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Best Ways to Unwind For Your Zodiac Signs
Best Ways to Unwind for Your Zodiac Sign What excites one sign is deeply meditative for another.  A good example is how two people with different zodiac signs might behave when it comes to seeing a horror movie. A Gemini native will be wildly enthusiastic about the experience, living vicariously through the characters.  A Leo, who like likes a wild ride, may love the fun of a good serial killer flick and a Sagittarius will also become completely absorbed in the escapism of the movie.

On the other hand, an anxious Pisces may not find going to the movies to be at all relaxing. A Virgo may also find it hard to focus on anything to do with fantasy and a soft-hearted  Libra may have anxiety attacks when faced with the prospect of having to watch a horror movie.

So basically, what one sign finds relaxing may be pure hell for another. Here is a breakdown of what each sign of the zodiac finds relaxing.


This sign is not content to just to lie around and vegetate.  The Ram is quite athletic and benefits greatly from jaunts to the park and bicycling. This is also one of the more ambitious and materialistic signs of the Zodiac, so just strolling through a shopping mall is also very therapeutic for them. Rams also very much enjoy games where they have to take some aim like archery or darts. They also love role playing video games and adopting an online virtual personality so they can escape from themselves for a while.


This homebody finds gardening, cooking, and playing with children and pets to be very relaxing. They are also champion couch potatoes and enjoy just watching television and eating. This sign love sex and considers the activity to be the main way of getting rid of any stress or tension. They also enjoy reading science fiction and watching horror films.  They can be clean freaks, so sometimes you will find a troubled Bull finding solace by scrubbing the bathtub again and again.


This intellectual sign loves to unwind by reading a good book or seeing a play or a movie. They also love travel. They are happiest when just wandering and unfettered by any type of responsibility or concern. Geminis are also very sensual and find sex to be very therapeutic. Dancing is one of their fortes and many Geminis are also talented singers.  Any sort of creative outlet is very good for helping nervous Geminis center themselves.  A Gemini will curl up with a children’s book or Mad Magazine to find some levity.


The Cancer loves to relax by just lying around in bed surrounded by the good things in life. Kicking back a glass of wine and romantic walks are also very relaxing for this sign.  Cuddling a Cancer cures them of just about anything that is wrong. They also love to watch soap operas or tear jerker movies. They also enjoy sewing, cooking, and putting together scrapbooks and photo albums.  Sudoku is a good way to relax the often over-preoccupied Cancer mind.


The best way to get a Leo to relax is to get him or her to laugh.  Watching a good comedy is a good way for a Lion to let off steam.  Leos really don’t like to just lie around, however as this is a very physical sign. Walking, running, and playing in competitive sports really appeal to them. They also enjoy going for long drives in the country. Leos are also can unwind by singing or playing a musical instrument.  Vigorous sexual activity also is very rejuvenating for this sign.


This very tense sign has a problem relaxing in general. Self-pampering in the form of getting a hair cut, going to a manicurist, or getting a massage helps Virgos relax. They enjoy competitive activities, such as horseback riding or car races. This sign also enjoys a good glass of wine every now and then. Listening to music also helps this very ritualistic personality relax and let down their hair a bit. Virgos also like to be romanced by candlelight, but they will not totally relax unless everything is absolutely perfect.


This very sensuous sign would vote sex as being the number one way to relax. However, the sign of the Scales is also very creative.  Some kind of outlet that allows them to use their hands like working with clay or paint is very healing. Many of them find sewing or decorating very satisfying as well. Taking a stroll through an art gallery or museum helps a stressed out Libra to forget worries for a while.  Many of them are very sentimental as well and enjoy scrap booking or putting together photo albums.


This very sexual sign loves to go to an exciting movie, preferably with a loved one. They also enjoy playing state of the art video games. Scorpions are also quite materialistic and really love to surf the Internet looking for stuff to buy or watch the Home Shopping Channel.  One of their favorite ways to get some exercise is to window-shop in a mall. This sensuous sign also relaxes by decorating, painting, and sewing. They are also good at working with paper or clay to create art objects.


Long walks, meandering, and strolling without a care in the world are relaxing for this happy-go-lucky sign. Taking long car rides in the country or browsing antique markets is also fun and calming for this curious sign.  Taking an Archer to a movie also helps him or her to escape reality for a while. This sign likes goal oriented leisure sports like golf or tennis. They also relax by getting their thoughts down in a journal or through meditation or writing poetry.


This sign loves the finer things in life, so being wined and dined at a fancy restaurant is very rejuvenating. They also love being pampered, so a stay at a spa retreat or at a five star hotel with spa facilities also helps them relax and wind. This is another materialistic sign that loves to shop, especially for gourmet foods that allow them to indulge in one of their favorite hobbies – cooking. This detail-oriented sign also enjoys hobbies like needlecraft or embroidery.


This sign love to relax by playing games.  Aquarians love chess, checkers, Monopoloy – you name it. They also love computer games, especially animated ones that feature fantastic creatures and characters that are embarking on vision quests of one kind or another. This sign is also very artistic and finds solace in painting, drawing, and sewing. Practicing yoga and meditation can really help this tightly wound sign forget that he or she is in the rat race for a while.


This sign loves to take long walks in nature, particularly by water. Sleeping on the beach outside under the stars or telling stories around a crackling bonfire can help this worry wart of a sign unwind. They are also avid couch potatoes and are happiest laying around with a special someone and watching television. Renting a movie is pretty much all this sign needs to escape from the world. Hobbies like painting or gardening are also relaxing for this sign.

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By Gale, Sunday, October 09, 2011 01:41:08 PM
None of the above applies to ANY of the signs I checked. Better do your homework and research better. Sorry, but true.
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