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Favorite Desserts for Each Zodiac Sign!
National Dessert Month - October 2011 October is National Dessert Month in the good old U.S.A. and, to celebrate, this article is devoted to assigning a special gourmet concoction to each Zodiac sign. 


The sign of Aries is expedient and always conscious about not gaining weight, so a nice healthy bread style dessert made with wholesome ingredients is in order. Aries is also a sign that likes a bit of spice to life so ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg come to mind. They are also light on their feet and do not like to eat at one sitting so their desserts also must be somewhat light-weight in taste and texture. However, they also love sweet things, as long as they are light and airy. Therefore, the National Dessert of the month for the sign of Aries has to be a soft warm gingerbread cake made with cinnamon cloves and ginger adorned with clumps of hand-whipped cream.


The Taurus native is earthy and loves home-made rustic desserts that are slathered in a rich sauce that this sign can savor for a few moments. They also love dairy products, especially cheese. This is why a luscious Dutch apple pie drowning in a rich caramel sauce and made with a crust of sharp cheddar cheese is the perfect National Dessert of the Month Dish for Taurus. This gourmet-minded sign might also consider downing this with a rare ice-wine and an espresso for the perfect after-dinner experience.


This light and airy personality loves a barely there dessert that is not too sweet and that lifts the spirits just because it looks so gorgeous. The National Dessert of the Month for the sign of Gemini should be a Blackberry Fool Angel Cake made with layers of blackberries and bananas and whipped cream. This should be enjoyed with a cup of Gunpowder green tea sweetened with honey and garnished with a touch of mint.


Chocolate is this sign’s comfort and joy. The sign of the Crab loves heavy rich and very sweet desserts. A creamy whipped chocolate dessert called Chocolate Dream is nominated to be the National Dessert Month. This sinful dessert is made from two dozen ladyfingers that are soaked in chocolate liquor and then topped by a creamy mix made from three kinds of chocolate, cream cheese, eggs, and whipping cream. The rich pudding like dessert is then topped with more whipped cream, chocolate curls, and bright pink maraschino cherries.


The Lion loves a big bright sunny dessert that is a bit tart and that is also not going to provoke this sign’s tendency to gain a lot of weight. The answer to this sign’s craving for something big and yellow is Lemon Meringue pie made with fresh lemons, grated lemon pill, egg yolks, and butter topped with a big heap of foamy meringue. The crust should be a light and flaky pastry, also made from scratch. This delicious treat should be served with a tall cold glass of milk or a glass of ice wine to bring out the tartness of the pie even more.


The Virgin is a health conscious, weight conscious sign that does not like to eat dessert month. This is why the National Dessert for the Virgin in 2011 is going to be a Silky Health Concious Vanilla Smoothie Milkshake made with organic vanilla, clumps of Greek yogurt, lots of ice, a sprig of mint, and a bit of rice or soy milk. This is all whipped up in a blender and decorated with a sprinkle of cinnamon and shavings of very thin organic chocolate. This will keep the Virgo thin, trim, and healthy.


The Libra native is ruled by Venus so the desserts that he or she loves best are pink, fluffy and made of strawberry. This is a chilled dessert made with gelatin hulled strawberries, whipped cream, egg whites, lemon juice, sugar, and yogurt. All of these ingredients are poured into a mold (ideally a heart shape for this sign that loves the idea of love) and then garnished with more strawberries and generous drools of kirsch or crème de cassis. This dessert goes well with a glass of cold sparkling wine with a strawberry dropped in it.


The sign of Scorpio is associated with lust and the devil, so the National Dessert Month choice is Red Velvet Devil’s Food Cake. This is a red chocolate cake made with coca, raw beet juice (to give it the red color without having to use food coloring), and cake flour. The inner seven layers are filled with a rich buttercream chocolate frosting studded with dark red cherries and the entire cake is frosted with a rich and velvety cream cheese frosting and decorated with pickled giant Queen Anne Cherries and Pecans. This should be enjoyed with a shot of very black espresso.


The Sagittarian loves desserts made with exotic fruits that remind them of far off lands. However, they are also light eaters who do not like desserts that are too rich or too sweet. Mango Cream pie is the National Dessert for 2011 for this sign that likes to keep things simple. The pie crust is a simple crust made out of crushed chocolate wafers and butter and baked for ten minutes in the oven until a bit toasty. The pie filling is made from one can sweetened condensed milk, two raw mangos blended, and lime juice. Everything is blended together and chilled in the fridge. No topping is served with this simple dessert and it goes well with a shot of rum.


The sign of the Goat is a domestic sign that likes comfort food that has a bit of an organic twist. The National Dessert Month choice for Capricorn is Baked Rice pudding made from organic brown rice, whole wheat pastry flour, vanilla Rice Dream, cinnamon, maple syrup, vanilla extract, raisins, dates, and almonds. This rice pudding is blended and cooked up in a pot and then poured into baking dish where it is baked until it is hard and loamy. It is then served up with organic cream or a puff of whipped cream for a tasty and healthy dessert treat.


This psychedelic sign loves things that are light, unusual, and also futuristic looking. The sweet and unusual oddity known as Jell-O Ice Cream is the National Dessert 2011 for this sign, which will find the ribbons of different colors of gelatin swirled through the vanilla ice cream to be fun and attractive. A Bundt pan is greased with Miracle Whip and then layers of quick gelled Jell-O in different colors made with melted ice cream instead of ice are refrozen for thirty minutes and then unmolded in the freezer.


The Pisces is the eternal optimist of the Zodiac who loves a luxurious yet healthy dessert. Wild Blueberries Au Cointreau is the National Dessert Month choice for the fish. Vanilla pudding fills an ornate crystal glass followed by blueberries, a tablespoon of cointreau, a layering of crushed graham cracker crumbs and a generous topping of whipped crème. A high quality mint tea, like the one made by Mighty leaf, should accompany this smooth and mellow treat, which only takes a few minutes to make.

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