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Best Ways To Exercise For Your Zodiac Sign
Best Way to Exercise for Your Horoscope Sign Sometimes it is difficult to become motivated while exercising. It is definitely true that what one sign enjoys doing for recreation is absolute torture for another. Here is a rundown of the different exercises that are enjoyed by your Zodiac sign.


These fire signs have a lot of energy to burn, so it makes sense that running or jogging for long distances is the best way for them to lose weight. They are also great long jumpers and can spin on a cycle longer and harder than most Zodiac signs. A good leisurely way for an Aries to lose weight is to take a long leisurely bike ride along a scenic bike path.


The Taurus native needs routine and discipline so working out with a personal trainer or at a gym is best for them. They like the idea of the exercises being the same every day. They also do well at team sports like volleyball, baseball, and basketball. A Taurus native also enjoys rowing and canoeing as a more leisurely way to lose weight.


This flighty sign likes exercise that seems spontaneous and more like fun than hard work. A Gemini enjoys rock climbing, stripper pole dancing, dance lessons, aquafitness, and any form of exercise that is a bit off beat. Geminis are also good at competitive sports and love to play one-on-one games, like squash or tennis. Surfing is also a favorite past time of this fun loving sing.


The Cancer native enjoys swimming, aquafitness, aquastretch, and any form of exercise that can take place in the water.  Surfing and boogie boarding in the ocean or sea is also a favorite past time. This sign sometimes finds it hard to face other people keeping an exercise tape around that can be played on a video helps them stay focused so they can work out by themselves.


Leos love running, swimming and jumping. Horseback riding is another favorite activity as is golfing and tennis. If there is a mountain to climb, the Leo will be there as they love heights and they love beating other people at a physical game. They also love rock climbing walls, swinging from trapezes and tree climbing. Lions don't need to go to a gym to lose weight.  They can burn it all off partying at a disco until the wee hours of the night.


Virgos prefer to work out by themselves at home where nobody can see them. A good workout video tape is all that is needed for this self-disciplined sign needs to stay very fit and trim. Riding a bike slowly through a scenic park is also good for the Virgos body and soul. Occasionally, the Virgo also enjoys a game of tennis or squash. You will often find the Virgo running, walking, or biking in a marathon conducted for charitable causes as well.


This air signs finds it hard to stick a schedule so it is a good idea for them to go to a gym or class or try to stick out their exercise routine with a buddy. Librans like beauty, so they excel at dancing and especially at ballet. They also like exercise routines that have a bit of a fun element to them like jazzercise or strippercise. These signs are very fashion conscious and have to look just right when they go to the gym. They are good joggers and are very motivated by music so it is good for them to wear a music player to motivate them.


The Scorpio native will join a gym just for the voyeurism and also to show off their gym clothes. However, they don't like to work out that hard if they can help it. They are good at canoeing, rowing, and running. Many of them do vigorous housework or jog while doing chores instead of sticking to a truly regimented exercise routine. They are also interested in working pounds off taking exotic dance classes, such as belly dancing or ball room dancing.


The Archer loves to ride bikes and horses as well. Would it surprise anyone to know that they are also good at archery? Golf, lawn bowling, and tennis also suit this sign, which has a vigorous and durable constitution. They also love exercise routines that are from other cultures such as Tai Chi or Kick Boxing. Jogging around the block every day also helps to keep this sign healthy if they don't have the time to do anything else.


The goat loves routine and going to a gym class every day. This way they know what to expect and exactly how much weight they are going to lose and in what amount of time. The goat also loves old fashioned step classes and swimming laps in the pool. They also love the discipline and lithe body building offered by disciplines like ballet and Pilates. However, the goat is a natural mountain climber and loves hiking and genuine rock climbing.


This sign loves walking for miles, which is not at all a bad way to stay fit. They dislike competitive sports and running, but they do enjoy a relaxed game of golf. Biking is also a good way for this sign to lose weight. They also enjoy outfitting themselves with the latest fitness gadgets, such as iPods that also count how many calories you burn or scales that also figure out your bodily percentage of fat. This is a graceful sign that often tries ballet or tap lessons at one point in their life.


This water sign loves swimming, whether it is in the ocean or in the local swimming pool. They also like to sweat it out at Hot Yoga. They prefer the routine of working with a class and are good at most forms of exercise including aerobics, spinning, and aquafitness. They also like taking long walks in nature even though they are not that fond of bike riding.  Boxing is one way they can get out their aggressions and also stay fit as well.

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By Trish, Saturday, March 28, 2009 09:16:53 AM
Pisces This water sign loves swimming, whether it is in the ocean or in the local swimming pool. They also like to sweat it out at Hot Yoga. They prefer the routine of working with a class and are good at most forms of exercise including aerobics, spinning, and aquafitness. They also like taking long walks in nature even though they are not that fond of bike riding. Boxing is one way they can get out their aggressions and also stay fit as well. ..................................... I do love swimming and I love to go walking in scenic surroundings, I like Aquafitness and I am a Tae Kwon Do enthusiast lol so mine is spot on. Trish
By carla, Saturday, November 08, 2008 02:13:17 PM
im a aquaian.born 2/14/73. i love walking.
By Juanita, Thursday, October 16, 2008 09:49:39 PM
Thank you Sylvia for all you do. You have helped me through alot of difficult times over the last 10 or more years and I will be forever grateful. I love you soo much! Juanita
By sandy, Wednesday, October 15, 2008 11:32:57 AM
Thank you sylvia browne, you and your books, have helped me a great deal. God Bless you. sandy
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