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Best Astrology Dates for Couples to Get Married In the Spring
Spring Wedding Are you thinking of getting married this spring? Here is a breakdown of some of the best days to hold showers, engagements or the actual wedding according to the astrological influences that will be in place until the first day of summer on June 2nd. Be sure to circle these dates on your calendar as you try and plan the big day-

March 26th Venus enters Pisces. If you want a traditional wedding that takes place in a church then this is a good day to get married. Venus is the planet of love and it is in Pisces which is a very commitment-minded traditional sign. It is also the sign of Christianity. If you marry on this day, the two of you are very likely to be bonded for life.

April 11th The moon enters the second quarter of its waxing phase in Cancer. This is a good date for a shower or a wedding as it marks the absolute mid-point between a new and a full moon. This symbolizes endeavors growing and the garnering of wealth. Cancer is a very loving sign that favors life-long agreements and also the amassing of fortunes.  A shower held on this day could bring lots of presents and a wedding held on this day promises riches of all kinds.

April 17th The full moon in Libra on this day bodes contentment, balance and plenty of affection in a relationship. It is a great day on which to hold a rehearsal dinner or shower because the planetary vibes on this day are so hospitable. If you are holding a large, lavish wedding, hold it on this day as this is a sign that encourages entertaining, good cooking and beautiful decorations. It is also good for the arranged marriage or the bride and groom that have an extended family.

April 20th The Sun enters Taurus. This is a very practical influence that rules the institution of marriage. It is loving, earthy, committed and sensual.  This type of strong earth also promotes financial security, superb parenting abilities. If you marry on this day, it is likely the relationship will be respected, faithful and have some longevity.

May 3rd The New Moon in Taurus is excellent for new beginnings because it is symbolic of them. The sign of the Bull is earthy, practical and rules the institution of marriage in the first place. A marriage celebrated on this day is likely to have a strong start and last a very long time. The New Moon in Taurus also bodes well for prosperity, having family oriented business, the marriage of a rural couple and having many children.

May 12th Mars sextile Neptune. On this day the strong masculine energy of Mars is complimented by the watery energy of the planet Neptune. This is a nice meeting between the rational and the emotional that creates a harmonious vibe for any event that is planned. It is a nice day to throw a Jack and Jill type shower, the family rehearsal dinner or the actual wedding.

May 15th Venus enters Taurus. When Venus enters Taurus on this day the love planet is said to be exalted. That means that anything to do with love is doubled in terms of its force and influence. This day is especially good for a wedding proposal and also for the holding of the wedding itself. Writing wedding vows to each other on this day is also recommended.

May 18th and 19th - On these two days Mercury, Mars and Venus line up to make a pleasant angle to Chiron. This line up of planets bestows good communication, a passionate sex life and plenty of affection on the couple that marries on this day. The fact that these planets are nicely angled to Chiron also give this day a bit of a healing or peaceful vibe. It is a wonderful day for a marriage; especially if it is a second marriage or if there is a widow or widower involved. If there are conflicts with relatives, a rehearsal dinner held on this particular day might go a lot smoother than you expect.

June 4th - Jupiter enters Taurus. Jupiter is the planet of wealth and Taurus is the sign of domestic happiness and blissful togetherness. This is a wonderful date to marry if you want to be in business together, buy a big piece of property or just thrive in life in general. Jupiter is also a planet of popularity and expansion so if you are looking for a good day on which to have a wedding that can support the inviting and entertaining of a lot of people then this is the day. It is also a good day to have a shower as the bride and groom may receive particularly expensive presents or more cash than usual.

There are a couple of days when you should avoid getting married this Spring.

March 30th Mercury goes retrograde causing problems with communication, travel and relationships in general. Technology could fail and people could become lost or stuck at airports. Choose a better day than this to get hitched!

April 9th Pluto goes backwards on this day causing aggressive personal conflicts. Rivalry with family members can also be a problem making any occasion a bit hellish to experience.

April 18th Mars in Aquarius opposes Saturn in Libra. This influence causes overspending, flaky behavior and overall relationship confusion and chaos. A money shortage could also become a problem on that day.

June 3rd On this day Neptune goes retrograde which causes irrationality, addiction and sudden changes of mind. This is the kind of day that could have a groom getting cold feet.

June 8th is not a good day for marriage as Chiron goes retrograde in the emotional sign of Pisces causing arguments, selfishness and conflicts.

June 15th is a day to avoid getting hitched thanes to a total lunar eclipse in a full moon in Gemini which can mean a relationship that ends quickly.

Avoid getting married between June 17-21 when Mercury makes angles to six planets and causes confusion and upheaval.

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