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Best Thanksgiving Meal For Each Zodiac Sign
Thanksgiving Dinner for your Zodiac Sign Each Zodiac sign has its own food preferences that are influenced by the nature and character of the sign and also what element it is rule by – earth, air, fire or water. Food preferences for each sign is also influenced by ancient predispositions that are also metaphysically and symbolically related to the planets that influence that sign as well.

If you ask the stars about the ideal Thanksgiving meal for your sign, this is what they would put on the menu.


This sign loves red meat and is considered to be herbivorous sign. They love herbs. Rare meat is absolutely crucial for their health, as it helps keep their nervous system working well. The best meal for this sign is not the Thanksgiving turkey, but rather something like lamb or raw beef with spices like chili or ginger. The Ram is a fire sign, which means they enjoy spicier fare. They also enjoy salads that are dressed with garlic and mustard as well as beets and celery. They also love spinach. For dessert, anything made with dates or pecans is appropriate.


Surf and turf would be the ideal for this sign that needs low fat foods full of sodium and copper. They love seafood and very lean beef, especially ribs and steak. This sign that is ruled by the earth element also loves all room vegetables covered with gravy including yams, potatoes, and celeriac root. A cheese and onion pie would also suit this sign well. They love heavy desserts and especially love cheesecakes. They also love berries, so a dessert made with whipped cream and raspberries would be perfect (as raspberries are high in potassium and copper).


The traditional Thanksgiving turkey is absolutely perfect for the Gemini whose quick metabolism can handle the heavier vegetables and gravies. Celery, grapes, olives, cheese, nuts, and pates are also good foods for a Gemini. Herbs ruled by Mercury like rosemary, thyme, and dill suit this sign that is also ruled by Mercury. Fruit pies and fools also please this sign. Apricots, pairs, cherries, and blueberries are favorite healthy fruits. Geminis also liked whipped, airy desserts like mousses and foods with mobility, such as Jell-O.


The moon rules this sign and moon children prefer comfort foods. Thanksgiving recipes should be blander and more traditional. The traditional Thanksgiving turkey pleases them, but so does a baked ham. They like vintage recipes like yams with marshmallow topping and sage stuffing. A celebratory food for Cancers is cheese, including cheesecake. They also like raisin pie and raisin cake as well as any kind of lemon Jell-o or lemon meringue pie.


This fire sign is a real carnivore and loves all red meat including big roasts, sirloin, and lamb. They also love seafood, so a surf and turf type meal at Thanksgiving makes them quite happy. They also love fresh green herbs, like dill and parsley, and watery vegetables like cucumber and tomato. They also love vegetables with some crunch to them, like celery. They do not like their food to be too spicy. This sign loves luxury and consider anything chocolate to be one of their favorite indulgences.


Virgo is a lover of grains so make sure there are a variety of crackers, breads, and snacks on hand to please their palate. They love the traditional turkey, but their real preference is for beef dishes because they have a need for iron in their diet. The traditional vegetable dishes also please this sign that does not like their foods to be too spicy. Pates made out of liver please this sign. They also like enjoy traditional apple pies with a slice of cheese for their Thanksgiving dessert.


Turkey and chicken suit this air sign best for Thanksgiving, but they are also real lovers of fish and berries. A plate of wild salmon with blueberries would be a great Thanksgiving meal for the signoff the scales. They also prefer rice rather than potatoes and thrive on salad made from spicier vegetables like olives and radishes. They love figs, cheese, and strong wines or coffee for dessert. They are ruled by Venus and enjoy avocado dips and anything aphrodisiac in nature, such as chocolate. A chocolate mousse or crème caramel is a good Thanksgiving dessert for the Sign of the Scales.


The Scorpion prefers a good steak or rack of lamb rather than the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. They also love the more off beat vegetables, such as yams, asparagus or celeriac root, especially if these things are blended and mashed up with butter and milk. They love liver, so pates of all kinds, especially if paired with a good cognac are a good choice of appetizer. For dessert, the Scorpio loves sophisticated yet sensual foods like German Black Forest Cake or honeyed Baklava.


This fire sign loves exotic, spicy, and unusually prepared foods. It is one of the signs voted most likely to serve up a deep fried turkey or one that is curried rather than done with traditional spices. They love mints, parsleys, and cultured milk foods so any type of dish from the Mediterranean pleases them. For dessert, they prefer a coffee made sweet with whipped cream and a liqueur or chocolate or coffee flavored. Smaller delicate tarts delight them more than one big pie.


This sign really does prefer the traditional roast turkey meal complete with yams, gravy, potatoes, stuffing with sage, and pumpkin pie. Rosemary is a favorite spice for flavoring a turkey. They love cultured milk foods like yogurts and chip dips and love snacking on crunchy vegetables. Exotic breads and healthy milk products like goat cheese should also be on the menu of the sing of the Goat. They also enjoy fruit dipped in chocolate, so a fondue made of strawberries, raspberries, and sweet cherries would be a good food diversion for them.


This air sign loves quirky, exotic foods from foreign lands and is just as happy ordering out for Peking Duck, as they are eating the traditional Thanksgiving meal. They prefer coleslaw and pickles to a traditional salad. Many members of this futuristic sign are also big vegetarians and enjoy foods such as honey, soy beans, and peanuts. They also enjoy anything with a lemon flavor so a light lemon soufflé or a lemon meringue pie is perfect for them to have for dessert.


This water sign loves the traditional Turkey dinner, but also enjoys beef or seafood as part of a big feast. A classic shrimp cocktail makes a good appetizer for this sign. Snails and oysters gives the sign of the fishes great joy to eat on this holiday as well. This sign also really loves sexy foods, like pomegranates or truffles. They love to top off any type of celebratory meal with a glass of champagne and exotic fruit like mangos. They also enjoy very light cheesecakes as well as more unusual fare like lemon poppyseed cake.

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By Sheryl, Friday, November 19, 2010 05:52:07 PM
My comment is the same as the one I sent November 27, 2009. (See below) Funny, they still kept it. Nothing's changed. I still hate lemon. Don't do cheesecake, but still Love that chocolate!!!!!
By Marie, Friday, November 19, 2010 03:48:50 PM
The "typoes" are killing me! Being a Gemini, I do enjoy fruit pies but I like my fools(?) grilled.
By Sheryl, Friday, November 27, 2009 12:00:31 PM
WRONG WRONG usual. I'm a Pisces. I find pomegranates extremely annoying to eat. I don't do snails, and I'm not a red meat eater. While I DO enjoy a traditional turkey dinner, I can't stand lemon, and I'm not into cheesecakes. GIVE ME CHOCOLATE OR GIVE ME DEATH!!!
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