Although many people see this sign as being a bit of a pushover, he or she just does not care. This Zodiac sign can also manage to get its own way simply by being very positive and encouraging to others, which are opposite of the tact of many of the other signs. Like Olivia de Havilland in “Gone With The Wind,” they tend to get their own way by killing others with kindness.


This materialistic sign is quite bossy and controlling, but in a way that is quite ineffectual. The result is that the Goat does not always get what he or she wants. Self-sabotage is a constant habit. The Goat’s favorite way of bullying is to withhold the privilege of sex or communication from a loved one. They are also experts at turning the cold shoulder when they feel affronted and are capable of holding a grudge for many years. They are experts when it comes to maintaining a feud and disdain the idea of building bridges! They would rather be the winner that takes it all in all disputes!


This new age sign does not like to fight and it shows. They often get completely stepped on in life. The Aquarian is the optimistic, nice individual whose good graces are despised and taken advantage of. However, these master pushovers of the Zodiac must be admired for their ability to constantly be knocked down and get up and start again. They don’t let anyone daunt them psychologically and, for that, they must be admired. Some Aquarians resort to a bit of passive aggression, usually in the form of avoidance or changing the subject in order stay away from conflicts. Sometimes not showing up to the battle is one way to win it!


The sign of the Fish is Christian and pacifist in nature and for the most part will turn the other cheek. However, as doing so, they will also paint a portrait of themselves as martyrs. The Pisces native is a master when it comes to making others feel guilty. Their other expert tact at bullying is to never answer directly when a question is posed to them. Keeping others on their toes and on a constant “need to know” basis keeps their enemies frustrated and confused. They also win battles by mirroring their competition and doing exactly what they do, which once again infuriates and flusters them. This complex sign looks self-less and loving but is in fact incredibly manipulative and selfish.

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By gert, Monday, June 19, 2017 05:49:29 PM
My next door neighbor who is a Gemini is a monster of a bully. She is always f-ing everyone off and threatening to kill them. She is also an angry drunk. She has vandalized my car 3 times in two years. She cut the bolt of my security lock and stole everything out of my yard. She is always screaming and complaining. Plus, she is absent of a conscience so she sleeps really good at night! Literally, she is a verbally abusive monster every day! Geminis are the WORST bullies!
By Maria, Thursday, September 17, 2015 05:25:26 PM
I agree with everything you stated in this article your sun sign is the face you show and the moon sign is who you are emotionally and how you feel inside. My sun is in Aquarius and my moon is Capricorn and I feel alot like a capricorn in the inside and I act like an Aquarius on the outside. So who you really are I believe is the moon sign.
By Shar, Wednesday, April 10, 2013 01:50:18 AM
Sorry, I hate being a know-it-all or whatever, but I just had to correct Barbara. She says that Sun signs are the face you show the world. Not correct. The image or "face" you show the world is based on your rising sign or the Ascendant in the chart. At least until you are around 29 years old.
By grapefruit, Wednesday, August 08, 2012 02:30:36 PM
I'm an aquarius, I feel like there's a lot of truth there. The pieces is dead on, I knew a pieces, he was very selfish and manipulative and would never give a direct answer to any question and just use people.
By Sheryl, Saturday, June 09, 2012 01:38:34 PM
YOU ARE SO OFF THE MARK! Pisces Selfish and Manipulative? Maybe for some, but definitely NOT THIS PISCES! I have the ability to manipulate as ALL signs do, but I don't like being manipulated so I wouldn't do that to anyone else! Unless I'm planning a surprise party for a friend and have to pursuade them to do or go somewhere else while preparations are being made. As far as being selfish goes, we all are at some point, but I believe in putting others first and weighing pros and cons. If there's an important choice to be made, and it would hurt another person yet make me satisfied, I think it would be extremely cruel to do that to ANYONE! And to make someone feel guilty? How horrible to do that to someone and make them feel miserable. I do not paint myself as a Martyr. What for? Where would it get me? I care about people. I've never been passive about anything and one of the worst things to do is to bully ANYONE! And if anyone asks me a qestion, I answer it! Also, I'm Jewish and if being Pisces is a "Christian" sign, keep in mind, Jesus was Jewish and practised and taught the Jewish religion which is the teachings of GOD, til the day he died. The Jews who followed his teachings were called Christians and that's how the label stuck to this day.
By Barbara, Sunday, September 27, 2009 08:04:23 PM
Sun signs are an indicator of the face you show the world, Moon signs are your emotional makeup, Mars signs are indicative of the energy you will spend on proving something to yourself or to others amd Mercury is the means of communication. I've met sun signs in all the Zodiac, some good, some bad, some indifferent, sometimes only once was enough to let me know I had no further need to get in more deeply. To generalize any Sun sign, is to have little information to go on. To know the mix gives a far better picture of what you are dealing with. Astrology is an old science and astronomy became, well after astrology had been established, its own field of interest. If you want to know more about someone's chart, you'll need a birthdate, time, and location, including country for an accurate picture. However, if you don't have exact time, as long as you have the date, state, and country, you'll get everything but their ascendant. Pleas let's not belittle anyone whose experience has been negative as none of us knows what it is like to walk in another's shoes. Thank you, Barbara
By Sharon, Sunday, September 27, 2009 12:31:01 PM
Michael, Aries and Sag, are both fire signs. Explains the temper. My mother is Aries, I am Sag. Kaboom. I have learned, she unfortunately, has not. She detonates. Deep breath sir, gets you farther.
By Stephanie, Friday, September 25, 2009 03:36:22 PM
Please remember that you are not only your 'Sun' sign, but all the other planets have an influence on who you are as well. The main one we see right up front is the 'personality' - which is the Moon. If you are curious about it, do some checking with Astrology. Check it out, it's fun and helpful to learn more about what makes people tick.
By Michael, Friday, September 25, 2009 12:15:29 AM
Hmm, interesting. I'm a cusp baby born on the 20th of April...straddling the Aries/Taurus boundary with Sagittarius rising. Growing up, I was more likely bullied, teased until I could take no more and blew up in a rage. I've gotten a better handle on my temper but still am like a pressure cooker but I wasn't a bully.
By Cathie, Thursday, September 24, 2009 10:40:30 PM
Patricia, This website in for intertainment, For you, YOU need to become a survivor instead of a Victim.. YOU really believer your daughter would be happy if you commited suicide, yet she still gave you a birthday gift, doesn't make sense. When someone would "hate" someone to which they wanted someone to commmit suicide, they wouldn't give a gift to them. Be happy you got $25.00, with an attitude like yours, I wouldn't have given you $25.00 even if you where my mother! Maybe your family "turned againest you" due to your negativity, your "feel sorry for me" attitude! "Im a Victum!" my father is an alcoholic!" No wonder no one wants to be with you! Get some help and become a Suvivor! Your not the only person who had shit that this happen to! Get on with life! Move on! Get Help! YOU DO OWE YOUR DAUGHTER! YOU OWE HER LOVE! YOU OWE HER RESPECT! UNTILL YOU GET HELP YOUR WONT UNDERSTAND WHAT I JUST SAID! THE PEOPLE THAT PUT THIS WEBSITE TOGETHER, DOES IT FOR INTERTAINMENT! ASK SYLVIA BROWNE! CALL HER, MAYBE SHE WILL HELP YOU! LOOK UP HER 800 NUMBER! BUT FIRST, CALL A REAL MENTAL HEATH DOCTOR!

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