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Best Wedding Locations for Each Sign
Best Wedding Locations Of course not too many decide on a wedding location according to their Zodiac sign, but if you are absolutely stumped for an idea or superstitious, then you might want to check out some of the suggestions on this page.

The idea is that some types of locations are more in harmony with the cosmic vibrations put more by certain signs. For instance, a Cancer native that is a water sign might be more comfortable getting married by a garden pond than a Leo who is a fire sign.

Read the descriptions below to see what locations might suit you both best, according to your Sun signs. If you and your mate are different signs, look for a compromise between the two.


You enjoy the non traditional approach and like wedding locations that are sexy or adventurous. You like the idea of getting married on skis or after walking over hot coals as part of an initiation right. A wedding location that includes a sporting or recreational venue of any kind suits you best, even it is as low key as golfing, scuba diving, or horseback riding.


What with being such a nature lover, you would do well to get married in a forest grove, in a farmer’s field or high in a mountain top. You are also a wine lover so getting married in a vineyard also appeals to you. The Taurus native also loves luxury so staying in an expensive bed and breakfast is also recommended. Make sure the location is near to an expensive restaurant or well catered with a good hearty meal because Bulls love to eat.


You love a big display of social power, so holding a big dance in a local museum or at a social site greatly appeals to you. You also love the traditional places to get married that are a bit retro in flavor such as The Little White Church in Las Vegas or at the Brock Hotel in Canadian Niagara Falls. A Gemini will also go after a big exotic wedding in a foreign country as long as he or she can afford to fly a lot of friends out as well.


You are a homebody so your favorite place to get married is in your own back yard or in your mom’s backyard or at your local church. You like the surroundings to be safe and comfortable and you also prefer to be in a place where children or pets or welcome.  Food is important to you so holding a wedding in your favorite five star restaurants or revolving restaurant with a view is also an option.


You are a glamorous, status conscious individual who loves to do it in style. Getting married at a tropical spa or five star hotel suits your best. Lions love the sun, so they are also very well suited to having a beach wedding or even travelling to Africa to get married on an African safari!


You are the perfectionist and prefer a practical environmentally friendly spot that is traditional and not too expensive. The local church or community center will do. You are also fond of flowers so getting married in a public garden, local park, or other eco-haven is also your style.


You are one of the most romantic signs on the Zodiac wheels, so it is very important to you that you get married somewhere that is quite majestic, such as in an old style hotel or on the prow of a cruise ship. However, at the same time, you are also young at heart so you might also decide to get married in a night club or at the local trendy restaurant.


You like your privacy, so you are more likely to seek out a secluded spot such as a country get-away, a private estate, or even a monastery. You love the idea of traveling to another country to get married, as you do have a bit of a taste for the exotic. Getting married at a zoo or at a nature conservatory also appeals to you. You also like the idea of having absolutely no guests at your wedding so a trip to Las Vegas also suits you.


You love the idea of travelling somewhere far away and eclectic to hold your wedding. The sands of Africa, the gold towers of Dubai, and the Great Wall of China all appeal to you. The adventurer and athlete in you might like the idea of getting married at “Burning Man” or on top of the Alpine peaks in Europe or Canada. Getting married at a local tourist attraction or on a Tall Ship also appeals to you.


You are very traditional and want to get married in the same temple, church, or place that your family has. You are also likely to travel to the country of your ancestry to be married. Being married in white and being surrounded by traditional floral centerpieces and décor is also quite important to you as is hiring an actual wedding band. You also like the idea of being married beneath a big white tent in your own back yard.


You like the idea of getting married in the most unusual, exotic spot that you can find on earth. Consider getting married underwater or while bungee jumping.  Aquarians also like the idea of space so getting married at a planetarium or at the top of the Aztec or Egyptian pyramids is also appealing. If you can’t travel, consider getting married in one of the exhibits at your local museum.


You are traditional yet like water so getting married at a resort, a cottage, or on the beach is a great idea. Music and dancing is an important component of your wedding, so you will want to hire a venue big enough to have a dance floor and accommodate a band. Fishes are also suited to getting married on a big boat or during an ocean cruise.

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