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Barack Obama: Astrology of a Presidential Candidate
Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama's Horoscope and Astrology Chart Barack Obama is a Leo, which is not surprising as it is often the sign of a famous man - and especially a famous politician. He is the Junior United States Senator and the only African American serving in the U.S. Senate. He is, of course, also running for President of the United States. His birthday is August 4, 1961.

Like many famous people, Barack Obama has a stellium in his chart, which means three or more planets in his house or sign. Not only does Obama have the Sun in Leo but also the Lillith, Mars, Uranus and his North Node. This is in the seventh house of social activity so it is not surprising that Barack is such a popular candidate. His ability to swing people over to his way of thinking is completely made apparent by the bulk of these planets in his chart.

Barack Obama is a good public speaker with a natural popularity with others. Having his moon in Gemini indicates this. This man is probably also a great writer. Obama's ascendant is in Aquarius, which bodes very well for a successful career as president. It defines his role as a great visionary.

The planets in his charts are mostly in fire signs, which would endow him with courage, nobility, and also a great deal of energy. He would be an energetic, flexible and likeable President.

The weakest part of his chart is the Venus in Cancer. This can mean addiction, jealousy, and oversensitivity to the opposite sex. However, it can also mean a real ability to empathize with others. Barack Obama is already well known for his addiction to cigarettes.

One of the oddest things in his chart is that he has both Saturn and Jupiter in the twelfth house. This indicates an individual that is destined to be a heavy individual of some sort.  Jupiter is in Aquarius, which can mean certain instability emotionally or mentally, or issues to do with the past. Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn, which is not a good omen for anybody. For a Presidential leader, it can mean an assassination or corruption. In the twelfth house, it can mean a slide down the mountain of achieve due to a big humiliation of some kind.

Weirdly, Barack Obama may have a bit of psychic ability. He has Neptune in the ninth house, where it is exalted. This means spiritual abilities. However, it can also mean addiction, codependency and a tendency to be overwhelmed by his feelings every now and then. Venus in Cancer doubles the impact of this. This is a very sensitive individual who, despite Obama's calm outward demeanor, probably inwardly rages. That said, he is a bit of an iceberg. Barack has sensitivities and intuitive beliefs that the general public will never ever see. What we see instead is a well spoken, charming and very organized man.

Donna West is a professional writer and researcher on psychics and astrology.

