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Christmas Ornaments for Your Zodiac Sign
Christmas Ornaments for Your Zodiac Sign Each zodiac sign symbolizes a different animal, quality, or element. In a way, you can decorate your tree so that it suits your particular sign. For instance, the Aries native that is ruled by fiery Mars might be more suited to red glass ornament balls, whereas the Taurus native might be suited to pink ornaments.

Here are some ideas for what types of Christmas ornament best suit each zodiac sign.


The Aries native likes to “bang a gong,” make noise, and let the other signs know that he or she is first. Ornaments that look like drums or an image of the little drummer boy suit this sign as do ones that look like trumpeting angels.

Red is the hall mark color of this sign as well. Strings of red Christmas lights around a fat, tall deep green tree really suit this sign.


The Bull is an earthy sign ruled by Venus, so their trees tend to be tall and natural looking with lots of homemade and artsy crafty type touches such as tied ribbons and bows. Baked cookies, oranges pinned with cloves, and candy canes are ornaments of choice for this sign as well.

As this sign is ruled by Venus, lighter colors suit the tree. Lime greens, light reds, and wooden toy ornaments also suit the Taurus tree. As this sign is very concerned with the family unit, a manger scene beneath the tree also helps.


This delicate ethereal sign loves fake trees, especially ones in odd colors like yellow, blue, or white. A tree made completely out of feathers and embellished with red bows and candy canes would be perfect for this sign.

This sign also likes birds and tiny bird’s nests can be nestled in the tree along with musical or singing hanging ornaments. As Geminis are art lovers, just about any unusual or unique ornament suits their eclectic tastes as well.


Cancers are water signs and a tree with a blue or green theme suits them well, as do glass or mirrored ornaments. Old fashioned glass ornaments decorated with glitter suits their sentimental natures, as do streams of tinsel flowing down the tree.

Tiny blue lights look great glittering within the inner and outer branches of a tree. The moon rules this sign so symbols of the moon and stars can also bring this sign luck, as can decorations that look like guardian angels.


The color of choice for a tree for a Leo is gold. Gold and red velvet suit the tree of the Lion, which can be topped by a huge gold angel or star. Lions also like large gold and glittering ornaments that look like fruit or pine cones.

The larger the tree, the better. Lions prefer the loose, fat shape of pines, so they have plenty of places to put as much tinsel as possible. Leos also like to decorate with small faux Christmas presents wrapped in a shiny foil, as gifts are a symbol of their generosity.


Virgos like designer trees. This sometimes means an artificial tree, as they do not like to pick up needles from carpets. The tree must be also tall and elegant and encircled with glimmering star like lights.

Virgos love solid colors like red, green, or gold and the traditional round glass Christmas ball suits those best. They consider too much tinsel to be gaudy.


Librans are ruled by Venus and have a fondness for the past, so a Victorian Christmas tree is a good idea. This could be a tall blue spruce decorated with vintage balls from the turn of the century as well as many bows and ribbons. Fairies, animals, and mythical characters also make a nice addition to this type of tree. This type of tree is also embellished nicely by a toy train set beneath the boughs.


Scorpios like a tall elegant designer tree that is tastefully decorated traditionally and maybe in just a couple of colors. Scorpios like darker and elegant reds in an almost burgundy and beads strung about the tree. They think too much tinsel is tacky. 

Angels are favorite themes of the Scorpio and an elegant trump blower is suitable for the top of their tree.


This fun sign is likely to have their tree decorated in all kinds of toys, dolls, and musical instruments. Wood is a good choice and so are the usual glass balls. Fun athletic symbols, such as sleighs and skates, also look good on the Sagittarius tree.

As they love to travel, it is nice to have an antique toy train beneath the Archer’s Christmas tree.


The Capricorn is an animal lover and this can be reflected in the sign’s chosen Christmas tree ornaments. Images of lambs, camels, dogs, cats, bears, and other characters from myth and lore look great on this earth sign’s tree.

Capricorns are also very family oriented and love children so decorating with edible wreaths of popcorn or hanging candy canes is unusual colors is also the perfect touch for this sign.


This is a sign that loves the future, so space age and artificial trees suit the Aquarian. It is the Aquarius native who is most likely to have a tree in an unusual color like aqua or bright pink.

The Aquarian also enjoys celestial style ornaments that may be in the shape of the moon, sun, or stars and also ornaments that are modeled after famous television personalities, such as a Charlie Brown’s Christmas.


The Pisces native loves a traditional tree with candy cane, tinsel, pop corn wreaths, and a glowing star of Bethlehem at the top of the branches. Fake snow can add the crowning glory. 

Clear balls and green and blue balls look great on the Pisces tree, as do bundles of glittering green and blue lights.  A homemade Gingerbread house fits the bottom of the tree well.

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By Merle, Saturday, December 15, 2012 06:13:45 PM
So very wrong for Libra. No way for October the 8th
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