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Best Halloween Costumes for Each Sign
Best Halloween Costume Stuck on what the best way to dress up for Halloween might be for your sign? Here are a few ideas for costumes inspired by what Zodiac sign you happen to be.


You are the sign of the Ram so why not dress up as a sheep, a goat, or even as a “sacrificial lamb.” You are a fire sign too, so dressing up as a sexy fireman or firewoman might be a good naughty costume for you. There are also some interesting Aries celebrities, you can dress up as including Elton John, Heath Ledger (as the Joker is a very spooky Halloween Idea), and David Lettermen. Famous female celebrities born under the sign of Aries are Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess), Bette Davis, and Billie Holiday.


You are the sign of the Bull, so you could always dress up like a cow or a bull. You could even paint yourself gold and be the Golden Calf from the Bible. You are a very nurturing sign so dressing up like a sexy nurse or an EMS worker is a wonderful idea. There are also many famous Taurus celebrities you can dress up as including Bono, Jerry Seinfeld, and Liberace. Famous females born under the sign of the Bull are Barbara Streisand, Cher, and Janet Jackson.


You are the sign of the Twins so you can dress up your face with makeup to have one “good side” and one “bad” side. Dressing half female and half male is also a very Gemini thing to do. Geminis are fantastic dancers, so dressing up as a male or female stripper is an amazing idea. There are many famous male celebrities you can dress up as including Tom Jones, Bob Dylan, and George W. Bush. Female Geminis you could dress up as include Marilyn Monroe, Brooke Shields, and Judy Garland.


You are the sign of the Crab so why not dress up like seafood? You could be a giant shrimp or a lobster or a clam. You are a psychic sign so dressing up like naughty witch or warlock is a good sexy costume for your sign. Famous Cancer celebrities you could dress up as include Charles Laughton (who played the Hunchback of Notre Dame in 1931), the Dalai Lama, and Sir Edmund Hilary the mountain climber. Female personalities you could dress up as include Ann Landers, Camille Parker Bowles, and Courtney Love.


The sign of the Lion might look good in a tiger or lion costume – think “cowardly Lion” from the Wizard of Oz. A great sexy costume for either boys or girls is a sex kitten of some kind – wear leopard print underwear or a soft fluffy bra with kitten ears!  Famous Leo celebrities include Andy Warhol, Charles Bukowski, and Fidel Castro.  Female Lion personalities include Beatrix Potter, Coco Channel, and Jackie Kennedy.


You are the Virgin of the horoscope so why not dress up like the ultimate virgin – a little girl or boy. A naughty costume idea would be the nun with stockings or a priest with a twinkle in his eye. You could also dress like famous male Virgos, such as Charlie Sheen, Michael Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones. Famous female Virgo personalities include disobedient actress Frances Farmer, Lauren Bacall, and Mother Teresa.


The sign of the scales might enjoy dressing up like Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown, as this is the sign of equality and justice. A sexy look for a Libra might be the naughty librarian or naughty shy nerd look. Be sure to wear thick spectacles. Male Libras might consider dressing up as Groucho Marx, John Lennon, and Oscar Wilde. Female Libras that make good Halloween characters are Carole Lombard (ditzy blonde), Eleanor Roosevelt, and Suzanne Somers (played Chrissie on Three’s Company).


The sign of the Scorpion might want to try dressing up as something deadly, like a spider or a snake or even a real scorpion. A sexy high priestess or occult priest in scanty clothing is a good look for this sign. Male Scorpions might consider dressing up as Charles Manson, Alistair Crowley, or Captain James Cook. Female Libras might enjoy dressing up as Bjork, Bo Derek, or Vivien Leigh (as Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind).


The sign of the Archer might want to consider dressing up as a famous athlete or Olympian star. Your naughty outfit should be inspired by cupid, complete with bow & arrow and scanty clothing. Famous male Sagittarians you might want to consider dressing up as include Frank Sinatra, Harpo Marx, and Ludwig Van Beethoven. Famous female Sagittarians include Britney Spears (consider going out as a drunk Britney for extra character), Donna Mills (the prim and proper mother in Leave It to Beaver), and Jane Austen.


The Capricorn native might want to consider dressing up as a goat or, even better yet, a devil as the Goat is a symbol of Satan. A naughty angel or devil costume complete with horns or wings is a good naughty costume. Famous male personalities you can dress up like on Halloween include Cary Grant, David Bowie, and Edgar Allan Poe. Famous female personalities include Diane Keaton, Janis Joplin, and Mary Tyler Moore.


The Aquarian native is the sign of the future so you could dress up as a piece of technology, like a giant iPhone or as your favorite science fiction character. Dress like a naughty space vixen or sexy astronaut if you are brainstorming about what kind of sexy costume to wear. Famous male Aquarians include Alice Cooper, Clark Gable, and Charles Lindbergh. Female Aquarians you might want to mimic are Eva Gabor (from Green Acres), Oprah Winfrey, and Angela Davis (Black Panther Political Activist).


As you are a fish, you might consider dressing up as one, or at the very least as a seductive mermaid or merman. You love to make other happy so a good choice for a sexy costume is a French maid or English Butler costume. Males can dress up as fellow Pisceans Carrot Top, Johnny Cash, and Kurt Cobain. Females can dress up as well known personalities as Elizabeth Taylor (wear a slip and not much else like she did in a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof), Jean Harlow (a famous pin up girl), or Glenn Close (the “bunny boiler” in Fatal Attraction).

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