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Financial Habits For Your Zodiac Sign
Zodiac Financial Habits In 2008, an organization in the United Kingdom called the Association for Payment Clearing Services did a study to see if people born under one astrological sign in the Zodiac actually handled money better than other people born under other signs. The study turned up some interesting results that fit in with how traditional astrology has always described the financial habits of the different signs.

For example, the study found out that Taurus natives tended to be the most cautious with money, which is not surprising at all as one of the main personality traits of Taurus is conservatism. The result of the study was a brief guide as to how the different signs of the Zodiac handle money. Here is a brief summation of what they found out.


This sign is reliable and consistent with monthly payments, but more inclined to make an impulse purchase that wipes out any room on their credit card.


This sign was found to be the most responsible when it came to making on time payments and keeping meticulous financial records.


This was one of the most financially irresponsible signs and the least organized when it came to filing paper work. They are also most likely to pay their bills late.


The study found that Cancer natives prefer to pay by check and they like to pay in installments more than other signs.


This was the sign that the study found lost their PIN number more often than any other sign.


These organized individuals like to do their banking online and always seem to reach their financial goals.


These folks were guilty of never opening their bills and paying them as late as possible.


The study found that they used the debit card more often than any other sign. They also are most likely to order up a personalized or customized credit card.


It was revealed that this sign was quite responsible when it came to paying their bills on time and that most of them tried to keep their credit in good shape.


This is the sign that likes to invest and save money but it is also the sign that is most likely to get in debt using a credit card.


The study found that Aquarians use their credit cards more often than others but that they can be sloppy record keepers.


This is a financially responsible sign that pays its bills on time and that tend to be in complete control of their credit.

