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How Chinese New Year Affects Your Zodiac Sign
Chinese New Year Affects Your Zodiac Sign Chinese New Year arrives on January 26, 2009. According to the traditional Chinese calendar, 2009 is the Year of the Ox. This year is about being kind, caring, logical, reserved, and practical. The Ox energy is definitely family oriented and Ox natives are brave individuals who donít mind toiling for a paycheck. The point of this energy is to provide stability for oneself and oneís loved ones Ox energies are also very philanthropic and humanitarian.

The downside of Ox year energies is that they can be slow, a bit dimwitted, and controlling. They simply do not like being ordered around or being told what to do.

For a change, we are going to mash up Western astrology with Eastern and see how the year of the Ox is influenced by Chinese astrology.


You are an impatient sign, so you are not gong to enjoy the slow methodical and plodding energy of this Ox Year. You may find that higher ups do not move as fast as you do mentally and become frustrated. However, you will like the materialistic vibe offered by this sign which facilitates the acquiring of new stuff.


You are closest to the Ox energy in terms of Chinese Zodiac characters, so you will simply thrive this year. The Year of the Ox brings luck to those who cook, garden, and entertain others. You may also find yourself getting pregnant this year or spending more time just getting to know your favorite pets.


You may find the Ox energy of this year to be frustrating, as it the energy will be slow, plodding and practical. It wonít leave much room for being spontaneous, which is a real turn off for a Gemini. This year, you may find higher ups to be petty critical and intolerant.


You will thrive during this Ox year because you love security. The Ox energy will force Cancers indoors where they can do things like count the number of precious stones that they have garnered throughout the years. The Ox energy is also very frugal. This will help this water sign stay protected from the ravages of the 2009 recession.

You are likely to feel smothered and restricted by the Ox energy that dominates this year.  You love to be a little wild and Oxen are the great common sense critics and censors of the Chinese Zodiac. You may find people to be especially small minded and petty while the Ox energy reigns throughout the year.


You love the slow, pedantic pace of the Ox energy. Qualities that are emphasized by this sign are dependability, honesty, intelligence and responsibility. You love getting things done and thanks to the boost given to you by the year of the Ox, you may get more done this year and be closer to achieving your long term goals then you ever have been before. Your challenge might be not to come off as a bit of a bully to others as this energy is also very


You may not enjoy the year of the Ox simply because nobody is focused on your favorite things, such as music, art, and beauty in general. Instead you will find people focused on matters like saving money and house cleaning, which to you are exquisitely boring. One thing the Ox energy is good for is making love, as Oxen are stubborn lovers with a lot of staying power. However, the Ox is also a very jealous sign and, if you are unable to control your emotions, you might want to stay away from lovers that provoke feelings of envy.


You will both love and hate the Ox energies of this year. On the up side, you will find that your sexual prowess has increased. Ox is the sign of virility in many cultures. On the down side, you are likely to find people to be petty, inflexible, critical, intolerant, materialistic and stubborn. The influence can also make you or a partner distrustful of each other. Watch out for a tendency to be jealous or possessive.


This is not your best year in a long time, thanks to the influence of the Ox energies. You are likely to become irritated by the Oxís slow, methodical ways. You like to travel, but in this year, travel may not really be in the offing as the Ox energies are very family and home oriented. Still, you will appreciate the sexy vibes in the air as the Ox energies also encourage imaginative and sensual lovemaking. You may also be more virile or futile than usual.


The Ox energies suit you fine, as you are one of the Western zodiac signs that are very close to this energy. The Ox influence is a domestic one and you will find yourself happily gardening, renovating, painting, and cooking. This is because you will finally find the money you need to accomplish all of these things. It is also possible that the energies of the Ox year might also bring the Capricorn a new husband or wife.


The Aquarian is a fish out of water in an Ox year because it seems that the visionary Aquarian is always looking at the stars in the sky, while the staid Ox is staring at his shoes. The Ox energies are practical and the Aquarian may feel smothered or restricted by them. Depression is a real danger for the flighty Aquarius, who may find themselves at the mercy of critical or intolerant people this year.


The Pisces native identifies nicely with the slow, comfortable ways of the Ox. The Ox energy this year favors doing such things like having small get together, barbecues, and dinners for six. The Ox energy favors the candid and honest ways of the Pisces person. While this energy reigns, the Pisces native may feel strongly generous to the less than privileged and practice philanthropy. The Ox energy is very sensual and grounding and affects Pisces by making them more sensual and loving than ever.

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By Stephanie, Wednesday, March 25, 2009 05:01:51 PM
This is really neat for them to tell us what the Chinese new year will do to impact our zodiac sines.
By Jan, Monday, March 02, 2009 01:14:01 PM
it didnt telll me what my sign was i was born feb 21 so what would that make my sign jang
By Tiffany, Saturday, January 31, 2009 12:57:01 AM
This is very cool to see both Chinese and Greek Zodiacs combined. Btw, my Chinese sign is the Rooster.
By Cynthia, Monday, January 26, 2009 02:37:21 PM
I think the ending of the horoscope for Virgo is missing. Thanks for your help!
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