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How Does Jupiter Opposing Saturn Affect Your Sign
Jupiter Opposing Saturn On May 22nd, a configuration called a Grand Cross is forming in the sky. This configuration is usually very significant and bodes big changes in our personal lives. In this case, the Grand Cross sees Jupiter in Pisces opposing Saturn in Capricorn. In short, this means that debts of all kinds, whether karmic or real, will be called in. If there is a truth to be told, it will be told now. In short, it means “suffering and serving.” Venus is also opposite Pluto that day, which means the drives and the urges of the subconscious mind will be ruling us more than rational thought. You may find yourself driven to break free of a situation or return to one because you feel directed by a higher force. In our personal relationships and in our hearts, peace may be hard to come by as Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is directly fighting Saturn, the planet of constriction. This means that it may be difficult to go forward because of very practical restrictions.

This comes the day after the sun enters Gemini, which adds a real element of restlessness to the situation. Many people will want to break free of relationship situations that they see as being too restrictive. These may have been situations that somehow served us in the past but now feel toxic, overwhelming, and stale.

This is an important celestial event because the reverberations from it are expected to last for a couple of months and certainly by the end of the year your life may not look quite the same as it did just a month ago. The severity of how this will affect you might depend on your Zodiac sun sign.

Here is a look at how this upcoming Grand Cross might possibly affect your sign on May 22nd and May 23rd where the degrees symbolizing conflict between these two might planets might be at their strongest.


You may find that treatment of a health matter comes to a halt because bureaucracy gets in the way. It is important for you to tighten your belt and save up your money for any emergencies that may arise as this configuration is going to mainly affect you in the area of health and property. A matter to do with a loan could be a concern.


This month you may find a relationship matter coming to a “do or die” conclusion. Many of you will feeless materialistic and more inclined to pursue your heart even if it means throwing everything away. If you are materialistic, Saturn in Virgo will may shore that our security comes at a high personal sacrifice. Be sure to consider our emotional choices wisely.


This month events will unfold in a way that allows you to be freed from the shackles of the past. You may, however, spend a substantial amount of time trying mediate politics or public opinion of you. This is not the time to care what anyone thinks of you. Your call to action on these two days is to set your life back on its proper course as your best treasure in the near future isn’t going to be found outside yourself.


You may be dismayed by how quickly a formerly serene and safe situation becomes emotionally treacherous and threatening. You may feel very torn between your obligations and the call to follow your heart to pursue a higher cause. The summer may also be a little cash-strapped depending on whether you choose freedom over security.


The celestial vibrations may have you feeling very torn between following your heart and following your head. It may be difficult to make financial decisions because it will seem like everyone is after your resources at once. Be watchful of someone from the past who may be misleading you with regards to money.


Saturn is in your sign, which means a divorce, or a split of some kind is in your immediate future. This is probably has to do with a relationship that is not working for you anymore. There may be nothing left but financial ties or you may discover this person had been using or lying to you in some way. This is the optimum time to get rid of what does not serve you any longer.


This month events will unravel in a way that allows you to be freed from the chains of the past. You may, however, spend a great deal amount of time trying to control what others think of you. It is very important for you not to listen to gossip or gossip too much yourself or there could be dire consequences.


Jupiter in Pisces is going to give you the desire to change your life, but Saturn in Virgo is going to restrict you in ways that are very practical and very frustrating. Although you may not be able to “make a move” in the near future, you will certainly be able to set a goal to make these big changes by the end of the summer.


Be prepared for a bit of a jolt around May 22 when someone thwarts your plans to travel. Health issues could also come to the fore around then so be sure to save up some money to deal with whatever happens. It is important too that you do not arouse the wrath of someone close by being overly sarcastic or bringing up old issues, unless you want this person to leave your life.


This month you may find it necessary to get something off your chest to a person who has been irritating our for some months. It is important to do what it is right even if it means leaving a special someone for a less corrupt arrangement. If you are greedy, Saturn in the cold sign of Virgo will make sure that there is a lot of conflict around you in the next few months.


This month events will unfold in a way that frees you from a situation that was holding you back in life. You may, however, spend a substantial amount of time trying to control how a situation is portrayed to others. Be sure to choose your battles wisely. Your call to action on these two days is to focus on yourself and not what others think.


Solutions to a money problem are on their way. It may jut be difficult for you not to angst too much over what happens in the future. You can make deals with those in authority right now as they are willing to listen to your solutions. It is important to show a lot of compassion to a loved one who may feel picked on lately.

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