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Easter Holiday Forecast for Your Zodiac Sign
Easter Forecast for your Zodiac Sign Easter Sunday is April 12, 2009 this year. Here is what the planets have to say about the type of holiday each Zodiac sign can expect this year.


The Sun is in your sign, which brings you great happiness in general. This Easter Pluto may bring you a visit from a dear childhood friend. On Easter Sunday, the asteroid Ceres turns direct bringing you good news about your family. It could be that a younger relative announces that a child is about to be brought into the world or you could hear plans about an upcoming wedding.


Thanks to Saturn in Virgo, some of you may be not be spending Easter with you usual loved ones. It could be you are going through a divorce or be separated by business. Pluto may bring you a new relationship from your past. Ceres, a fertility asteroid, is going to bring you very happy news regarding an older family member who may have been out of sorts or in bad health lately.


The Sun in Aries brings a joyful and light hearted Easter weekend. Mercury finally brings you the relationship security you need and many of you will be spending Easter in the arms of a new love. Attached Geminiís will have a relationship that grows stronger. Ceres, a very prosperous asteroid, may bring you a new appliance or great big kitchen table. Venus gives you and a loved one the chance to pause, rest, and reflect on your relationship together.


The planet Uranus says your intuition is right on when it comes to detecting a secret. This weekend is not the holiday to confront anyone about a suspicion, as Pluto is not favourable to your sign. Ceres, the fertility goddess asteroid, is going to bring you great news about money. Sunday is a wonderful day for gardening and planting. It is best not to bring up relationship issues on Monday as Venus is making people extra sensitive.


The Sun in Aries brings you health, wealth, and a sense of well being. You will be ecstatic to be with your family and pets you may be invited to several events with good friends. Couples will find their passion to be stronger than ever. Sunday, the asteroid Ceres blesses your family with health and good cheer and you can expect to take a day trip on Monday. However, watch out for a backwards moving Venus on Monday, as it could make an older female relative very cranky.


Saturn is not friendly to your sign this Easter and you may find yourself spending and many of you will be saying goodbye forever to relationships that are not working for you anymore. You are likely to meet someone more spiritual or New Age. However, the planet Ceres brings you good news about a pet. You can expect many older females to be keeping you company this Easter and you can benefit from their wisdom. Venus may make close family members quite upset with each other by Monday, so be ready for emotional fireworks.


The Sun in Aries will bring you an Easter surrounded by children and pets. Watch out for sibling rivalry. You could find yourself the mediator of a family disagreement. It is very important for you not to take sides. Pluto your ruler makes money a bit rough so you may be economizing. You hear good news about a female relative that you may have been a bit worried about by Monday. However, a backwards moving Venus could cause family strife and upsets on Monday.


Saturn may bring a guest to dinner or an invitation to dinner from your workplace. By Easter Sunday, you may have also heard of a new addition to your family. Pluto in Scorpio could cause a few scraps between relatives at the dinner table. It is best not to get involved in any serious fights, as Pluto also would make you the loser or the one who might end up blamed for everything that goes wrong. By Monday, things might not be going so well between you and a lover or spouse. Be patient. Your suspicions may not be founded.


Pluto in your sign could make this Easter a little bit difficult. Sunday might be especially challenging as relatives start scrapping with each other. If you are blamed for something you did not do, it might be par for the course. The asteroid Ceres is going to bring you many guests over the weekend. It may be a challenge to make it clear that you are not there to pick up after everyone so be sure to set some house rules. Monday Venus could bring a difference of opinion to a head if you are not diplomatic about a recurring issue.


Jupiter is moving your sign could cause problems to do with money or commitment in a major relationship. It might be hard for you to get everyone together under the same roof. However, the planet Mercury will bring you many opportunities to meet someone new. The asteroid Ceres will bring harmonious relationships between female lovers. Venus moves backwards into the sign of Pisces on Monday and you should fight off feelings of being hard done by and be proud of a job well done.


With Mercury and Uranus in your sign, you will find this holiday weekend rife with opportunities to progress in life and also just feel better about life in general. You will feel blessed. The asteroid Ceres will find you being paid back some money that was owed you. Monday, Venus may bring a temper tantrum from a child that feels ignored on Sunday or Monday.

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By kathryn, Sunday, April 12, 2009 11:35:58 PM
Libra is missing .....and not the first time, what's up with that. Who writes these?
By Patricia, Sunday, April 12, 2009 07:06:58 PM
happy Easter to all u librians!!!!!!! We do count lol
By sherrilynn, Sunday, April 12, 2009 06:40:12 PM
hey you knuckle-heads,your libra sign was sent via e-mail and that is why they didnot print it twice. what ever sign you are registered as is sent in the e-mail and does not repeat.duhh!!!!!!
By barbara, Sunday, April 12, 2009 05:35:28 PM
Where is Libra....this is a bad sign...we all better watch out
By JENNIFER, Sunday, April 12, 2009 04:56:42 PM
Omg libra is missinggggggg. I was looking forward to reading this. Idiots!
By Judy, Sunday, April 12, 2009 03:57:07 PM
Why do you always leave Libra out We count to or do we? Judy Sparks 04-12-2009
By Georgia, Sunday, April 12, 2009 01:12:01 PM
I'm sure Sylvia Browne has nothing to do with this mistake after all she is a Libra. Get it right people!It's not rocket science. Happy Easter to all of us Libra's.
By linda, Sunday, April 12, 2009 11:49:56 AM
what about librians
By marie, Sunday, April 12, 2009 11:48:37 AM
This is the 3rd article that Libra has been missing! What gives? lol
By Wanna Lee, Sunday, April 12, 2009 11:08:48 AM
Thank goodness somebody else said Libra is missing too. I thought for a minute I was seeing things...

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