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Healing Gemstones For Your Zodiac Sign
Healing Gemstones for Your Zodiac Sign Almost all of the healing gemstones work for every zodiac sign, but some gemstones are definitely more powerful because they have a vibrational resonance with a particular zodiac sign. For instance, a chunk of rose quartz can help heal relationship problems for all of the signs, but it an especially powerful stone for a Taurus or Libra. These two Zodiac signs are ruled by the planet Venus and so is the stone rose quartz.

Hereís a look at which healing gemstones are best for your zodiac sign.


The diamond is an Aries birthstone, but it can also help keep this sign psychologically in balance, organized and feel less troubled in general.  The fiery ruby helps the Ram dispel any feelings of discouragement or fatigue. Carrying a piece of amber is very calming and healing and helps the Ram to be more confident and less nervous. A clear piece of quartz also helps this sign balance his or her personal energy field and restore harmony and intuition.


The Taurus is a people pleaser who benefits from carrying a yellow topaz.  A topaz can protect them from picking up on the problems of other people and carrying them around all day. However the ultimate stone for a Taurus to carry is rose quartz, which is ruled by Venus and helps soften out the brusque way in which the Bull often communicates. The stone also promotes love within the family.


The Sapphire helps the Gemini be inspired by greater things as its blueness is reminiscent of the vastness of the sky. Carrying a citrine or emerald can help the Gemini be more organized with money and help cure negative self talk. A pink ruby helps ground the Gemini and inspires them to be more creative.


A Cancer often feels left out of the loop and carrying a diamond can help them find the self esteem they need to feel psychological healthy. A Cancer is very sensitive and carrying a yellow topaz can prevent them from absorbing vibes from negative people.  An emerald stone also can help this sign get over wounds of the heart such as unrequited love or abandonment. A ruby can help the Crab get rid of feelings of self pity.


To curb the tendency to be a drama queen, the Lion should carry an emerald. The Leo can be very messy so carrying an amethyst can help them release the anxieties and objects that are keeping them prisoners of their materialism. A piece of amber is very healing for Lions. They can use this stone to transform negative energy into positive energy. A piece of green turquoise can help store vigor and hope to a Lion who is feeling fatigued or despondent.


Virgos benefit from carrying an amethyst, as it helps them let things go and let things be. It can also help cure their fear of public speaking. Virgos often listen to the troubles of others for hours without expressing their own feelings, so carrying apiece of hematite can help dispel any rage or depression caused by this. Carrying a piece of obsidian is also helps this sign get rid of any negative thoughts or feeling provoked by others.


A sapphire helps this sign concentrate and get the tasks at hand done. Libras are vulnerable to relationships with addicts and carrying a yellow topaz may help protect them from the energies of abusive or toxic partners or parents. The rose quartz is also very important for this sign, as the stone prevents them from being misunderstood. Emeralds are symbolic of physical power and balance and benefit the Libra physically.


The Scorpio native has trouble letting go, so carrying a yellow topaz can help the brain stop whirling with obsessive thoughts. Scorpios can carry a carnelian to help dispel jealousy and also to help them be more inspired creatively. The opal helps this often bitter sign to be less analytical and callous and reminds them to act from their heart. The opal can also help protect this sign from the evil eye and nightmares.


The Archer has difficulty seeing beneath surface appearances and carrying a diamond can help remedy this as it helps the bearer see the truth of a situation. Wearing a ruby can help the Sagittarius find the physical stamina to keep up with a travel schedule or busy day. The Sagittarian who is poverty stricken can remove blocks to prosperity by carrying a piece of pyrite.  Pyrite also protects you from cancer and negative thought forms.


Carrying an amethyst benefits this sign that is often driven crazy worrying about money. The amethyst reminds them to let things go and let it be. Others are often jealous of Capricorns because they seem so together. Carrying a piece of tourmaline can help protect them against astral attack and envy. A smooth piece of amber can help smooth out the extreme emotions of any Capricorn who is feeling troubled as the result of daily frustrations.


Wearing a sapphire helps this sign be less spicy and focus on the tasks at hand. Wearing an amethyst can help this signís busy mind from straying and also curb a harmful tendency to gossip when feeling insecure. The bloodstone is a good stone for this flaky sign, as it cleanses the aura and forces the bearer to live in the here and now, rather than in other worlds. This sign is often psychic and carrying a selenium stone can help repel ghosts and entities.


The Pisces native is very sensitive to criticism and carrying rose quartz can help them maintain their self esteem. This sign can be very emotional and carrying an emerald can help restore harmony to troubled Fishes. Wearing a ruby, especially in a gold setting, can help heal the heart and also help the Fish find a way of making a living while doing what they love. This water sign can also benefit from carrying a piece of coral which connects individuals to their protective spirit guides.


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By cheryl, Tuesday, March 09, 2010 01:27:57 PM
I live in the N.Tx area and every now and then we have a Mineral & Gemstone show, where they sell everything and in what ever amount you want. Also I have found certain stones at different Hobby stores and you just need to keep an eye opened for other sources. Also suggested for good ideas are the different sites on the internet but if you are the type of person that wants to see and hold the items before spending your money you may end up searching far and wide for what you are needing. Good Luck
By christina, Tuesday, March 09, 2010 10:21:06 AM
To all those asking where can they pruchase stones/crystals. Try and they sell stones, hope this helps!
By Catherine, Saturday, July 18, 2009 11:34:54 PM
Great questions and comments. There was a woman with a shop very close to my hosue called "Mystical Rae's Store & More". She was into metaphysics and ran in a circle with the real thing. She'd have meetings and a bookstore and tons of this stuff (including every gemstone known to man and some that weren't). It was fabulous. Then she closed her shopped and went West. Damn!! I bought a ton of stuff and gemstones from her. Now they're simply not to be found anywhere. We need to know a main site or purchasing store for this stuff. It's definitely out there but no one knows where.
By cindi, Saturday, July 18, 2009 01:54:21 PM
If you go to you can find these stones in various things for reasonable prices. I have bought jewlery with certain stones in it for very cheap.
By Jan, Saturday, July 18, 2009 01:19:12 PM
kathy i never see a ask on here when i ask i would love to know the sme thing you are asking im on ss and the money just doesnt go very far now days.if you fine were to get them email me please thanks and i could do the same for you jang
By Kathy, Thursday, January 01, 2009 08:25:16 PM
where can I get these stones and what stone will help with getting money? Thanks,Kathy
By Kathy, Thursday, January 01, 2009 08:21:49 PM
By Kathleen, Wednesday, December 10, 2008 06:10:07 PM
Where can we purchase these stones?
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