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Best iPhone Apps for Each Zodiac Sign
iPhone App or iPad App for Your Zodiac Sign If you happen to own an iPhone or happen to know someone who does, you will be pleased to know that there is an “app” or two that suits each zodiac sign. These apps serve to delight, be useful, or just plain seem more suitable to one zodiac sign or another.

Here are some suggestions as to which iPhone app enlightens, delights, or just simply makes each horoscope sign’s life more wonderful.


Many Rams need to get one place to another quickly and cheaply to operate their business. High fuel prices may even be sabotaging your efficiency and overall profits and your very solvency might depend on getting cheap gas for your phone. For just $2.99, you can download the iGasUP application and get all of the fuel prices in your area based on the locations closest to you and your phone. iGasUp accesses information from more than 110,000 filling stations across the world.


There is nothing that your earthy sign likes better than a perfect glass of wine and a gourmet meal. You prefer your meals to be home cooked, but when that it is not possible, you can use your Yelp application on your iPhone to locate all of the best nearby eateries. You can browse restaurants by proximity, neighborhood, price, and by “what’s open right now.” This is handy for bulls that go out of town and do not want to spend a lot of money eating bad food in the nearest tourist trap.


You are the artist of the Zodiac and you love to take photographs. You are a chameleon who loves putting your own personal touch on everything you create. The Hipstamatic application offers an endless variety of films, flashes, and lenses so you can create surreal, vintage, retro, black and white, and other types of photographs in different formats. Furthermore, the price is so right for this application that has a full range of features. It is only $1.99 and it will keep the creative Gemini amused for hours.


You are a sign that truly loves nature and also truly loves to socialize. You can save the environment and get to know new people by using Carticipate. This is an iPhone app that allows you to carpool with someone else. You enroll and find individuals who are going in the same direction as you. Carpooling not only reduces our carbon imprint on the environment, it also saves money at the pumps. Furthermore, this carpooling app works all across the world and doubles as a social networking tool. It can be configured in French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German, and of course, English.


You really hate learning things unless you absolutely have to, but you also have a real touch of wanderlust. A great application for the lazy Leo is Word Lens. This incredible app is a real time translation app that is almost like magic and that you have to see to believe. For instance, if you are presented with a menu in Spanish, all you have to do is point the iPhone at the menu and watch the words transform on your iPhone screen into their English translation. This cleverly app is available for $9.99.


Your Zodiac sign is all about money. People who have Paypal tend to be people that know how to make the best of money markets and tend to have a business that reaches globally. The Paypal iPhone app boasts several amazing features, including the “Bump Phones” feature that allows you to send or receive money between your phone or another by bumping them together. You can also simply take a picture of a check to deposit it directly into your Paypal account.


Lazy Libras are not the best exercisers in the world and they love to eat. However, being ruled by Venus, they are also very conscious of their appearance. If losing weight is a priority, then most Libras will love “Lose It!” This is a simple calorie counting tool that helps track your progress and keep you motivated. You enter your weight, height, age, gender, and the amount of weight you want to lose and Lose It! will help you keep your consumption in check. It then gives you a calorie budget to help track your weight loss and keep it in check.


Your seductive sign loves sex, glamour, and speed. However, speeding is not such a good idea when the road is loaded with speed traps. The iPhone app known as Trapster is perfect for reckless Scorpios who want often need to be warned of cops with speed guns ahead. Trapster displays your location on a map using the phone’s WiFi capabilities, which you enter into the network database along your route. The phone then gives you voice alerts and dynamic maps that help prevent you from getting a ticket for speeding.


You are the world traveler of the Zodiac and you always like to be up on the latest apps for travel. One of the neatest apps for people who like to travel is the IHop application. You simply enter your starting and ending addresses and the app gives you detaild directions on how to get there via that city’s public transportation. You can even specifiy how much you would like to get around on foot before you get on that bus or train. The app also estimates the cost of taking a cab for you. It is free.


The materialistic goat just loves to shop and one the best iPhone app tools for that is called Shop Savvy. This app for professional bargain hunters allows you to compare prices and deals on the fly. You simply scan the barcode of any item and in an instant you have a list that compares best prices online versus the local store plus links to coupon codes that give a discount. You can even use it to share shopping tips on Facebook or Twitter.


You love a good party and are the host or hostess with the moistest. You also love everything that is hip, trendy, and on the cutting edge. A fitting application for you is the Mixology app that features cocktail recipes for every type of alcohol that is both old and new in the world of entertaining. You can learn how to make classic cocktails as well as find recipes for cocktails that use an exotic liquor you might have on time such as Guavaberry Liqueur. You also get directions on how to stock a bar and how to find the nearest liquor store.


You are a lover of nature and therefore appreciate a good car sharing service like Zip Car. This is a cost-saving, green-living option for anyone living in a city. The iPhone app lets you find and reserve available cars where you live or in any city in North America that has Zip Cars. You love all things James Bond, so you will love the most awesome feature of the app which is the ability to unlock its doors and honk its horn using your phone.

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