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Best Cell Phone For Your Zodiac Sign
Cell Phone Images Wondering what kind of cell phone design best suits you? Perhaps you want to give the gift of a cell phone to someone, but donít know what style of phone would suit their lifestyle. This is where knowing someoneís zodiac sign can come in handy because when it comes to function and communication styles, each sign definitely has different habits, preferences, and tastes.


You are a careerist who likes convenience and speed, so you like a Slider Phone or a phone with no lid on it. You donít have time to be flipping up your phone to answer it all the time. You also always have your eye on what time it is, so you also use your phone as a watch. A Blackberry or iPhone is ideal for you because of all of the applications that come with it to help you schedule your day. The Ram likes a very thin, sleek phone that is flatter and can be slid into a pocket and accessed quickly.


You donít really like cell phones and see them as a necessary evil. You like to save money by texting so having a phone with a full key pad on it is important to you. You also enjoy your privacy so you will prefer a phone that has a clam shell style lid on it. As organization is important to you, you also like a phone with an old fashioned calendar or personal organizer on it. The Bull likes his phone to be as simple and plain looking as possible. Black and metallic styles appeal to this sign the most.


You love writing so a phone with a full keypad is very important to you. You also like phones that are very sleek and thin looking, so you can slip them in your pocket. Geminis love gadgets and applications, so an iPhone suits their purposes just fine. They also like to take pictures and videos, so phones that have a good camera or audio in them are also crucial for this fun loving, communicative sign. Geminis love metallic looking phones with lots of shine. They are voted most likely to buy a rhinestone slipcover for their cell phone.


You really find cell phones to be an annoyance, but you do like texting those loving messages to a special someone, so you need a phone with a full keypad. Crabs arenít really that much into technology, so the simpler the phone the better. They do best with old style clam shell style phones that donít have a lot of confusing applications or gimmicks on them. Otherwise, a really user friendly phone with super simple features is a good idea. Red, white, and brushed metal style phones appeal to this sign.


Lions love gizmos and the latest software and applications, but because they are so active they often need phones that tough and sturdy. This is why an old style clam shell phone that is smaller and more durable is best for the active Leo. Metal phones are better than plastic styles for this sign. The Lion is very social and will use the phone constantly, so keeping it on a chain or in a pouch on a belt is a good idea.  A Leo likes the latest, sleekest style of phone and does well with a Slider Phone, which helps protect it from damage. Yellow, black, and gold are favorite cell phone colors. A Leo likes to show off and is a sign that is most likely.


You find cell phones annoying for the most part, but you like the way they can help you organize your life. A Blackberry or iPhone is perfect for a Virgo, as they come with applications that can help plot the future, access the Internet, and take photos. Virgos also like to play games that exercise the brain, so a phone that comes with some games on it is a good idea. A plain black or white phone suits the Virgin the best. This sign also does not like a phone that looks too flashy. Virgos value their privacy as well, so they prefer to slip a Blackberry or iPhone into some kind of cover or pouch.


You love texting, so a phone with a full QWERTY keypad is ideal for you. However, you are not that fond of a phone with too many features on it, so you would do well with a Slider or clam shell phone. You do love music so a phone that has a good quality MP3 player as well as just good sound in general is important to you. Many aesthetic loving Librans also like to take photographs, so a good quality camera is also a good idea. The Libra will go for a more flashy looking phone, such as a bright pink metallic one or an extra-thin Razor style of phone.


The Scorpio loves expensive designer phones, as they see them as being status symbols. They will go for a phone that has it all. Many Scorpions donít like the lack of glamour or privacy that is symbolized the iPhone. They see it as more like a childís toy. They like a phone with a chassis that is elegant Ė with shining curves like an expensive car.  A Scorpion might also have delicate charms hanging from their phones. They also like a telephone that can shut tight and that has a lot of security on them. Scorpios are secretive types that like their privacy. Their preferred phone colors are black or red. A Scorpio may also show off by sliding their phone into a tortoise shell or leopard print cover.


The Archer likes a flashy phone with all of the latest gizmos. The iPhone is great for this sign because they like to travel and take lots of pictures. They also like clam shell phones that have high quality video or photographic cameras inside them.  This mentally active sign also likes to play games so a phone with a lot of features or applications on it is also ideal. Some Archers can be very athletic Ė in that case a hard durable phone made out of metal rather than plastic is the best idea. This sign can also be a little busy and scatterbrained and need to hook their phone to their belt or purpose so they donít lose it. Many archers are also journalist so a phone with a tape recorder in it is also a great idea.


This sign likes a no nonsense phone.  Many of them donít really like to text others and instead prefer the human touch, so even the simplest of phones will do. However, the phone must be elegant and in very good taste. Roundish clam shaped phones made out of metal suit this sign best. The Goat also likes a phone with a more conventional ring that sounds like an old fashioned landline. This budget conscious sign also tends to go for phones that can save money in the long run and will sacrifice style for function. Favorite cell phone colors are gold, silver, and black.


This futuristic sign loves all cell phones. They love Blackberries and iPhones or any phone that comes with a state of the art camera and music player. Aquarians will go wild adding applications to an iPhone as they like to play games, use maps and read restaurant reviews on their phone. If they go for a more conventional phone, they will try to find the flashiest model that they can. It is an Aquarian that you see walking around with a bright purple phone or a brushed metal gold Dolce and Gabbana studded with rhinestones.  Aquarians also like cell covers that have wild patterns or that are decorated with gems.


This economically minded sign does not care that much about the appearance of the phone but about how much it costs. Often the main appeal is simplicity. The Fish does not enjoy texting so they do not require a sophisticated keyboard. However they do really enjoy listening to music so a phone that has an MP3 player in it is a very good idea.  When it comes to the color of the phone, they prefer hues in the cool spectrum of the rainbow such as green, blue, or black. The Pisces also likes the convenience of a Bluetooth earpiece, as they really do like to talk on the phone while driving or multitasking in some other way.

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By Clelia, Thursday, July 29, 2010 10:40:57 AM
Wowwwwwwwwww I found very accurate info withe all the signs. Thank you for these informatin. Virgo
By Tiffany, Tuesday, August 04, 2009 07:03:03 AM
Woow. I'm a Virgo. I found this to be very accurate info for myself and people of other signs that I know.
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