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By Piroska, Thursday, February 05, 2009 04:41:02 AM
Addressing the POSITIVE PEOPLE, To the people who believe Denice was negative about President Obama is unrealistic sleeper who only want to see what they want to see (an unaware being person) a dreamer. Nothing comes through a sleeper/dreamer but a dream. Even Sylvia say things that is negative -- Example Obama will have a heart attack and Biden will be assassinated. We live in a world where negative and positive DOES HAPPEN. Of course we ALL SHOULD be positive loving and kind, but WE ALL ARE NOT. That is why the GOOD people on this earth is killed. Like Jesus, Kennedy, President Lincoln just to name a few. Where were all the POSITIVE PEOPLE to stand up with them, for them and act??? In order to really be able to change things, one has to be brutally honest the WAY THINGS ARE, (not how we want them to be), and face it head on and deal with it justly, honorably and hear people out who are the watchers of wisdom and TRUTH AND JUSTICE, they have their place in society yet the majority sleepers ignore them like they did Jesus and the prophets etc. You need to hear the overall message of Denise which to some seems "negativity". What she fears is correct. You have to look beyond mere words. Words are not sufficient to relay spiritual high quality information. You need to hear the spirit of each individual, how you intend to hear the Holy Spirit or any true spiritual learning if you don't see it in the good of people who mean well but might not use the right words your ear likes to hear? Have you ever met a person who uses all the right words, sound perfect and wonderful but they were bad intent manipulative and down right no good! Humanity has been unable to discern the spirits and this is why we are in a mess. I personally voted for Ron Paul. Hardly anyone realized the great honorable truthful spirit this man was and people rather voted for McCain than for him. How is that? It only shows the state of humanity. Yes it also shows that humanity wants a leader to FOLLOW someone who gives them hope like Obama. But real hope is in truth, justice, honor and a healthy pure spirit and it has to be inside most of us to work (not only one person which is dangerous). Hope must be inside of all us to empower our reality and to have a positive effect on all humanity. Recognizing positive = truth, justice, wisdom in another person is only possible if one has it inside themselfs. If they don't they look for it in someone like Obama who may or may not have what hope (not reality) he seems to project and becomes your hope savior, but reality is still there to be acted on for each has to do their part. I like Obana as he presents himself. Intelligent and a charismatic speaker. But I am not sure about his spirit which is the basis of all truth. First Jesus told us YOU WILL KNOW anyone by their spirit, and the fruit of their spirit. (Meaning what he does and votes for believes in which he acts on.) Not by how good speech he gives and how charismatic he is. Now here are the facts that scares me about him. He is for illegal immigration, voted for it. Yet it is as it says, illegal, which is costing us millions and causing us much pain and violance within our country. He also signed the bail out before he even was president. Bailout criminals who caused this problem in the first place now are getting millions from us hard working folks. The bail out is not working and is not going to work if you examine the spirit where it came from and the spirit of true solution, he would not be supporting the one that caused this huge problem in the first place and now these same minds given power to solve it. None of them has been put to jail and I have not heard Obama say anything about it either. And he is still negotiating with these criminals the Feds who want to take over the country by being our Bank. Now just think if criminals who got us here what power they will have once they have all our money of the USA to use any way they DECIDE TO USE, since they will have all the power. Money is power. All the money has TOTAL POWER, Obama actually handed over most of his presidential power to this insane criminal group. Did you know he ALSO supports a group that is anti American group called: LA Raza. Google it look on you tube and see what this group is all about and see the speeches Obama gave to them before he was president. La Raza, an organization that advocates for a Mexican takeover of parts of southwestern United States. Bush and Rove supported everyone of these things too. Now tell me how is he different? In order to fit in Capital Hill he had to accept all the crooks that are now in the white house to work with him and he wants to make nice and unite with criminals. This is why the media pushed him and not Ron Paul who wanted to get rid of the Feds and have them being investigated which they never been this is why they have big power to do criminal things, for one print money. Ron Paul wanted to clean house and close those departments in the government that drain us and are useless, too long and many to mention. I worked for the government so I know what he is talking about. If you are inside you know what you are talking about, if you have just and truthful spirit to see reality, of course than you want to clear out the poison. He wanted to end war yesterday and bring troops home. Stop the bleeding of Americas finances and young blood. He would have put all criminals in jail who did our financial criminal activities and he wanted to clear out the part