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Favorite Types of Chocolate for Each Zodiac Sign
Best Valentine's Day Cholocate for Your Zodiac Sign Valentine’s Day is coming up and now it is time to think about what type of chocolate would best suit your loved one as a special gift. After all, chocolate is an ancient aphrodisiac and the discovery of the ancient Mayans who ate it raw and heated as a drink.

One way of looking at this pleasurable challenge is to look at your lover’s Zodiac sign to find out what type of chocolate would suit him or her best.


The Ram is a sign on the go, so they are going to really appreciate any kind of chocolate candy that is convenient. Keep your gift of chocolate and unpretentious and simply give him or her a selection of candy bars. Chocolate covered cherries are very sexy, but what this ambitious and determined sign really likes is the crunch of Kit Kat or Coffee Crisp Bar. A handful of Hershey’s kisses in different flavors would really please a ram.


This staid sign really enjoys a nice thick slab of chocolate cake. The darker and moister cake is the better, as the Bull really needs their calories. The icing should also be thick, rich, and made out of plenty of butter. This sensuous sign enjoys eating their chocolate cake with a big dollop of ice cream or whipped cream. Chocolate puddings and big glasses of chocolate milk served with shortbread also appeal to this sign. Many Bulls also like to put their chocolate in the freezer so they can suck on it while they eat it.


Light and airy Geminis like light and airy desserts like chocolate mousse or chocolate pies slathered in whipped cream.  This sign is also on the run and enjoys gourmet fudge popsicles. If you want to really impress a Gemini, get them a case of dark chocolate covered Haagen Daaz fudgesicles. Geminis also adore mint so any chocolate mint candy bar.


The Crab is very fussy and sophisticated when it comes to chocolate. They like Godiva chocolates shaped like seashells as after all they are a water sign. They are also fond of ganache, truffles, and croissants with chocolate drizzled inside. These sexual creatures are not afraid to experiment with chocolate flavored body sauce or bathe themselves in chocolate shampoos and soaps.


The Lion loves cooling down with a big dish of chocolate ice cream and if it is adorned with chocolate cookies or whipped cream that is even better. The purist in the Leo also loves to down a number of chocolate chip cookies in a row with a big cold glass of milk. Leos are prone to gaining weight and you can help them stay on a diet by giving him or her a chocolate scented candle or a cocoa flavored novelty perfume.


White chocolate is preferred by the Virgin who of course is into purity. They love a white chocolate ganache or a white chocolate cheesecake served with crumbs. This sign is also very fond of chocolate Oreo cookies and McDonald’s slushies made with crushed up Oreos. Virgins are concerned about their fitness, but love the smell of chocolate in which case you could always get them a chocolate scented perfume. A Virgo also enjoys a dish of silky chocolate flavored tofu.


This sensual sign loves luscious chunks of German chocolate cake and German Black Forest Cake slathered in whipped cream and cherries. This sign also likes specialty candy bars that combine raspberry or lemon peels with dark chocolate. Chocolate root beer floats are also a favorite of this sign which just loves fun. They are also fans of chocolate brownies and love to accompany this indulgence with a big glass of milk.


If it is alcohol, then the Scorpion prefers that it be chocolate flavored. They love drinks like Black Russians (vodka and Kahlua) and Bailey’s Irish Cream. They also love coffees that are spiked with chocolate liquors or flavoring. This sexy sign also appreciates the gift of chocolate body paint to enjoy in the bedroom. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day by giving your Scorpio a Chocolate Fool made with sponge cake strawberries and chocolate syrup.


This adventurous sign enjoys chocolates with exotic flavors. Think chocolate with ginger, chocolate with black pepper, or chocolate spiked with lavender petals. The Archer also likes to eat cream puffs drizzled with a quality chocolate syrup. The Archer also loves exotic ganaches and gelatos made with cocoa and ice that are not too sweet and have a bit of a bite to them.


This simple sign loves a good chocolate donut. Crullers or Danish glazed with chocolate greatly please this sign. If you want to seduce a Goat, bring over a pecan pie that is drizzled with chocolate or a banana cake that is filled with chocolate chips and smeared with icing. They also love to drink chocolate milkshakes made with real syrup and eat traditional banana splits. This sign also loves truffles which symbolize wealth and prosperity.


This futuristic sign loves white chocolate and especially cookies made with white chocolate chips and Macademia nuts. They are also fans of light and fluffy chocolate éclairs and have been known to eat strange chocolate concoctions, such as sandwiches made with butter, chocolate sprinkles, and white bread. This innovative sign also likes to put chocolate in the chili that they make so any type of exotic chocolate sauce is a great gift.


Fishes love to snack on things, so having lots of chocolate candies around is a good idea. They love the traditional treasure box of chocolates where there is a map on the lid of the box and a surprise in every center. Most Pisces love peanut butter and enjoy Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. They also enjoy chocolate covered raisins, peanuts, and coffee beans. They also love drinking a hot of cup cocoa before they go to bed or snacking on a crispy chocolate biscotti with their coffee in the morning.

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By Darlene, Wednesday, February 12, 2014 12:13:29 AM
Wow! Wrong for this Virgo on all counts! NO White Chocolate - All about the Dark for me! McDonald's oreo slushies?? ugh. Also, please skip the chocolate perfume and chocolate tofu.
By Vanessa, Sunday, February 12, 2012 10:23:22 AM
I'm a gemini and don't like dark chocolate or mint period. Guess it's not right for everyone...chocolate mousse is the only thing that was right
By Sheryl, Friday, January 22, 2010 01:14:53 AM
I'm a Pisces and a chocoholic..I love 'em all......EXCEPT Hershey's (doesn't taste like real chocolate to me) and Cadburry. Chocolate is what runs in my veins instead of blood!
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