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Best Cocktails For Your Zodiac Sign
Best Cocktails for Your Zodiac Sign Care for a drink? When it comes to alcoholic drinks, each sign has their own preferences.

For this holiday season, look up your sign in this article and see what cocktails you might enjoy. You can also celebrate a birthday by making a special Zodiac cocktail.


Aries natives like to drink shots and, if it is trendy, they will the first to try it too. They love brightly colored designer liqueurs and flavored vodkas. Their favorite color of cocktail is red and the Cosmopolitan, made of Cointreau, vodka and cranberry juice is excellent. Rams also like rough drinks like a scotch and soda or a rye and coke.  Pomegranate flavored liquor is likely to set the Ram’s palate and heart on fire.


This simple and earthy sign likes beer above all. The love American brands like Budweiser or Miller and strong Canadian Beers like Labatt’s Blue. A fancy night out will include a Corona or a Heineken in the mix. Taurus females like tall and sexy pink drinks, like Pina Coladas or Singapore Slings. The males will prefer a nice hard shot of bourbon or one of the new stimulant specialty canned drinks that combine vodka with Red Bull.


Geminis have great taste in alcohol and they love red wines. They especially love wine shows and wine tastings. They also love bizarre or sophisticated vintage cocktails, such as Tiki cocktails, Stingers, or Pink Cadillacs.  Jagermeister is a favorite shot of this sign that is wiry enough to enjoy a shot or two in a boiler maker (a shot with beer) every now and then. Geminis also savor red vermouths, ports, and ice wines, especially with cheese or dessert.


This sign loves rum and rum based cocktails, such as Daiquiris and Cuban Mojitos. They also enjoy downing muddled drinks like Mojitos (which are rum, sugar and lime pieces.) Sangria, which is wine mixed with fruit, is another favorite of this sign which loves the taste of sugar. A favorite hardcore liqueur is tequila. Bailey’s Irish Cream is a favorite shot of this sign that also loves anything chocolate flavored.


This sign likes gin and vodka based cocktails flavored with lemon or lime juice. There is an actual drink called the Leo - specially made with lime juice, cointreau, Pernod, and crème de menthe. They also love orange scented liqueurs, like Glava and Grand Marnier. Leos also love to drink cider and dark beers, such as Guinness. They love the disorienting effect of drinking Pernod straight.


Specialty wines, such as ice wines and micro-brewed beers, appeal to this sign that likes their alcohol to be hand crafted and special. Cider is also a favorite of this earthy sign. Variations of Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers also appeal to the Virgo’s palate as these drinks can be both exotic and healthy for you at the same time. A glass of port or sherry after dinner also appeals to this traditionally minded sign.


Librans also enjoy the elegance of champagne, especially expensive champagne. Champagne cocktails made with Midori or Cassis are also favorites of this sensuous sign. This sign also loves beauty and art, so any cocktail or shot that is delicately layered is also very appealing. A Black Russian, which is vodka and Kahlua, is the perfect drink for this sign that loves sweet things. They also enjoy the herbal benefits of drinking Cinzano aperitifs.


This sign loves hard liqueur and exotic, expensive scotches and bourbons. They also love the richness of dark rums, red wines, and brandies. Anything that can be served in a snifter is going to appeal to this sign which enjoys getting intoxicated. Chocolate and mocha flavored liqueurs mixed with coffee are also a Scorpio favorite. Grand Marnier is a favorite shot. Dubonnet, either white or red, is an excellent aperitif for this sign, which gorges on food and then needs some kind of digestive to settle down the stomach.


Sagittarius natives love powerful mixed drinks with several ingredients in it, such as a Long Island Ice Tea or a Hurricane, which is a mixture of dark rum with passion fruit, bitters, and other juices. This world traveler also enjoys drinks from other cultures, such as the Brazilian Caipirinha (cachaça liquor, sugar, crushed limes and ice).  The Archer also truly enjoys a lime green Margarita made with a good, quality golden tequila. Archers are also voted very likely to win drinking contests when it comes to knocking back several scotches or tequilas straight.


Capricorns love champagne and champagne cocktails for special occasions. In general, they prefer white wine and hard liquors that are on the dry side, such as white vermouth or gin. They love the purity of a well made vodka cocktail made with pearl onions or a couple of olives. They also love a real Caesar made with real clam or oyster juice. Port and sherry with a slice of cheese is also a favorite drink of this sign.


This quirky sign likes odd cocktails, like Jello shots, and trendy drinks such as the Pomtini (a mix of pomegranate vodka, lime and grapefruit). They also love unusual futuristic looking drinks like the Tidy-Bowl. which is a martini that glows blue thanks to the addition of Blue Curacao. This sign loves Pernod which leaves them feeling spacy and high. Designer coffee drinks topped with mountains of whipped cream also appeal to this visionary. A nice shot of legal Absinthe or Pernod helps send this sign’s consciousness off the planet.


Pisces natives love any lemonade style drink or punches made with rum, brandies, and plenty of juices and fruit. They also enjoy drinking a jug of sangria. Many of them also enjoy dessert wines and ice wines. Plain old beer is also often a staple in this sign’s refrigerator because this sign really does like to keep things simple. Many are also avid red wine tasters and enjoy making their own cider or wine as a hobby. Their favorite after dinner liqueurs are Kahlua or Grand Marnier.

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By NZEREM, Friday, November 23, 2012 06:18:40 AM
I love my Zodiac Sign: "ARIES"... All the colours there and cocktails are my favourite... It keeps me happy...
By Tiffany, Saturday, November 07, 2009 09:50:17 AM
Right on the money. Every Taurus I know has to have a heineken or corona when they drink...And, me being a virgo do so rather the healthly types of alcohol beveragees or just a good quality beer.
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