of government that is destructive and all feed off of each other like vampires sucking americans blood, click group that poisoned our constitution and are destroying our economy. He wanted to bring back our gold standards so the banks cannot do illegal things. He wanted to reinstate all of our constitution that Bush and others has destroyed which is threatening our freedom. He was the good guy, did he get in?? No. Because the old Gang and the media made sure who wins will be one of them so their power position and million dollar job and pension will not be threatened. Anyway our country is in deep trouble, REALITY IS, YOU CANNOT SPEND money that we don't have. Government ILLEGALLY ARE PRINTING MONEY MAKING OUR MONEY WORTHLESS BY THE HOUR. If we printed money like that we would be in jail. Why Obama don't see that? If we did what the Government, Wall Street and the Banks did (a bad job saying it mildly) we would be fired. Why aren't they fired? instead they are getting millions in bonuses rather than jail time? Yes I'm angry, but it is a righteous anger not a destructive one that all these "seeming like positive" people are doing and continue to do. There is so much one need to investigate and research "seeking wisdom above all as God said" to see MORE CLEARLY and to balance the world by overcoming them with wisdom -- which is by the way LOVE. So in order to have the right kind of love that is effective, kind and positive and bring good to the world or even ourselves, we first must have wisdom ourselves to recognize in others so we elect the right man!! Just look at who we elected for 2 terms - Bush!!! That is the showing result of our collective wisdom, or lack of it. We must be able to recognize wisdom in others to support it and ACT ON WISDOM to make the right choices to have WISDOM/LOVE to WORK IN OUR LIFE AS A POSITIVE FORCE. Words are empty without the TRUE SPIRIT BEHIND IT. God says, you can have all the KNOWLEDGE in the world (NOT WISDOM) and speak words like an angel and do all kinds of good things, if you don't have LOVE/WISDOM, you are just a noisy clanging Cymbal. THINK ABOUT THAT!!! Means that nothing you do has any value or good for anyone, it is confusion without meaning or purpose. So it could not be POSITIVE. Even God says things that don't SOUND POSITIVE. You know why? Because it meant to WAKE US UP from UNREALITY of our destructive ways, and it isn't NEGATIVE, it HAS A PURPOSE - WAKE UP see the true nature of things and how it was created and how it meant to be used to bring you peace, joy, happiness and security which is what you were made for!! I hope you will see my spirit and not read into it what you don't like or what you like of my words and make an unwise judgment. Take out of it the SPIRIT of truth, wisdom, love and the lessons we must all learn to hear, recognize and act on truth/reality. Stop seeing things emotionally, but see with your spirit. Emotions even though we express rainbows of them, there is only TWO emotions where all other emotions come from, one LOVE/WISDOM or two FEAR/ANGER. Most emotions are reactions, it is not WISDOM ITSELF. Don't confuse words with reality. Words are only a tool and sometimes people use it awkwardly and have a heart of gold. Others use it eloquently to hurt you or many to get their way for their own reasons and purposes without giving much thought to the whole for everyones good and how his efforts and deeds will effect everyone not just some special groups he believes in or want to be part of. Obama uses words eloquently but he is biased to different special groups that he believes in and does not benefit THE UNITED STATES AS A WHOLE even though he uses words that seems to say that, his actions shows different. A lesson in understanding words deeper than superficially: Donít confuse Positive with Optimism it is an outlook on life such that one maintains a view of the world as positive, see situation as a positive, but that don't mean in reality it is or will be positive for the majority. It is only a viewpoint depending on the frame of reference which does not include the whole world of humanity. Positive refers to having the power and resources to act to FULFILL one's own potential, in your or our case to FULFILL what is needed to have a free from criminally and insanely (without good judgment) acting government. This would mean we would vote for the right persons and than see to it and make sure they implement everything that is for the good of all or we act swiftly by removing them, firing them. If Obama is for all GOOD than he should see this clearly a positive need to be fulfilled for the good of the USA and the world since USA effects the whole world. POSITIVE HAS A predictive value and a POSITIVE result. It is not just a nice word we like to hear or a meaningless viewpoint to judge someone by.
By Piroska, Thursday, February 05, 2009 02:49:01 AM
Darlene, Why do you believe that President Obama, will be our last "elected", as we know it, President...??
By Darlene, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 09:39:35 PM
It is the "intent" behind the words, and I don't sense any negative energy from this article. Anyone can project negativity, but it is our own efforts in preventing ourselves to absorb that energy. One should shield their energy, until they are ready to deal with any negative event or possibility without negative feelings, thoughts, or fear. It doesn't matter if I like him or not. He is the President of the United States, and we should keep him in our prayers for safety, good health, and acts for the greater good of all. As we should for any President of our nation. I believe President Obama, will be our last "elected", as we know it, President...Much love and peace...namaste, dar
