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How Does The Full Moon Affect Your Sign?
Full Moon in Your Zodiac Sign Aprilís full moon falls in the sign of Libra on April 9th. The Libra full moon is nicely going to round out the fiery and impulsive energies of the Sun in Aries. 

Libra is a sign ruled by Venus and it favors such matters as art, beauty, and home decorating. It is also a sign that favors romance and relationships. It also loves things to be in perfect balance.  People strive to achieve the ideal when the moon is swelling in Libra. During this time, lovers become closer and friendships become more solid than ever. It is usually a time for bonding.

Usually the Libra full moon bodes well, but this year two big astrological events are happening around the same time. The day before the full moon, Pluto moves backwards in the sky in the sign of Capricorn.  This is the planet of sex, death, and secrets. Things could be revealed on this full moon that could make some relationships uncomfortable.

On a more positive note, Mercury also enters the homebody sign of Taurus that day. This jives very well with the Libra full moon and the need to make things tidy and pretty. In fact, it is the perfect day for most signs for spring cleaning, gardening, and tidying up your surroundings in general.


The Sun is in your sign and when the moon enters Libra, you are in for a night of passion that could lead to many days of erotic pleasure. You will become closer than ever to a lover or a spouse. Be sure to stand up for yourself at work when someone tries to take credit for your efforts. You could receive a financial windfall that day that helps pay off debt.


This promises to be one of the most erotic and romantic nights of your life. The Libra moon brings you closer to a lover than ever. This lover is also your best friend. Mercury in your sign brings great news about money. April 9th may go down in history as one of the best days of your life.


This moon promises to be rewarding both financially and romantically. The full moon may bring you a fruitful new business relationship. You may find yourself becoming closer than ever to a lover or a spouse who shows their appreciation in an unusual and clever way. This is one of the best days of the year for you to shop for furniture.


This full moon will bring you a new romantic attraction or deepen your connection with your current spouse. The emphasis will be on talking, finding a common ground, and resolving issues that may have kept you from being as intimate with each other as usual. The planet Mercury favors planting a new garden and doing renovations.


This full moon will bring you a new friend. The relationship will not necessarily be erotic, but the two of you will develop a strong bond. If it does turn romantic, it will likely be a May/December romance. You may find yourself dealing with a relationship that is out of balance. Pluto can help you confront these problems and resolve the issues that have been keeping you apart.


This full moon may have you longing for what might have been between you and a special someone. The influence of Pluto in Capricorn on the same day is going to force you to drop some of your nostalgia and let the past go. It is time for you to be accountable for your mistakes. This is however a good day to get out with friends and try to meet new people.


The full moon is in your sign and this means that April 9th could be one of the most erotically fulfilling nights of the year for you. Singles could meet someone new. It is also one of your best days of the year for asking for a promotion or throwing a dinner party. This is also one of the best days of the year for you to buy art.


The full moon in Libra could bring you a lover who wants to be more of a partner or who will beg you for a commitment. The influence of Pluto that day could bring back an ex from the past who may try to resurrect their relationship with your. Beware of a controlling family member with an addiction problem who may interfere with your friendships.  Shopping for home appliances is favored that day.


Any plans you had for traveling somewhere may be sabotaged this full moon by the necessity of having to stay home to take care of a loved one. Pluto may bring issues to do with your health. If you have been ignoring a nagging problem to do with your teeth or bones, it could come to a head this full moon.


The day before this full moon Pluto goes backward in your sign creating a big issue in your life with a close relative. The problem likely has something to do with money or property. This may interfere with your plans to meet with friends or a loved one on the 9th. However, Mercury in Taurus that day favors home improvement efforts, such as painting or weeding the yard.


The full moon in Libra will probably bring you an invitation to a celebration such as a wedding or baby shower. This is also a very romantic time for you so singles should get out there and mingle. Mercury in Taurus encourages you to plant a garden or buy new gadgets for your kitchen.


The full moon in Libra is excellent for entertaining. You could find yourself invited to a big dinner party. This also promises to be a very romantic evening for you. Mercury in Taurus also favors savoring the good things in life going out to a special restaurant and enjoying the finest of foods and wines. If you need a makeover or haircut, the result will be sure to please you.


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