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Best Summer Vacation For Your Zodiac Sign
Summer Vacation Where is your ideal vacation spot this summer? Here is a simple guide to what summer vacation spots in the world best suit most Zodiac signs.


Aries natives are Fire signs and have plenty of energy to burn, so a vacation where they can work out a bit is a good idea. They also prefer to travel in style rather than camp, so a night or two in a cozy bed and breakfast near a lake or sea is preferable to other types of vacation.  Fire signs are enthusiastic and they love to be amused just as if they were teenagers. They love traveling to theme parks and simulated travel type amusements. They also enjoy bungee jumping, rock climbing, and floating far above the crowds in a hot air balloon or cable car. Sports, such as badminton and volleyball (preferably on the beach), also interest this sign. They also love watching sports and staying in a hotel that is attached to a sports stadium is an ideal summer vacation excursion for them.


Taurus natives are ruled by Earth, so they tend to be very family-oriented. They also like to camp, but in safe areas that also include other families. They tend not to stray too far from home if they can help it. Bulls prefer to travel in large groups and always include loved ones in their entourage. They prefer vacation packages and tour groups because they hate spontaneity and indecision. The love strolling, sight-seeing, and the absolute convenience of staying in a hotel in a theme park. They also tend to stay in places that are friendly to pets and children. Many Taurus natives love flowers, so visits to things like butterfly parks and botanical gardens is very relaxing for them.


Geminis like to stroll through city streets, browse through markets, and meet as many strangers as possible. They also like the celebrity life and will try and stay in a place where they can do as much social climbing as possible. They have the most fun in beach side or lake side resorts that can boast a healthy arts scene and many cafes.  As urbane and sophisticated that they seem to be, they also enjoy hiking through parks, swimming, and canoeing. Gemini’s are also happy looking at antiques. A long drive through the country just looking at the scenery is very therapeutic and relaxing for them. A Gemini also likes learning and spiritual retreats and can gain a lot from going to a camp that specializes in Yoga or a craft, such as making pottery.


Being a Water sign, Cancers prefer to vacation by the ocean or the sea in tourist towns where there is plenty to see and do. They also love to sun bathe. This sometimes materialistic sign also enjoys shopping and is happiest being pampered at a spa or window shopping. They also enjoy cruises, boat tours, and jaunts through the city in antique horse-drawn carriages. Although they love the sea, they much prefer the safety of cities and the comfort of a well appointed hotel room with cable television. Cancers are rock hounds and enjoy collecting shells on the beach. Yet another past time that they might find enjoyable is using a metal detector to find treasures on the beach.


Adventurous Leos love to travel and they will beg, borrow, or steal to attend a music concert, rave or happening no matter where it is in the world. Being a Fire Sign they really enjoy events such as “Burning Man.” They love to sunbathe by the beach, but as the heat really appeals to them, you will also find a Leo hiking through the desert in hot temperatures just for fun. Singing songs by a campfire is also very appealing to this fun loving sign.  Lions also really enjoy hunting and fishing as it brings out the predator in them. They also love the beach simply because they are so voyeuristic when it comes to checking out the opposite sex. They would rather stay in a hotel where there is a bar and disco available after hours.


Virgos like short, well planned vacations. They prefer to drive to their holiday destinations and many of them do not want to take a vacation at all unless they are somehow combining business with pleasure. They are not that comfortable in a hotel unless it is a five star outfit.  They like cities with big museums and art galleries. They treasure their privacy and enjoy a long walk alone on a beach or seeing a movie alone. Many Virgos love to combine educational experiences with their vacations and will go on a cruise where they can take a course. They also enjoy retreats that help them stay physically fit such as a Yoga retreat. Vigorous exercise is also good for this sign that can also manage taxing outdoor activities such as white water rafting. Virgos can also be contrary and choose to travel somewhere cold (like Greenland) when it is hot.


The Libra native likes to go away with a special someone for a day – even if that special someone is just a household pet. This air sign enjoys loves culture and places to shop.  An ideal day trip is a short jaunt to an antique market or to a beach side village that has plenty of cafes.  This very social sign also likes to meet people so taking a cruise is a good idea. Libras do not like to swim or exercise much, but they do enjoy a nice leisurely stroll through the woods. This sign loves beauty so taking a long hike up a hill to enjoy a romantic and panoramic view is their idea of a wonderful day trip. This sign likes to go camping but is happiest in a camper or RV. They also like to take trips that are also a bit educational or where they can learn a craft like furniture refinishing or sculpture.


Scorpios are ruled by the Water element, so they are happiest cruising the waters in a sailboat, motorboat, or even just in a canoe. They also love portaging and white water rafting. This is a thrifty sign that enjoys camping out and does not really like splurging on hotels unless they are thinking of seducing someone. The Scorpion loves the chance to meet new people so they like to vacation alone. An ideal vacation for a Scorpio is a cross country one by bus, car, or motorcycle. Scorpios love to eat exotic and spicy foods and really enjoy taking specialty cooking courses.  Wine tasting is also a passion of this sensual sign who is always looking for a new lover to seduce.  Scorpions also enjoy learning expiditions where they can be taught a new craft such woodburning, weaving, or sculpture.


Sagittarians are ruled by the Fire element which give them an optimistic disposition and strong athletic constitutions. The more exotic and challenging the vacation is the happier they are. They love hiking through the woods and climbing mountains. They also enjoy horseback riding and water sports, such as water skiing and parasailing. Vacationing near water is ideal but even better for the Archer is a city beach that is within walking distance of great restaurants and excellent shopping. Cave exploration and deep sea diving also appeal to this adventurous and brave sign.


This sign does not like to travel too far from home. They prefer short day excursions. They like to camp, but only if they have a recreational vehicle or camper on hand. Capricorns enjoy art and antiques so an ideal short trip for is a country to an antique market to find treasures that they can fix up later and sell.  They love to be pampered and eat good food, so if they travel for any length of time they prefer to stay in a hotel that offers recreational activities, such as golfing and swimming. Staying in a spa located in a mountainous or beachside region is also very gratifitying for the Goat who loves to be pampered from head to toe.  A visit to hot springs or a desert is also very invigorating for the Goat’s constitution.


Aquarian natives  are happiest in more sophisticated urban locales, although they also like a little bit of adventure.  An ideal summer vacation for an Aquarian would be to visit a museum in a big city and then dance the night away in a popular night club.  They also love music and will travel a long way to attend a performance or concert. Aquarians also enjoy hiking in the forests and collecting mushrooms and herbs. They also can be found hiking up mountains and collecting rocks and crystals. Stargazing is another favorite past time of this sign who enjoys watching the constellations from high up on a mountain.


Pisces Natives are the are happiest travelling by boat, canoe, yacht, or ship. They love the wildness of wide-open seas as much as they love the peaceful trickling of a forest stream. This sign will camp if they have to, but they are the most comfortable stayingin a hotel room or bed and breakfast with creature comforts such as working washrooms and cable television. Wherever they stay the food must be excellent. Even though they prefer to stay in a city or small town, they are happiest on vacation when they do not have to talk a lot or deal with a lot of people. An ideal beachside vacation for a Pisces native will include seafood as well as a charming street full of curious little shops. Pisceans also thrive taking day trips by car that have no purpose other than to enjoy the scenery out the window. Spontaneity is very important to this sign that also loves wine tasting and unusual ice cream flavors.

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