By fay, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 02:34:12 PM
Please read and learn history. I remember Hitler, no resemblence to Obama. Also, CSpan gives you knowledge of what is really happening in our government. Become educated, it makes one more rounded and credible.
By Dianne, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 02:30:06 PM
I believe that we ALL have both positive and negative qualities in our Birth Charts, just as Sylvia has said, otherwise we wouldn't need to incarnate. The Astrologer who did Obama's chart was so biased that she shouldn't consider herself a professional, in my opinion. I just watched the Inauguration, and I am so proud to be an American, and so inspired to do the Best that I can for this country that I love. I am happy that we have Barack Obama as our 44th President, and I hope that everyone will pray for his success and overcome their own prejudices.Not one of us is Perfect...please remember that, and remember that this is Sylvia's website! We are all here to grow spiritually, not to spout hatred and bigotry! Peace to you and to all the Beings of earth...Dianne
By Denice, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 02:23:27 PM
No, I haven't listened to the inaugural YET. But I have been listening to his campaign speeches and debates.... Yes, time will tell, not to mention waking up to the reality of his job (which I think he is already doing by the sound of him since being elected and apparently his "latest" speech). I truly hope you are right. Meanwhile we can pray for the highest good of all, and that there are some good people around him to help, along with the White Light of the Holy Spirit and an Army of Angels.
By fay, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 01:56:21 PM
Have you really listened to what he was saying in his inaugural address? He wants the people to be responsible, not government. Time will reveal that we are blessed to have him as our president.
By Joe, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 01:39:42 PM
I sincerely hope and pray that Barrack Obama receives all the help and support from God and the Holy Spirit required to lead our country and to unite people of the rest of our world.
By Denice, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 12:38:15 PM
Just because someone is not fawning all over Obama and going weak at the knees doesn't mean they're biggots. I wish everyone would look below the surface of his skin color and smooth personable manner. I was picking up on some of the things that the atrologer mentioned long ago, just by watching him in action. Oh yea, he's been sent alright, and what a brilliant move using someone with black skin. By the way he is 1/2 white..... How convenient there are no white relatives around.... I think that it is actually a set back for African Americans (and everyone else) when the country is voting for a President based on his skin color, not his abilities. I personally vote for the best person to do the job, not for their race OR gender. Did anyone realize who the writer was speaking of in that brilliant posting before they got to the end and it was revealed to be Hitler? I too have been seeing these similarities between Barack Hussein Obama and Adolph Hitler and find it very scary. Does anyone know what socialism actually is, and what it will mean to this country? I seriously doubt it will bring us all together as brother and sisters, unless you mean at the lowest common denominator of freedomless poverty. I'm all for helping people in trouble to help them selves. I am not for turning my hard earned money over to the entitlement people who won't help themselves. I may not like Obama for the job, but I still pray for him and this country, and I too want brotherhood and peace for its people. I want what the founding fathers intended. For you people who are all for the Governement taking care of you: "A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have. - Thomas Jefferson (a Founding Father and President). And one last thing: HELLO! Sylvia has nothing to do with this article. She's a guest on this site among others, who also writes articles and promotes her work. Denice in Texas
By Jackie, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 11:00:50 AM
Good grief people, why can't we all get along here!! That's why this planet is so damn negative, geez!! I, as a white canadian woman,am totally overjoyed that Obama got in, thank God for that.We all need change, so why not gather as true Spirits of God, & help this man do the right thing for our countries, hold hands as the brothers & sisters we truly are, regardless of race color or creed!!! There's a reason for everything that happens on this planet, I truly believe that, & this one particular man was sent to us for this very purpose,I feel this strongly within!! So come on people,let's all join together in a totally POSITIVE WAY,send all our good energy out to the Universe, & God WILL ANSWER!!! BELIEVE, & IT SHALL BE!!!!! Don't we all have tons to gain, & nothing left to lose?? As we come together as ONE, this planet shall thrieve in LOVE, & PEACE!!!! I ask all of you, does this not show a brighter future for us all,as children of OUR CREATOR???? Thanks for listening, & may God bless each & every soul of this great planet!!! Much love to each of my brothers, & sisters!!! Jackie from Ontario Canada.

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