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Employment Forecasts For Your Zodiac Sign
Employment Forecasts For Your Zodiac Sign The good news is that many of the signs in the zodiac will stay employed throughout this recession. However, if you’re looking for work, the jobs that are available may pay lower or you may find yourself working longer, unpaid hours just to make ends meet.

There are other subtle factors that will be affecting each sign’s ability to hold down a job this year. Here is a look at how your zodiac sign may fare when it comes to holding your job or making progress with your career.


The lunar eclipse in your fellow sign of Leo on February 9th is likely to affect you most severely when it comes to your employment. You may feel that your bosses or coworkers are less enthusiastic than usual or that people are acting irrationally. You could lose your job around this time and, if it does happen, you must realize that in the long term it is probably all for the best.


You are probably most vulnerable during the long Mercury retrograde that happens in September in your fellow earth sign of Virgo. During this period, you may be dealing with feelings of uselessness or being unappreciated at work. Projects may be stalled or you may even be laid off. The best way of getting through this period is to lie low.


The period that is most gloomy for you in terms of employment is from May 6th to May 30th, when there is a Mercury retrograde period in your sign. During this time, you may find that people are less receptive to your ideas. You could find the past coming back to haunt you or have difficulty getting paid or getting credit for hard work. The best way to fight any fallout from this eclipse is to keep records of everything that you do.


Your sign will be hit quite hard by two eclipses this year. The total eclipse of the Sun in Cancer on July 21st may trigger the kind of downsizing or job loss that makes it difficult for you to keep your house, due to being underemployed. Then, a second eclipse in the last week of the year may bring these issues up again. It could be that by 2010, you might be starting a whole new career with a whole new company or even branching out as a freelancer.


You fare better than most signs this year when it comes to job security, but you may experience difficulties getting ahead. Your first indication that progress this year might be difficult arrives during the solar eclipse in Aquarius, which takes place on the 26th of January. You will also be stalled professionally until October, as until then Jupiter moving backwards through the sky makes new opportunities for employment scarce for everyone.


Virgos will do well at holding their own through most of the year, but the long Mercury retrograde that lasts all of September is definitely going to cause problems at work. The Jupiter retrograde also affects you, but in a way that may find you doing twice the work for less money, as more people are laid off and you have to take on your missing fellow employee’s duties.


The period that is most grim for you in terms of employment is from May 6th to May 30th when there is a Mercury retrograde period in your fellow air sign of Gemini. During this time, you may find that people are less open to your ideas. The best way to fight any fallout from this eclipse is to pay attention to detail, keep records and be flawlessly neat.


You are probably most at risk for unemployment during the long Mercury retrograde that happens in September in your fellow earth sign of Virgo. During this period, you may be dealing with feelings of inadequacy or being overwhelmed with too many projects or unpaid overtime at work. Projects may be stalled or you may even be laid off. The best way of getting through this period is to suffer in silence. Anything you say might be taken the wrong way.


Of all the signs, you may find it the hardest to get ahead. Jupiter is retrograde in your sign, which means that organizations will be less than sympathetic to your ideas than usual. You may even feel unpopular on the job or like you are not wanted. The truth is that you could find yourself laid off this year. If you are freelance or an outsourcer, you may find it harder to make ends meet.


Your riskiest period is the two weeks before and after a major eclipse of the moon that takes place on July 7th. During this time, you could be accused of some kind of corruption or trickery. Job loss could be a consequence. Your best course of action for keeping your job throughout the entire year is to lie very low and be very honest in all of your workplace interactions.


A solar eclipse in January could bring up employment issues, so it is important to be prepared for anything. You could be out of a job or starting again as early as January. You may find yourself working temporarily at occupations that do not quite suit your aims right up until October, as a second lunar eclipse in your sign causes challenges with employment as well. Unfortunately, you will be feeling these influences all year long.


You are a water sign so you will be hit hard by the two eclipses in your fellow water sign of Cancer this year. The first one on July 12st may bring news of layoffs or cuts in pay at your company. If you are freelancer, you may be stood up for payment or find yourself working twice as hard to make ends meet.  These issues are probably not going to go away. A second lunar eclipse in the last week of December brings these same issues up again and you may feel like history is repeating itself as you possibly look for a second job.

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By Jodii, Thursday, March 26, 2009 10:02:20 PM
I never should have looked.....
By Keesha, Thursday, March 26, 2009 02:26:30 AM
i guess the report was true for Cancer sign. I did lose my job in March 20th for no fault of my own. wow what should i do now. I have 2 kids to take care of and i am a single parent?
By susan, Monday, February 16, 2009 02:19:54 AM
oh this dont sound good. so much for the online bussiness i was looking at. now it sounds like a scam. ill get ripped off. idk. what do i do? love suzie
By Darlene, Friday, January 30, 2009 09:57:57 PM
Yikes! We're already having a difficult time! I agree...give us some light at the end of the tunnel!
By Deborah, Friday, January 30, 2009 01:08:46 PM
These forecasts only burden people. Action items that will help carry each of us through this time should have been included! That's what we really need: Support & guidance. Not just gloom & doom.
By Dianne, Friday, January 30, 2009 07:47:18 AM to see how these mostly negative reports are helping anyone. By the way, how is Scorpio's "fellow earth sign Virgo"? Scorpio is a water sign!
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