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Holiday Gifts For Each Zodiac Sign
Holiday Gifts for Your Zodiac Sign Wondering what to get that special someone for the holidays? Shopping time is running out. Here is a guide to holiday gifts that might be most appreciated for each zodiac sign.


Aries belongs to the fire element, so they are pleased with any gift that lights up, glows, or glimmers. This includes candles, incense, and lava lamps. However, as they love to ride their bikes, you might also want to consider getting them a flickering bike light, so they are safe riding at night. Aries natives are also very fond of hot colors, such as red or gold. A gold watch with a red strap would be perfect for this sign, which like to be on time. The fire of a diamond or a chunk of bright white quartz appeals to their flashy sense of fashion.


Bulls are homebodies and appreciate practical gifts, such as plants for their gardens or a set of gardening tools. A new weed whacker suits them just fine. They also like to cook so pots, pans and recipe books inspire them as well. Taurus individuals are very sensitive to negative energy, so they would appreciate the gift of sage bundles or a dream catcher for keeping them safe.


These creative members of the zodiac are ruled by the element of air. They love fountains, chimes, and pretty whirling things. Many Geminis are also writers, so giving them a gift of bamboo which gives luck as writer is ideal. This sign is also fascinated by computers and kitchen gadgets. On the high end of things, most would appreciate a PDA or an iPod. A guitar or piano is also a good gift for this talented sign.


Cancers are ruled by the water element and love things from the ocean or sea, such as sea shells. A great gift for a Cancer is live fish in an aquarium. If you want to give them a nice gift of jewelry, then consider a pearl necklace or pearl cufflinks. The Cancer native loves to collect things, so a treasure box of some kind is also a good idea. Lotions, creams, and beauty gels also please the Crab who loves to be pampered. Spoil this sign for a day by sending him or her to a spa or retreat.


The sun sign loves gold jewelry. They like speed and shine so, of course, a new car or motorcycle would be perfect for this adventurous sign that also likes to appear young. They are also notorious clothes horses, so a gift certificate to a designer clothing store would be perfect. They are status conscious so they also love being taken to dinner in the most expensive restaurant in town. Materially minded Leos also love to be handed a credit card and to be told to “go crazy.”


Virgos like practical gifts that can help them clean and organize things like pencil holders, book ends, and are fond of bookends, pencil holders, and vacuum. They also like art and precious collectibles. This is another sign that likes to be on time, so a watch or clock is also a timely gift. A Virgo never gets out of the office so a voucher for dinner or even a vacation is a hint to a Virgo to take time out to smell the flowers. This sign loves to read good books, particularity self-help books, but make sure the subject is not too New Age as Virgos are the skeptics of the Zodiac.


Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which means that this sign loves beauty. Works of art are appropriate as are voucher or passes to movies or a luxury day spa. Expensive skin creams, aromatherapy oils, and candles also please this sign. This is also a sign that enjoys the finer things in life, so a gift of expensive wine or an exotic food like truffles is also usually appreciated. This sign also appreciates trips to the movies or the theater as a gift. If this is for your lover, consider cooking him or her a romantic dinner as Libras love one on one romance.


This sign is known for its love of the erotic so scented candles, incense, and silk sheets are greatly appreciated. They also love black and red clothing or jewelry. To make him or her really happy, go to the mall and have him or her pick out an expensive pair of leather shoes. Many of them are avid readers but they prefer reading biographies over fiction. They like to burn candles so an elaborate or designer candle holder might be a nice gift for this romantic sign. A trip to the seaside is the ideal Christmas vacation.


Capricorns are ambitious types so they appreciate any type of gift to do with the office. Consider getting them a designer letter opener or a sleek desk organizer of some kind. They also like to garden or cook so a setof gardening tools or the latest kitchen gadget also pleases them.
Nothing says I love you to a Capricorn like a diamond, especially if it is set in high carat platinum. These classy Individuals are also into aromatherapy so scented candles, especially in vanilla scents, are suitable gifts. Goat children are equally balanced in their left brain and right brain and enjoy the gift of a chemistry set or Microscope as much as they do a set of paints.


This jolly sign enjoys gifts that make them laugh. Toys, joke books, and humorous gadgets are bound to bring a smile to the face of the Archer. This sign also loves to travel so a new car is the ideal high end gift, but they will also settle for coffee table books with lots of gorgeous pictures of far way places in them. The ideal gift would be a new motorcycle or van.


The Aquarian is a progressive sign that appreciates the color purple and the metal silver. Amethyst jewelry is recommended for this sign as is any type of negligee or shirt made out of purple silk. This sign enjoys playing games so a deck of cards or old fashioned chess board makes a good Christmas gift for this easy to please sign. A map of the heavens would also please this space-loving sign.


This sign loves water so consider getting him or her an indoor fountain. They also like religious artifacts, so religious jewelry is also a good thing to buy him or her. They also like the color blue or green and any clothing or jewelry in those colors are also appreciated. A Pisces native would also very much appreciates something like a trip to the beach or a romantic drive for two up to a snowy country retreat.  A warm sweater also makes them feel loved and hugged.

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By christa, Thursday, December 10, 2009 10:39:28 AM
The fact that the virgo up there likes Slyvia Brown and believes that she holds any true referance in the spiritual community show's that they have done little research on her background. She is a scammer. No one who has a true gift can exploit it for money because when one does try to do that the gift is weakened and most often disapears. She charges people 200 a seminar and has offered to help people find their children for alot more. She has been proven to be one of the most leading question sapposed psychics out there. And her accurecy rate is very low. Be sure to research things a little deeper than the surfae before you go blindly walking into a belief.
By Barbara, Tuesday, December 16, 2008 09:46:47 AM
I am a Virgo and had to laugh at the "suggestions" for Christmas gifts. Who writes these things?? We are the fact finders of the Zodiac and they wrote that we are the "skeptics". What a joke!! I for one love Sylvia Browne and giving so much of herself for the betterman of mankind. To have virtually no life to call her own is the ultimate sacrifice. I believe everything she says and it just floors me how we are all put into "one" category. I have a Virgo girlfriend born the same day but many years before me and she is "nothing" like a Virgo sign. A matter of fact after a 20 year relationship I finally ended our friendship and she was like a mother figure to me. I finally saw the light and realized she brought me down and was using me for her own betterment. It was hard as I loved her like she was my mom. At least this Virgo is not a skeptic and believe we all did travel to this beautiful Earth to learn many things. I for one am still learning. Thanks for everything you have taught me Sylvia.
By Tuesday, Monday, December 15, 2008 02:00:20 PM
I'm a Pisces and I like the color blue, I like crosses and I like sweaters and I love the beach because it allows me to walk out into the surf of the ocean, but absolutely do not like the snow, which is why I live in Arizona! Aquarius fits me much much better. I love the color purple and Amethyst is of course my birthstone, no way on the negligee though! I love the the heavens and love looking up into the night sky. I would so love to travel into space just one time before I'm called home.
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