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Best Excuses For Skipping Work For Your Zodiac
Best Excuses for Not Going to Work Every sign in the Zodiac has its way of procrastinating, lazing around, or not honoring commitments…but hopefully not too much.

Thinking about sleeping in or relaxing after a long night, here is a look at how each might make excuses for “not going to work.”


The Aries individual gets out of responsibilities by claiming that something really wonderful that outshines everything else in life has taken place. The kinds of excuses that a Ram might make include – “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity..” and “I’m sorry, but if I don’t grab hold of fate right this minute, then I will never ever get a second chance and have regrets for the rest of my life.” The Ram also sees a potential infidelity or affair as a good excuse to take some time off.


The Taurus individual always feels like they are doing a better a job than anyone else so, of course, they are “owed” a day off. Many of them also feel that if they take a day off that they will somehow be missed at work and finally get the credit that they deserve for doing all of the work. The Bull likes to kick back with a beer and watch television and the desire to see a network premiere is reason enough to miss work. They will also take time off if they feel they are not getting their way at work or as if others are too stupid to take their suggestions.


The Gemini individual justifies missing work by telling him or herself that creative projects is more important. The Gemini also puts a lot stock in “research” and part of “research” might mean meeting friends for lunch or reading a book.  The Gemini thinks that everything that he or she wants to do is part of the some grand design to get ahead and, if that means taking work off for a day or two, then so be it. The Gemini can also be very ambitious and take time off work to social climb or tow simply spend the entire day looking for a job better than the one currently held.


The Crab puts a lot of stock in how one feels from minute to minute. The Cancer native may feel that he or she cannot function if they do not feel right emotionally. This means that every little issue is an occasion to call in sick to work. If a Cancer native breaks up with a boyfriend, then he or she could buy themselves a week of self-justified time off. If the Cancer has pets, then he or she is the sign most voted to take a day off to spend more time with a cat or dog that seems lonely.


The Lion sees any offer to take off on an escapade or an adventure as a good reason to take work off. This is because the Lion believes that maintaining a curious and buoyant spirit is all part of his or her psychological wellness and therefore efficiency on the job. The Lion also believes that the best things in life are free, if someone else is paying for them so they can be a bit hard on a company’s expense account if given the chance.


The Virgin always feels unappreciated and this means that a day of shopping, pampering oneself, and sulking is often in order. The world “owes” the Virgo, so he or she may stay at home just so others can miss them. Virgos are also neat freaks and, if the house is too dirty, they might just call in sick because they have some cleaning to do. They hate to get too far behind on their house work or accounting and will actually start to feel unwell for real if everything is not in its place.


The Libra will call in “love sick.” If this sign calls in sick, you can be pretty sure that he or she is lying around in bed with a loved one instead. A Libra will also call in sick if they are hoping to be somewhere where they could get lucky. Like Cancers, the sign of the scales is also upset easily by relationships and if one person upsets them they feel that they must avoid all people, including people at work, for a few days. Sometimes, this sign gets obsessed with a creative or decorating project and simply feels that they cannot return to work until it is done so they stay home for days completing it instead.


A Scorpion will take a mental health day without the slightest wincing of the conscience. Many of them are actually planning trips, dates, or full days of lolling around in bed with a lover. Many of them also take time off work because they feel too bitter or vengeful towards an ex to function. This sign loves to party and often a legitimate hangover will also be the excuse for not going to work. If there is an opportunity to pursue a new affair or an infidelity, a Scorpion will not hesitate to call in sick.


If the Archer has an opportunity to travel or have an adventure or escapade of some kind, he or she will not bat an eyelash at calling in sick for work. The Archer is also very good at simply abandoning responsibilities for the heck of it. This is a happy go lucky sign that prefers to live life as he or she pleases. The Archer also will always justify irresponsibility by claiming that others than take care of themselves or by claiming that being too responsible kills your creativity and spirit. Meeting new people is important to this sign, so a social climbing opportunity often takes precedence over work.


The Capricorn hates getting behind in essential things. You will see the Goat stay home from work in order to accomplish, such goals as completing taxes or to clean the bathroom. The Goat justifies staying home to do housework because this sign truly believes that one should not begin to do anything, including go to work, until every single element in life is in order. The Capricorn will also take time off if he or she has to rest or get ready for a big social event that requires dressing up. This is a very status conscious sign and it can take a whole day to get things perfect.


The Aquarian native will take a day off work to fight for a cause or stand up for the underdog. Being on some kind of mission is often the main excuse for putting off responsibilities for this starry eyed, idealistic sign. The Aquarian will also put art or culture far above the interests of any capitalist venture. Aquarians are also very self-conscious and they may not attend work if they feel they are having a “bad hair day.” Shopping for new clothes is also a good reason not to go to work, as is exploring the very latest in new technology, including playing the latest video games.


This sign is depressed very easily when others fail to live up to their expectations and if somebody lets them down at work they will call in sick. Often, when they call in sick, they really are sick, but sometimes the symptoms of the illness are caused by self-pity and depression. Pisceans also feel that self-imposed isolation will teach others to miss them. This sign also likes to drink a great deal, so many times they do not live up to their responsibilities because they are hangover. However, this is also a very compassionate sign that is not beyond calling in sick to take care of a needy or ill stranger that they have just met. They will also abandon responsibility in the name of celebrating a religious holiday and are also known to make a big deal of a loved one’s birthday or anniversary.

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