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Cool Summer Drinks For Each Zodiac Sign
Cool Summer Drinks For Your Zodiac Sign Having a summer cookout or party this weekend? Here are some ideas for long tall cool drinks to suit each sign. These drinks are based on the fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices that are traditionally associated with each.


A tall freshly squeezed glass of grapefruit juice with ground ice and a sprig of mint makes a refreshing summer beverage for this sign. To make it into a cocktail, add a splash of vodka (this officially turns the drink into a Greyhound).

For a healthy cool juice, the Aries native might try masticating watermelons in a juicer, rinds and all, to get the potassium and electrolytes that they need to support their active lifestyles.


Strawberry juice suits this sign that loves the combination of tart and sweet.  Grind up strawberries and bananas together with ice to make a healthy smoothie or serve the Bull a strawberry daiquiri to loosen him or her up for a romantic evening.

Taurus natives also love spicy tomato based drinks, both the virgin and non-alcoholic kinds, garnished with dill, parsley, and chili peppers.


The adventurous Gemini loves all exotic foods, but especially juice made from pomegranates. Add vodka to make a luscious pomegranate martini.

Gemini natives also love the taste of vanilla, so a vanilla mistake made with mint, cloves, and cardamom cools them off on hot summer day. Add some rum or vanilla vodka to make a wonderful chilled cocktail.


Grape juice greatly pleases the crab. This means you can’t go wrong serving this sign a big frosty jug of Sangria (as wine is made with grapes). Make sure that there are plenty of lemon slices and citrus juices in the punch as well.

Coconuts are also a favorite flavor of this sign. One of the most refreshing new juices on the market is called “coconut water.” As an added plus, it is full of minerals and nutrients that can help cure a hangover.


This sign loves the sunny flavor of pineapple juice. Serve  them a tall glass on ice decorated with a sprig of tarragon (which takes a bit of the edge off the sweetness of the fruit). Add some rum or vodka to turn it into an instant Tiki cocktail.

Lions also love all citrus fruits but especially oranges and mandarins. A tall frosty glass of orange juice served on crushed ice is the perfect summer treat for both older and younger Lions alike.


Virgos love apricot juice. Serve this beverage up mixed with a bit of ginsing tea in a tall glass on the rocks. Decorate it with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Virgos are also fans of vegetable based cocktails, but especially those made with cauliflower, tomato, and celery. Stay away from strong spices that can upset this nervous sign’s stomach. You can add gin or vodka to these tomato based drinks to make a more adult cocktail.


Libra’s love any juice made from berries, especially cherries, blueberries, and raspberries. A tall glass of any of these juices poured over the rocks is appropriate.  Adult Librans also love cherry or raspberry liqueur. You can add these liquors to vodka or gin to make this sign a sexy martini. Make it even more sophisticated by adding a large preserved sour cherry as a garnish.

Peaches are another favorite fruit of this sexy sign. Make a peach daiquiri by adding ice and rum to a peach puree. This concoction will help get the Libra you love in the mood.


Carrot juice is a favorite healthy beverage of this sign which enjoys the way it helps give a boost to their libido. Throw a bit of horseradish into the juicer hopper to make the drink more interesting and then add a black pepper and a bit of curry and cumin.

Otherwise, there is nothing that pleases a Scorpio more on a hot summer day than a tall glass of designer beer or draft. Younger Scorpios love the vitamins and minerals in watermelon juice.


Mango juice is a favorite of this sing which love exotic tropical fruits.  Make an adult Sagittarius a special Bellini cocktail by adding a splash of mango juice to a glass of champagne.

Sagittarians also love mint tea and especially a tall glass of mint ice tea in a tall glass over ice that is garnished with a rim of vanilla icing sugar. Throw in a handful of blueberries to make it more tasty and visually appealing.


The ideal health drink for this practical sign is a mixture of beet, cabbage, and sweet pepper juices that is spiced up with a dash of garlic powder and pepper. Add a slice of  lemon for the garnish.

A daiquiri made from watermelons is sure to please. Young goats would enjoy a “milkshake” made out of frozen cantaloupe cubes and put in a blender and garnished with a touch of vanilla. This is an extraordinarily healthy shake full of vitamins and minerals that support the Goat’s busy brain.


This health oriented sign loves pumpkins. You can easily make a healthy pumpkin shake by freezing pumpkin puree and then churning it up in a blender with a splash of skim milk, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Aquarians are also very fond of melons. Add a dash of melon flavored liquor to sparkling water for a long, tall cool cocktail.  Add interest by garnishing it with mint or floating real green melon balls in the glass.


The Pisces native loves mangos and tropical fruits of all kinds. Whip up a papaya, cantaloupe, or mango in a blender to make a healthy smoothy for this sign. Add yogurt for additional, creamy health-giving benefits.

The Pisces also loves vermouths, but especially a splash of Cinzano on the rocks. This alcohol is made from artichokes, which is a vegetable that belongs to the sign of the Fish. Add lemon or a sprig of tarragon to the drink to add both visual and flavor interest to the drink.

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