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Beware of the Drama: Mars Conjuncts Jupiter on April 30th
Mars Conjuncts Jupiter on April 30th On April 30th, both Mars and Jupiter are in the volatile and hot-headed sign of Aries. Mars is an aggressive warrior planet and Jupiter is a planet that means an abundance of energy. When the two planets face off on April 30th, we are likely to experience an increasing of intensity in all of our experiences. The cosmic clash is the equivalent of lightening striking a volcano. Whatever happens on this day will also have a long-term influence, most likely in the sphere of relationships.

There is going to be a lot of battling between people around this time that feels especially territorial or possessive in nature. Direct confrontation is likely to be the favorite mode of expression. Even the coolest of individuals will feel a little less like they can remain in self control. On the world stage, we are likely going to hear a lot of stories about terrorism or about Good Samaritans being punished for trespassing to rescue someone.

This conjunction will make many think with their flaming anger instead of their rational minds. There will be a tendency to tempt fate and not look at the logistics of a situation. In fact, one of the weirdest and possibly destructive things about this influence is that it makes you enjoy a good fight. Some signs might revel in the glory and publicity that can result from a good clash with someone.

As this is a day of extremes, this is a good day to try and break a world record or make history if you are so inclined!

Here are some ways that the different Zodiac signs might experience this very forceful, dynamic and somewhat challenging influx of energy as Mars conjuncts Jupiter.


As this conjunction between Mars and Jupiter takes place in your sign, you can expect to find yourself willfully engaging in war someone very close to you. It is likely it is a good friend or colleague and it is also likely it is very last person you ever thought you would have a fight with ever. It may take weeks for this matter to resolve itself; beware of cloak and dagger techniques on the part of your new frenemy to try and win this war.


This conjunction will likely just make you feel mean and irritable and bit like holding a grudge, even for the most minor of infractions. It is probably a good idea not to fight with a spouse or best friend if you can help it.  Take a 24 hour time out if a disagreement between you and someone you care to know for some more years escalates out of control.


For the next couple of days, you probably will not be able to believe how people can take the smallest of matters and make it into a mountainous obstacle to something that you want. However, you have the might power and force of Jupiter behind your endeavors as long as you are sincere about what you want, persistent, and keep your intention to get what you want without doing others harm.


Watch out for backstabbers, misinformation, and gossip as the influence of Mars clashing with Jupiter puts your reputation at work at risk. One way to mitigate the effects of this cosmic battle is to lie very low and not brag about your accomplishments. In fact, do not say anything about yourself at all for the next few days because your enemies are looking for ways to pick a fight with you.


The optimum way you could use this energy is as an athletic competitor. If you excel at sports, you are likely to be at the top of this game. Your sex life is likely to be better than usual at this time as well. However, one thing to watch out for is outbursts of rage over minor things. You will feel more exhilarated than usual when things go well, but also more irritable and upset than you normally would when things don’t go your way.


Maintaining emotional control may be unusually hard for you, as this clashing of Mars and Jupiter has the effect of building up anger you. You will feel like a pressure cooker that must explode to blow off steam and in fact, don’t be surprised if this does happen. There is someone in your life who has been taking advantage of you for a long time and it may very well be time for you to let this person know how badly you feel.


You may feel absolutely consumed by creative fires on this day that will only be put out once you have painted, created or made something. Don’t be surprised if insomnia is also a bit of a problem; your brain might feel scrambled by too many good ideas tumbling around at once.  Some Libra natives will also be enjoying an exciting sex life around this time.


“Breaking up to enjoy the making up” might be your motto around this time as Jupiter and Mars fire themselves up in the passionate sign of Aries. You are likely to experience this heat as the eternal war between lovers; don’t be surprised either if that old law of “opposites attract” suddenly applies to your life as well.  Be very careful around fire and pay extra attention to all safety rules as you are more accident prone than usual.


This is a wonderfully creative and intellectual time for you when your imagination will be at its best. If you are an artist focus on creating a masterwork, you will be feeling very healthy, energetic, and like you are at the top of your game. If you are in politics or in a competition of some kind you can expect to win; your sign will be one of the most sought-after and popular at this time.


It will be difficult for you to reign in your stubborn or argumentative sign. The clash between Mars and Jupiter also brings a war about money into your life. You may feel that it is time to stand up for your territory or rights. You may also decide to aggressively fight for some kind of financial pay-off just for the pleasure of imagining yourself winning. Be careful not to pick on someone weaker than you or you could become very unpopular.


You will feel a driving ambition to meet the highest goals that you have set for yourself, but be careful or you might set yourself up for physical exhaustion. Misunderstandings caused by exhaustion, overwork and a lack of rationality are definitely a danger to your Zodiac sign around this time. No matter how convince you are you are right it is best to pick your battles wisely.


You have a flair for the dramatic around this time, but do not expect a lot of “acting out” to help you get your way. Quiet persuasion at a later date is likely to work better than bullying or confronting someone at this time. You should also beware of a tendency to over-indulge or drink too much.  You may feel a little more irritable or worried then usual. Meditation will make you feel much better and cause you less conflict than attempting to self-medicate.

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