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How Does the Total Lunar Eclipse on June 15th Affect You?
Total Lunar Eclipse - June 15, 2011 The Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius is called an outstanding eclipse because it is a total lunar eclipse. It is a rare central eclipse where the moon passes in front of the center of the earth’s shadow. The last time we saw anything like this was on July 16, 2000 and we will not see another one like this until July 27, 2018.

We won’t see it here in North America or in Europe, but it will be completely visible over Africa and Central Asia, visible rising over South America, western Africa, and Europe, and setting over eastern Asia. In western Asia, Australia and the Philippines, the lunar eclipse will be visible just before sunrise.

This moon is in Sagittarius and the eclipse can indicate that there will be a lot of pulling of strings behind the scenes. Even though things may seem normal, there may be a simmering sense of dissatisfaction that finally boils over and explodes. Some people will firmly insist on leading lives that seem more honest or genuine in some way. That which is not “true” or too complicated will probably become too heavy to deal with and collapse of its own weight.

The day before, Venus is afflicted in Gemini, which means that we could all be victims of some kind of false information or speculation. Venus opposes Chiron in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn, so there is likely to be a big problem with a stock market or a government that is lying to its people somewhere in the world. 

That week Saturn, which has been retrograde since January 25th, will be in Libra and reminding us that we have responsibilities to take care of and that we have been putting luxuries before necessities for too long.

Here is a look at how this eclipse might affect your sign:


The eclipse in Sagittarius is likely to bring a problem with an addict or mentally ill person in your life to a head. It may be time to ask this person to get help or to plan an intervention. In some cases, it could be the Aquarian that needs to get help; pay attention to any wake-up call in your life that is telling you to change your ways.


The eclipse is likely to affect your home life in some way. Some Bulls will be getting the news that they need to change residences or that a divorce is in the near future. You may come to the inner personal realization that you have outgrown this situation so the change will not be that upsetting to you.


The sun is in your sign while this eclipse is going on, which brings transformation on the deepest most psychological level. Your priorities in life will become clearer. You may be ready now to take a “leap of faith” in life that you have been avoiding for quite some time.


This eclipse could be a bit rough on your nerves, as it could bring news of a sudden ending. This might have to do with a relationship in your family. Some of you might be confronting a deep dark secret from your past or be avoiding someone who is too toxic for you to handle. If you feel the urge to run away from this situation, now is the time to go through with this plan.


This eclipse will have the effect of making you feel a bit moody and restless. Your every day routine may feel exhausting and you might want to strike out on your own.  This is a good time for you to go on spiritual quest of some kind.


This eclipse could hit you very hard in the area of your career. If you have not been playing by the rules, you are likely to be caught. Be very careful how you phrase all communications as this is a time when you could be facing an unfair ending because you were misunderstood.


Saturn in your sign is coupled with this eclipse, which means that it could bring some unwanted publicity your way. You may have to just put up with some gossip about your life for now, as the more you try to correct it, the harder it may seem tofu fix the situation. What your resist persists, so do not make a big fuss about what is happening.


This eclipse could bring you a hard situation to deal with in your personal life. Your presence in a relationship could be making that person’s life more difficult or you may simply be dealing with someone who is in a state of decay or unable to reciprocate love as you wish.  A departure from the familiar is definitely in your future; it is time to welcome the new.


Your sign may feel the brunt of this rare eclipse the most. You may feel restless and like you have been living a lie for a very long time. Keep emotion out of it if on this day, especially if you feel you need to tell someone that it is time for a big change.


This lunar eclipse may have you assessing how your wealth or poverty may have others viewing you. You might be realizing that it is time to get out of the rat race, get rid of some of your more high-maintenance possessions and live a simpler, less stressful life.


This lunar eclipse is likely to bring you some kind of news about your family that could require a change of residence on your part.  You may be dismayed to find out that a secret about a loved one has been kept for so long; rather than obsess it is best to make quick decisions about your future.


This lunar eclipse is likely to affect your home life in some way. You may find yourself unable to afford your current lifestyle and there may be a real need for you to scale down. You may find yourself welcoming these changes because they will free up your time so you can travel more.

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