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Best Sexy Lingerie for Each Zodiac Sign
Sexy Lingerie for Your Zodiac Sign Both Christmas and New Yearís are coming up soon, so you might be thinking of buying lingerie for that special someone. Here is a look at the kind of sexy underwear that is suited to each sign.

If you are the woman reading this, then consider wearing the type of undergarments suggested to turn on your lover. So if you are a Gemini girl going out with a Leo, you might want to consider wearing the lingerie for a Leo. It might give you a clue as to what the Lion male of your dreams might be fantasizing about. However, wearing the lingerie style that suits your own sign is also a very sensual and personally empowering thing to do. If you are a man, then you will want to get your girlfriend the lingerie as a gift.

Here is a look at the lingerie preferences of each sign.


The Ram loves lingerie in orange and red. If you really want to turn an Aries man on, wear a combination of orange and black in satin. They also like the baby doll look, especially if part of the get up is plush pom poms. They are also a fan of the black garter belt with seamed stockings. Sky high heels in gold can help complete this look. The Ram also likes fetish heels and the higher they are the better. Belts with chains and ankle bracelets are often part of a Ramís get up.


The Bull loves anything very slutty or girly. Pink and black is a favorite combination. They are also fans of high heel leather stilettos, fishnet stockings, and crotchless panties. They also adore the school girl look. This sign likes to have sex for more than just a few minutes, so make sure you have a lot of different lubrications on hand as well. Bulls also like women who boast tattoos and piercings. Some Taurus natives are also very much into bondage, including wrist cuffs, collars, and ankle bracelets.


The Sign of the Twins usually has a fairly evil kinky side that includes a fondness for outfits that look a bit like bondage gear. This role player of the Zodiac also enjoys dressing up in nurseís uniforms, as a schoolgirl or as a police woman. You will also find a Gemini wearing beautiful Japanese Kimonos or rubber body suits, as they especially appreciate any kind of exotic touch in a sex costume. Gemini women will also pay great attention to their make up with full fake eyelashes and fake nails often being part of the picture. The rustle of a taffeta gown will also really turn a Gemini woman on.


The Cancer native loves long flowing nighties that are are sheer and covered with sequins or embroidery. Their favorite lingerie colors are green and red and they love the look of satin because it shimmers like water. Cancers also love white vinyl and white stockings. Long nails that look pearls are also very attractive to them. Many Cancer women like to dress up like little girls complete with pigtails. They love the sound that clothing with snaps makes as one is undressing.


The Virgo woman is quite demure and prefers sensible lingerie, such as long white cotton nighties or floor length Japanese robes. Some Virgo women are into corsets and tying them very tightly around their waists. They also enjoy the convenience of stay up stockings and lingerie with lots of hooks and buttons. Many Virgo women also enjoy the British schoolgirl look or dressing up in a manís white shirt and underewear. They also like the convenience of underwear that is crotchless or that is fastened with Velcro.


The Leo woman loves lingerie with jungle and animal prints. They are sensuous beings who also love the touch of a bit of real fur on their lingerie.  Any type of costume that has a hint of a tail or ears is also very sexy to them. How things feel is very important to this sensuous sign that loves real silks, satins, and velvets. The Leo is also a fun sign and likes details on lingerie like little bows or that tight laced underwear that is vintage looking and parodies looks from the fifties and sixties.


The Libra woman belongs to the Goddess Venus and will wear the wildest, sexiest lingerie available. Pink, yellow, and blue are favorite colors of this sexy sign that also loves wearing gold or Lucite tip jar style shoes, fishnet hose, full garters, crotchless panties, and see through panties and brassieres. Libra women also love to wear anything with netting in it. Patent leather shoes or corsets in wild colors are also a signature turn on of this sign.


Scorpios are sexy and love leather, vinyl, and PVC. Their favorite colors are crimson and black. They find long gloves with lots of buttons to be very sexy. They are also into fetish gear, such as dog collars, Japanese bondage vests, and chain mail.  Scorpions love thigh high boots with the highest heels that can be worn.  They also like to have boots or shoes with the pointiest toes that money can buy. Many Scorpio women will also wear falls, wigs, or bright lipstick to enhance their look.


Archer woman love to role play and they really love dressing up in costumes that are a bit Victorian in quality. They love the sensuality of corsets and the fussiness of wearing gloves, boots, and underwear with a great deal of hooks and eyes to undo. They also love plusher fabrics, such as velvet, and love the idea of being wrapped up in a lot of ribbons and bows. The Sagittarian also loves to wear animal prints as well as actual fur to bed. Purple, red, and green are favorite colors.


The goat is a more sensible sign and thinks that cotton is very sensual. A high quality night gown with lots of embroidery is sexy to this sign, even if it has a high neck. They also find Indian or Asian influenced night wear with lots of sequins to be alluring. Many Goats are also fond of platform heels, white fishnet stockings, and thong panties. They also love satin bra and panty sets in their favorite colors of pink, blue, or yellow.


This visionary sign loves very tight fitting lingerie in futuristic and shiny fabrics like plastic, polyvinyl, or Lycra. They also find rubber and zippers to be very sexy.  Bright apple red and deep purple are colors that appeal to this sign that is also into feathers, masks, and trailing ribbons and scarves. Victorian boots in kid leather could be a big turn on for this sign that also likes fingerless gloves. Aquarians prefer sheer stockings with seams down the back and love the convenience of Velcro fasteners.


The Pisces native is not that wild sexually, but they love a nice cotton nightgown with demure pink or blue ribbons or a lycra gown with a floral print. They also like high heels, especially if they are Lucite or satin and have pom poms on them. The Piscean will like a woman that wears menís underwear, a manís oversized t-shirt or a long menís dress shirt to bed. They also like the look of a woman wearing a school girlís uniform or the kinky look of garters, stockings, and a tux.

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By Darlene, Sunday, January 24, 2010 05:16:23 PM
British schoolgirl look? Are you kidding me?
By Dana, Wednesday, January 06, 2010 07:29:14 PM
I am a Capricorn, and I LOVE sparkly things (and sequins!) as predicted. However, I am not up for the embroidered high necked nightgown idea...If you are buying for a capricorn, consider the person's personality prior to purchasing something like that...
By Tiffany, Tuesday, January 05, 2010 10:29:41 AM
Mine (virgo) seems to pretty much list list every thing, but it dead on with the first three types of lingerie.
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