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Best Party Foods for Zodiac Each Sign
Best Party Snacks for Your Zodiac Sign With the holiday season upon us, you might want to consider what party snacks you would like to serve at your festive gatherings. If you'd like to know which refreshments will tempt every zodiac sign, check out the following suggestions, which tell you a little bit about each signís snacking preferences.


This sign really likes spicy foods. Serving spicy salsas and guacamoles is a good idea.  Wasabi peas, Indian curries with pita bread, and pickled cream cheese wrapped in chili peppers are all great foods for this sign. Jell-o shots and Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing are also good choices for this zodiac sign. Make sure there is also fresh fruit on the table in the form of plums and cherries.


The Bull likes high protein party foods. Serve a piping hot pot of Swedish meatballs or mini-hamburgers. A plate of cold cuts and cheeses also helps take the edge of this signís hearty hunger. This sign also loves apple pies, blueberry turnovers, and carrot cake lavished with cream cheese icing. Make sure that there are lots of cut up celery sticks and carrots on the table Ė along with some blue cheese dip.


Geminis love fun foods like cheezies, pancake balls stuffed with meat, Dim Sum, Sushi, and rolled party sandwiches. Vintage food practices, such as having a cheese fondue or having a chocolate fountain in place, also please this sign. Make sure there are lots of potato chips and sour cream dips on the tables as well. The twins love unique desserts, such as Champagne Jell-o or mango shortcake with whipped cream.


This sign loves crunchy salty snacks like potato chips, pretzels, and Doritos, especially if they are accompanied by rich sour cream based dips. Seafood based dips, such as warm clam dip, is also appreciated by this sign. Cancers also like any kind of Chinese food and especially egg rolls. Boston cream pies and cakes also tickle the Crabís fancy. Make sure there are also chocolate treats available and lots of coffee and tea.

Lions love little sandwiches, particularly if they are made with cold cuts, tomatoes, and salad. They also love crunch salty snacks, such as peanuts and healthy indulgences such as crudites (raw cut up vegetables) with a sour cream dip. Most Leos have a big sweet tooth and love cakes of all kinds, but especially chocolate ones. Any kind of fruit with whipped cream also appeals to this sensuous sign. They also like fruity treats, like wine gums and chocolate covered cherries.


This sign loves Mexican food like tacos, enchiladas, and Quesadilla. A huge plate of nachos, along with salsa and guacamole, makes this sign very happy. For the most part, this sign prefers healthy snacks such as soy nuts, raw soy beans, and cut up vegetables. Party dessert favorites include strawberry shortcake, home-made cookies, and slice up fruit with chocolate dip. They also enjoy herbal tea and chewing on strands of red licorice.


Librans like snacks that are a combination of both sweet and salty. Kettle popcorn that is half sugar and half salt can really hit the spot for this sign. This sign also loves hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream cones. The Libran loves heavy cakes with lots of thick icing, like a German Chocolate Cake or a Black Forest Cake. They also enjoy soft ice cream and lemon flavored mousses and tarts. Key Lime pie is also a favorite treat of this sensuous sign.


Scorpios love high end, sophisticated snacks, such as olives stuffed with anchovy paste, mince pies, and crab claws. They also love high end pastes, pestos, and salsas that can be spread on spicy stone ground crackers. Exotic cheeses with jam are also a favorite. Icy gelatos and coffee based cakes are also ideal to serve to a Scorpio at a party. Soft chocolate truffles and oysters are favorite aphrodisiacs of this sign.


The Archer delights in snacks that are from other lands so any type of tapas, sushi roll, or taquito is going to delight their taste buds. These lovers of the exotic also like papadums from Indian and vintage party snacks like celery sticks smeared with cheese whiz. Make sure there is also lots of beer and homey snacks, like fried chicken on the table as well. They also love foreign desserts, such as honeyed Baklava and French pastries.


The Goat loves to snack on gourmet nuts, especially pistachios and walnuts. They also love dried fruits and organic potato chips made out of vegetables. Melted brie slathered with fruit or jam is also a favorite snack. They enjoy exotic stews, such as Moroccan tanginess or ratatouille. For dessert Capricorns love designer chocolates, petite four style pastries, or fruit with clotted cream and tea. Be sure to have biscotti and tubular pastries on hand for them to stir their coffee with.


Independent Aquarius likes unusual snacks like spicy wasabi peas, pumpkin seeds, or dried soy nuts. They also enjoy aspics, jellos, and mousses. A nice salmon mousse served with salad is an ideal party food for this eccentric sign. Roll ups made with cream cheese and red pepper jelly are also exotic treats for this sign. Be sure to keep a large selection of exotic pickled fruits and vegetables on the table for the Aquarian to enjoy.  For dessert, the Aquarian loves a good cherry cheesecake or a Jell-o made with exotic fruits.


This traditionally minded sign loves the classic party foods like Swedish meatball, Hawaiian pork, and clam dip. They also love chewy foods like beef jerky, pepper sausages, and dried fruit. They enjoy banana chips and fluffy chilled cheesecakes made from yogurt and whipped cream. They also love exotic fruit like pineapple and kiwi. To keep the Pisces happy, make sure there is a lot of high quality beer or wine available. If you can afford it, nothing pleases this sign more than a plateful of raw oysters with a peppery vodka based sauce.

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