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Christmas Forecast For Your Zodiac Sign
Christmas Forecast For Your Zodiac Sign This Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, the Sun is in Capricorn, as it always is during these holidays. Capricorn is a sign that emphasizes home and family matters as well as such basic actions such as cooking for each other and eating a good meal together. It is also a sign that loves to renovate and decorate, so most of us who celebrate the holiday really get in the mood to do our homes up in style for Christmas.

On Christmas Day, Venus also enters Capricorn. This is the love planet and it adds to our desire to nurture and care for each other during these special celebratory days.

The moon is in Pisces for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which is a fitting place for it to be seeming, as it is the sign of the Christian and that these days do celebrate the birth of Christ.

However, there are a couple of influences that happen in the two weeks prior to Christmas that may affect the way certain signs want to celebrate it.  On September 20th, Mars goes retrograde in the sign of Leo, where it slows life down until March. This means that many signs will feel fatigued or tired during the Christmas holidays. It is also quite possible that some may get the flu or feel too tired to really make a big deal out of Christmas.

Pluto in Capricorn is another long term influence that will affect us around Christmas. In essence, this is a celestial confluence that can cause arguments over money or property or bring long time family feuds to light. This is not the time to keep secrets from a loved one, as they will likely be revealed.

Throughout this period, many of us will be enjoying the beneficial feminine blessings brought to us by Ceres. Ceres is an asteroid that was named after a Roman corn goddess and she usually brings good news about children, money, and property.  She also assures that the food and wine that we consume at any holiday gatherings is excellent and that everybody has a full belly and is well cared for.

Boxing Day on December 26th is a different story, as Mercury goes backwards in the sky. This is not the best day in the calendar to go shopping.  It simply will not be worth fighting the chaos and crowds.


Mars going backwards in your fellow fire sign of Leo might have you feeling pretty tired.  You will probably prefer to have a laid back Christmas, although it might be a good idea to get out there and exercise. Influences from both Mars and Jupiter make you a little more prone to weight gain than usual.


You are going to be in the mood to show off your cooking skills, thanks to all of the planets in the domesticated sign of Capricorn. Spending time with pets, children, and close family is going to be a pure joy.  Mars going backwards in Leo could cause weird disagreements amongst family members. 


The moon in Pisces makes you a bit psychic this Christmas and people will be amazed that you bought them the perfect gift. This Christmas, you should sit back and let people tell you their problems even though you may feel overloaded with your own. Pluto in Capricorn makes it difficult for family members to identify with your problems so compromising by being a good listener might be the best way to go.


The moon in your fellow sign of Pisces this Christmas brings a big boost to your spirits and maybe to your pocketbook as well. Expect to receive a lot of invitations to party and many great gifts. The influence of the asteroid Ceres is going to give you a chance to show off your decorating skills. It is a good idea for your sign to throw a big party on Christmas Eve.


Mars moving backwards in your sign is likely to make you feel a little tired or even ill. The moon in the water sign of Pisces might also make you irritable and a little cranky as well. This is one Christmas where it might be a better idea to let other do a little pampering and waiting on you as you might feel a little low key on both Christmas Day and Christmas Eve.


Pluto in Capricorn may have you feeling worried about money and wired up about key personal issues, but you are best to put your concerns to rest for these two days as others could find your fussy attitude to be overwhelming. The moon in Pisces is conspiring to bring you a special visit from a relative that you really want to see on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.


You are mainly affected by Saturn in your sign, which gives you a lot to be thankful for this holiday. Many of you have recently received a promotion or may have news that you could be getting married. The sun in Sagittarius appeals to your tendency to be a social butterfly and it is likely that you will be visiting friends on Christmas Eve.


You may be feeling a little low in energy thanks to the backwards motion of Mars in Leo. You are best to be very low key Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as you are more vulnerable to getting the flu or other illnesses. The asteroid Ceres recommends that you celebrate Christmas Eve with just a few very close members of your family or a couple of loyal old friends who won’t mind that you feel less than upbeat.


There are a lot of planets supporting you, so you have the most get up and go of any sign in the Zodiac. Christmas Eve is an excellent day for you to go out caroling or participate actively in celebrations or sports. The asteroid Ceres supports you holding a big gathering of some kind at your home on during this two day holiday.


The Sun and Venus are in your sign boosting your spirits and making it easier than ever to be a champion chef. Throwing a big gathering at your home for family and friends to enjoy is highly recommended. You will also probably really enjoy the company of pets and children at this time. However, Pluto in your sign warns not to seat family members who do not get along next to each other at your Christmas table as fighting is likely.


The Sun and Venus in the generous sign of Capricorn brings you a bit of a financial boost. However, Mars going backwards in Leo might have you feeling a little bit low energy, so it is recommended that you use this two day holiday to nourish yourself and get a bit of a rest. You are best to have a more intimate Christmas that you celebrate with just a few close friends than go to a big party.


The moon is in your sign, which makes this holiday a little more mystical and magical than usual. Your intuition about family members will be dead on, so being sure to listen to them and counsel them wisely if they come to you with problems. The Sun and Venus in Capricorn bring you a big financial boost so be sure to celebrate with a big feast that includes family and friends of your who are not fortunate enough to spend the holidays with loved ones.

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By Terrie, Friday, December 25, 2009 01:46:05 AM
Happy Holidays I love Syliva she has helped with a lot my problems just through these daily messages. I would love to be able to ask her some questions too. My Mother has a health issue the doctors can not figure out and I am really worried about her. Keep up the good work Sylvia. Terrie Martin
By irma, Wednesday, December 23, 2009 03:00:23 PM
I LOVE SILVIA BROWN PLEASE LEAVE HER ALONE SHE IS AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN ..........IRMA GARCIA i wish and hope i get to talk to her someday in my life if not i just want her to know she is the best and i admire her and love her as a person and angel from heaven Irma garcia 12-23-09 happy holidays to you and your family silvia bay
By christine, Wednesday, December 23, 2009 10:09:53 AM
Derrick, What a beautiful gift! I'll bet it's a reminder that Christ died for us, but he is no longer on that cross suffering. That purpose has been fulfilled. The cross could be His gift to you, to remind you that your sins are forgiven and you can feel at peace. Cherish it with a heart filled with love and gratitude. What a lovely gift during this joyful season. Merry Christmas.
By Deborah, Wednesday, December 23, 2009 07:50:13 AM
Appreciate what you have with little harsh criticism. Life has many mysteries which will unfold in due time. Are the subtle things in life important to you? Then you will appreciate more and more and your awareness level will increase.
By Derrick, Tuesday, December 22, 2009 11:17:35 PM
This crap is getting old all I want to know is who sent me the cross in the sky made of clouds and what does it mean(perfect cut out no flaws). I cannot find anyone who has had the same thing happen except for st Francis. I would say that it was about 50,000 ft tall and 15,000 ft wide and it contained a base at the bottom.
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