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Hot Jobs for Each Zodiac Sign
Hot Jobs For Each Zodiac Sign Some signs are more suited for some occupations than others. For instance, a Gemini would probably be very unhappy working in a steady 9 to 5 job for an insurance company, but this is a position that would greatly please a staid Virgo.

Here is a look at what jobs are best suited to each zodiac sign.


Rams are geniuses when it comes to shameless self promotion, marketing, and selling. They make great Internet entrepreneurs, but are just as good at retail. They are also natural born leaders that could be the managers of just about any business. Aries perform great as firemen, ambulance drivers, or as any type of rescue worker. Many are naturally witty funny and can make great speechwriters.


The Taurus native makes a great landscape artist or architect. They are also good at organizing, cleaning property, and maintenance in general. This is an analytic and mechanically minded sign that can repair a vehicle very quickly. One idea for a part time business for a Bull would be to help convert ordinary vehicles. Yet another bonus to being a Taurus is that you are one of the best cooks in the entire Zodiac, so of course they make great chefs.


This incredibly creative sign is usually already a freelancer or trying to make money doing what he or she loves. Many are writers, musicians, and artists and can parlay existing talents into a career. Learning animation skills would be a great idea for this multi-talented sign. This is also a very social sign and many of them are entrepreneurs that can thrive in the virtual world.


This creative sign is great at any type of arts and crafts and they work well in retail situations selling furniture or clothing. Yet another talent is sewing. Making or fixing clothing for others could bring quite a bit of money into a Crab’s life. Yet another interest of this watery sign (that is very intuitive) is the occult. Quite simply, they make great online or phone psychics. Crabs are also known for their intuitive and healing sense of touch, so a part time job as a massage therapist might also be a good idea.


The Lion is naturally charismatic, so any type of job to do with selling is great. Leos also have the confidence to moonlight to become a model or an actor. Lions have large personalities and they excel at anything to do with public speaking, performing, or hosting an event. Many of them make excellent product demonstrators. Leos also love drama and for that reason make great crisis counselors, firemen, or rescue workers.


The Virgo loves to keep things in order, so they make great executives and administrator. Nobody can clean a home faster or more efficiently than a member of this Zodiac sign and, for this reason, they make great maids or janitors. Their talent for organization extends to the great outdoors as well. They excel as wedding planners and personal coaches as well. They are also very vigilant personalities who do well working as part time security guards.


This sign is ruled by Venus and absolutely loves anything to do with fashion, culture, or beauty. Many make fantastic hairdressers, personal shopper, or interior decorators. They love to be around people so any type of receptionist, bartender, or greeter type role suits the Libra just fine. This gentle air sign also loves animals. A job as a veterinarian or even dog walker suits this air sign.


This water sign loves everything to do with sex, so working as a psychologist or sex counselor is a good occupation. They are also good at phone sex or online sexy chats.  This sign is also voyeuristic and can often turn a hobby like photography into a full time occupation. The Scorpion also has very good taste and they can often parlay this into a as a stylist for the movies. They also do well as copywriters, illustrators, and administrators in the area of advertising. 


This sign loves to travel so working as a travel guide, in a travel agency, or even as a pilot. Other options to do with travel include being a chauffeur or giving guided tours of a city or a local attraction. Sagittarians can also be very talented writers and can make money as journalists writing or talking about exotic cuisines or architecture might be another way for them to make a good income. This athletic sign is often in tip top shape and would do well to open a Bikini Boot Camp or teach yoga classes.


This sign makes a good doctor or veterinarian. They enjoy the company of children and pets, so they would do well to open a daycare or a yet another possibility is to simply become a dog walker or babysitter. Capricorns enjoy being the pillar of the community and there is money to be made helping organize events. Both the males and females of the sign are very handy with tools and would do well running a business flipping real estate or renovating old houses.


This visionary sign can do very well as a columnist or writer. Many are good at writing metaphysical material or science fiction. They also do well as online psychics or phone psychics. Quite a few Aquarians are inventors and many are able to parlay their creations into a lucrative part time job. They are also natural entrepreneurs so they do well in the virtual sales places of the internet. Along with their business savvy comes many creative talents as well. They are good at doing things such as designing their own websites and building a virtual empire.


The Fish is a natural counselor and healer can handle any crisis. They do well to go out into the community somehow and be of service there. They are also ideal to work on crisis lines as they are generally very calm, empathic individuals. Pisceans would be great at running a babysitting service or day care center. Fish are also great agriculturalists. They could make money raising any type of animal, growing grapes, and making wine or making their own honey. Being a water sign, they love working around or being in the water so they also make fantastic lifeguards and aquafit instructors.

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