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Bikini Body Fitness Tips for Each Zodiac Sign
Summer Fitness Tips for Each Zodiac Sign Every Spring, millions of women all over the world try to get themselves in shape so they can boast a bikini body by the beach or the pool. They try all sorts of exercises, boot camps and diet tips. Many men try to lose some unsightly pounds to fit into their beach bathing suit. However, did you know that some workouts and lifestyle tips might be more suited to some signs than others simply because different body parts are associated with each?

Here is a look at how you can get that perfect bikini body by considering the body parts that are associated with each sign of the Zodiac.


The head is the part of the body that rules the Ram. When it comes to getting the bikini perfect body it is “all mental” for this sign that responds well to motivational book and CD’s.  Inspiration is what gets this sign moving so they respond well to the hiring of a physical trainer. This fire sign is also very competitive so participating in sports or setting running goals that involve beating a “personal best” help this sign get in shape.


The throat and neck are ruled by the Sign of the Bull. This is where the thyroid is located so making sure that this organ is always in good working order is how the sign of Taurus is going to lose weight. To keep the metabolism healthy and thriving the Bull should makes sure they get enough iodized salt and that they stay away from overwork and stress as both these things hurt the thyroid.


The sign of Gemini rules the hands, arms and lungs. This is a sign that cannot smoke; they immediately suffer compromised bodily function that makes it difficult for them to work out. Long brisk walks give the Gemini lungs a work out and help them burn fat faster. Sports like rowing and exercises such as Yoga help them burn off unwanted calories and keep their lovely arm and back muscles toned.


The sign of the Crab rules the breasts and the stomach. Cancer natives really have to watch what they eat. They are ruled by their emotions and will subconsciously consume much more calories than they really need and sabotage their attempts to achieve weight loss. The best way for a Cancer native to lose weight is to strengthen their core stomach muscles by taking special classes at the gym.


The sign of Leo rules the heart which means that a consistent regimen of aerobic exercise is what is going to keep that body fit and toned. The heart needs running, jogging, swimming and lots of fresh air in order to stay strong. The Leo should also stay away from the fatty, sugary and buttery foods that she loves to prevent fat from accumulating on the belly and the thighs.


This sign rules the nervous system and the intestines. Getting plenty of rest helps the Virgin reduce harmful levels of cortisol that come from being anxious and obsessive – two common personality traits of this sign. The Virgo also benefits from eating a great deal of fiber and regular cleanses to keep the abdomen slim and toxins from building up that can cause flab and weight gain.


The Sign of the Scales rules the lower back and the kidney. Doing exercises that help keep the lower back strong help this sign, that has a tendency to get a pot belly, stay slim. The Libra should also stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and refined foods and sugars that can harm the kidneys. Drinking a lot of water helps this sign stay healthy and lose weight.


Scorpio rules the genitals and the hormonal system. If a Scorpio woman is gaining a lot of weight she needs to check with her doctor to see if birth control, medications or menopause is the call. Sometimes hormone supplementation can help a Scorpio with weight loss.  Dancing and running also help this sexy sign get the pounds off.


This sign rules the liver and the hips. Doing a periodic liver cleanse and eating foods that are good for the liver such as dandelion and watercress can help the Archer’s entire system work more efficiently and thus facilitate efficient weight loss. The Sagittarius should stick to exercise that is gentle on the hips such as Aquafit or swimming and avoid trying to lose weight with exercises that jar the hips like a step class.


This sign is rules the bones and the joints, especially the knees. It is best for the goat to avoid high impact exercises and do Yoga or swim instead. Goats should build their lean muscle mass by working out. They often lack essential minerals, like calcium and need to take supplements to keep their bodies in peak working order. They should also avoid dieting or calorie restriction as it can cause this sign health problems. Instead the Goat should focus on lifting weights and light exercise like cycling.


This sign rules the circulatory system, shins and ankles. One tendency of the Aquarian is to become bloated and gain too much water weight. It is important for the Aquarius to drink healthy amounts of green or white tea to help keep waste moving smoothly through the body. This sign also needs a great deal of aerobic exercise to keep the heart and arteries healthy.  Running, jogging and cycling are good ways for this sign to burn off the calories.


The Sign of the Fishes rules the feet. Taking dance classes to try and burn calories can really help this sign peel off the pound. As Pisces is a water sign disciplines such as swimming and Aquafit can also assist with weight loss. This sign is very emotional and has a natural tendency to overeat when angry or upset. The ideal diet for weight loss for this sign includes plenty of good fats and next to no saturated fats like butter. Supplementing the diet with omega 3 and 6 oils can also help this sign lose weight.

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