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Best Ways To Spend Thanksgiving For Each Zodiac Sign
Thanksgiving Plans for Your Zodiac Sign American Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 26th in 2009. It is always on the fourth Thursday of every month.

Astrologically, there is quite a bit going on this Thanksgiving that might affect the best way for each Zodiac sign to spend the holiday.

The most important thing that is happening exactly that day is the Mercury retrograde. Mercury is the planet of communication and movement. This means there may be difficulties getting to where you need to be on that day. There are bound to be problems with traffic, phones, and computers.

The Sun glimmers in Sagittarius, which is a sign of good will and good cheer, so by the time you do get to your destination, you will have a great time. However, do be aware that depending on your sign that the backwards moving Mercury could cause misunderstandings with family and friends. Just be very careful to speak clearly, give instructions that are precise, and realize that when Mercury is retrograde, you are pretty much fated to having to do things twice.

It also does not help that all day on the actual day of Thanksgiving, there is a void in the sign of Aries. This is also a sign that is symbolic of movement and travel. When the moon strays, so do our plans. Aries is also a Zodiac sign that symbolizes energy. When the moon is backwards, we feel drained of our resources. Depending on what your sign is, you might also be a little more laid back or feel more fatigued than usual on Thanksgiving.

There is an influence celestially that could cause family strife as well. This is Mars in the strong willed sign of Leo, facing off against Venus in the equally strong willed sign of Scorpio. Sarcasm and cynicism could definitely be a problem. People who have been competitive with each other for years could become even fiercer rivals than ever.

All signs are under the somewhat sobering influence of Saturn in Libra squaring off against Pluto in Capricorn. Once again, depending on your sign, old issues from the ancient past could be dug up. The meaning of this configuration is that the “wounded child needs attention.” Someone in your family may demand an emotional injustice be righted. This is a relatively new influence that has only been around since November 15th.

Given all of these factors, here is a more specific look at how you may want to spend this Thanksgiving.


You are best to stay close to home this Thanksgiving. Surround yourself with only a few close friends and relatives and keep your event small. The moon is travelling backwards in your sign, which discourages travelling long distances. The planets favor cooking turkey in an unusual way – perhaps this is the year that you try deep frying a bird.


You may want to work and make money rather than spend this Thanksgiving with relatives. A couple of unpleasant squares in the sky make family arguments likely. Thanksgiving is best spent in a restaurant or at a good friend’s house. Do a bit of gardening or yard work if your nerves get frazzled. Alone time may feel like a necessity to stay sane.


Your ruling Mercury planet is going backwards in the sky, so it is best for you to stick close to home and just have a few near and dear ones over for dinner. The Mercury retrograde, in combination with an Aries moon, can make everything difficult, so it might be a good idea to just pre-order in a turkey or get help cooking as you may feel tired, challenged, or disorganized.


It is a good idea to entertain at home and invite as many people as possible, because that will force your family to be on better behavior. You may find yourself confronted by quite a few Thanksgiving “orphans” who have been fighting with their family. Pluto and Venus encourage arguments so if you have to, play the diplomat.


Mars is in your sign, which makes you feel restless and combative. Rather than wrestle with issues at home or fight the trend that has you feeling that everything is going wrong, it is best to go out to a restaurant with just a few close friends and lie low.


Thanksgiving is best spent outside the home this year, as there are a great many celestial factors conspiring to make you feel like a victim or lonely. Gather your loved ones and take them out to a good restaurant. Planets in the inquisitive sign of Sagittarius encourage you to eat somewhere more offbeat.


Saturn, the taskmaster of the Zodiac, is in your sign, which means you are expected to be everybody else’s whipping post and slave. The best way out of this ordeal is to refuse to host a dinner at home and instead go out to a restaurant to celebrate. You may not be able to afford an expensive meal, but the peace of mind will be worth it.


Venus, the love planet, is in your sign on Thanksgiving, which means it is best spent as an evening of seduction. Plan a very special meal complete with music and wine for just you and a special loved one. Avoid sarcasm, however, as your partner is likely to be very sensitive.


The Sun and the planet Mercury is in your sign, which favors throwing a big dinner surrounded by as many family members and friends as your dinner table can seat. You are one of the few signs that can get away with living large this Thanksgiving, but get ready to mediate if people start fighting.


Pluto in your sign makes family relationships difficult. You love to cook and entertain, but the planets are just not favoring this for you this year. Your best course of action is to order in food or to go out to a restaurant to save yourself a lot of strife and effort.


There are many celestial events happening that make you feel like spending Thanksgiving all alone this year and, if you want to, that is just fine. You are best to spend it with just a few good friends and to take your mind off things see a movie or do something that you really love to find that sense of peace and gratitude that you so deserve to on this holiday.


You are in a good position to throw a big Thanksgiving dinner. You will find that many people will be seeing you as a pillar of the community. There are several planets that could cause bickering and competitive behavior so is prepared to play mediator if squabbles break out. Mercury in Sagittarius favors serving up a Thanksgiving meal that is a little more offbeat.

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