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By theresa, Tuesday, May 14, 2013 04:23:01 PM
no but be luckey your not a Gemini people like posting us as the most lazy and evil sign cause we got to be the sign that has two human twins not the two twin fish sign I know a lot of virgos who r lazy and r not organized with paperwork either
By theresa, Tuesday, May 14, 2013 04:18:32 PM
I got a lot of bills and they r paid first I never have time to buy what I need unless I go to the dollar store and get what I need like soap or shampoo ,my mother in law also is a Gemini and she never splurches unless we save a little change we constantlyfind on the streets so yeah we r tired of the bad rep we constantly get for no reason about being irresponsible when we r not and we try our best to fill out paperwork when ever we get we very hard working towards our family and friends
By theresa, Tuesday, May 14, 2013 04:09:49 PM
I know more geminis r very self conscious and I know I pay my bills on time and don't like them being late and I knew twenty other geminis the same thing so quit insulting us we r not lazy your mixing us up with the damn aquarious and virgos my ex-husband was a virgo he expected everyone else to pay his bills and he then ended up living with momma and my new husband is guess what an aquarious like my sister and they never like paying bills at all and pay constantly late if somepne don't remind them to pay their damn bills obiviously you got your signs wrong
By theresa, Monday, April 25, 2011 01:01:57 PM
true what the other gemini said we r jean fitting kinda people yes I would die for nature first but also my family and close friends who would do the same for me which I only got a few who understands me cause i am not a big crowd kinda person and why is it geminis get bashed my oldest daughter she is a taurus she is greedy selfish and steals money if it ain't hers she will do anything to get it we try breaking the hurtful habbit but she got her friends infleuncing her my daughter don't care my youngest kid is pieces she loves to make plans and helps the family with her little bit of savings but she will not take money outta her birthday money unless she knows she gets it back any money she gets she saves while my other blows away money and friendships as well so yeah pieces r good people but theres two pieces i know that r ruthless and meaner then ever my sister in law is one of them and so is my aunt they won't let you talk about money or any business with them unless you give the money the next day
By theresa, Monday, April 25, 2011 12:52:28 PM
amen to you gemini I am one too bless your heart I am actaully color blind to pink and anything near to pink red is more of my favorite colors like the rest but anything way too bright or really close to pink gives me headaches found out why I am color blind to only pink or something annoys my mind into headaches like stripes or pink lol polka dots does it too ty all geminis stand up for thier rights go human twins ha ha we don't like it when people get us wrong .
By theresa, Monday, April 25, 2011 12:49:07 PM
my exhusband was a virgo he was irresponsible with everything and he critizes everyone and never cared for his family and still lives with mommey and daddy pays nothing either I live with my guy i been with over 8 yrs and this gemini pays bills on time all the time .certain aquarious and virgoes don't both signs i dated and both were irrosponsible with money also to different choices what they eat and one is finicky on everything then the other which is the virgo
By theresa, Monday, April 25, 2011 12:43:55 PM
I am gemini i hate paying my bills late and only irresponsible thing I do is be too kind to the heart and would give money to those who need it .my guy is the most irresponsible with his money he is an aquarious who does not care about nothing ,he was born 01/31/1972 .I came from a very very poor family .I work hard for my money I wait till my money is put onthe bills and my kids r fed but if I have a little extra which i don't I get to splurch on my family not just my needs thats offensive to say we r irresponsible my mother inlaw is a gemini too and she is very responsible with her money too .but our flaw is we cannot say no to people without feeling guilty when con artists hurt us or people hurt us in alot of ways when it comes to money we rather starve first then c someone else do or other needs they have we just too soft hearted to animals and humans no matter how much we want to hate we cannot
By Bernette, Friday, March 13, 2009 04:26:02 PM
Hi, I'm a female Scorpio. I'm married to a male Virgo. You would be surprised that each sign has 3-4 types of personality to each sign. Like Virgos, as you know they are great organizers and somewhat critical of others. I had met other Virgos and some are somewhat different than the Virgo I'm married to. Even the Female is different but similar. I think if your born in early part of the month you are somewhat different than the one born in the middle and last of the month. I think that goes with every sign. I have a well organized Virgo husband, he is more critical on himself than he is on others. Being a female Scorpio for me I'm different from the male Scorpio. Yea I know I can sting but mostly just stinging back, I don't take much from people, I know some of the others of the zodiac do and they will sit there and take it and take it and you know who you are, but the scorpio's won't. Look, Every sign has positive things and negative things about them. You just got find what works with you and stay away from those who don't! Bernette from Florida
By Verna, Tuesday, February 24, 2009 09:02:04 AM
I've always thought that Virgo was the most meticulous and organised sign of the Zodiac. However, it is nice to know that other signs are just as responsible. Why are some people so peeved over the negative financial traits mentioned for their sign? There are millions of people in the same sign. Do you think that all of them would be the SAME!? Come on 'Gemini of the first comment',do not be so thin-skinned. Even though I am a Virgoan and I know that I am quite organised where money is concerned, I also know that at times I do go on a little splurge. These analyses are for the average member of each sign. Do not take everything in life so sreiously! VRH
By theresa, Tuesday, February 24, 2009 05:59:27 AM
quit bashing us geminis you donot know us at all our favorite colors r blue ,grey ,and black also anything green or anything not pink some geminis like pink alittle bit but not me .I am not a compulisive buyer and every other gemini is a conservative buyer we donot like buying all time unless we buy for someone else and If a person spoils us we spoil them .we like our jeans and t shirt fine we donot like any fancy clothing unless we r forced too we r done to nature totally and cancer r the compulsive besides aqarious ,virgo ,taurus ,aquarious ,I have paid my bills on the first of the month ,and maske sure every body else comes first we r kind and shy very timid towards the world we donot like it and it's changes we love nature and would fight for her only we deal with humans only when we have to and that's whern we r forced to other then that no we donot like the weather too hot or too cold it gets us legally sick and shifts us into a bad mood tempature must be right or we donot like bieng out I am always on a schedule but I donot like clocks running my life and we also donot like politics either we r very shy and well oiled and reserved sorta like an antique we do love to have anything that is not so new it is used and recycle alot yes but us geminis r not what u say we r we r very very different and I donot think we r compulsive we r sometimes like little kis we get to only have fun a little bit when parties come up or the holidays all right so quit bashing the gemini what did we do to you ??

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