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How Full Lunar Eclipse Affects Your Zodiac Sign
Full Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius August 5th will feature a major astrological event. There is what is known as a penumbral eclipse of a Full Moon in Aquarius. This makes this a supercharged full moon in a sign that has to do with establishing a vision for the future. Combine this with the fact that eclipses serve to rid us of anything unnecessary in our lives and you begin to get the idea how this particular eclipse could be emotionally cathartic for many.

The Sun is in Leo on August 5th, which is all about our ego, our drives, our wants, and what we desire. However, the sign of Aquarius is more about doing what is best for all. This eclipse is sure to have an impact on many people who might be torn between doing what is right for the self or what serves the greater good. We might be asked to get rid of our pride and our drama and look at a troublesome relationship or situation more honestly.

When Leo and Aquarius energies work together, as is the case with the sun and moon here, they create groups that value creativity and philanthropy. With Neptune, Jupiter, and Chiron all retrograding in Aquarius, however, there will be some resistance against these ideals as well. It may seem at this time that what is an ideal is not possible. This is underlined by the fact that Jupiter is retrograde as well right now and when that happens, money can be scarce.

Aquarius is the sign of the eleventh house which is a largely about how others see us. It is about our public life. Secrets are likely to come to light. Any social situation that is not working is likely to come to an end. The eclipse itself is in the first house, which is all about the face we present to others. We may finally decide to make our private lives the same as our public life. Some signs might find themselves proposing to someone they deeply love or leaving an old partner for a new one. 

Here is a breakdown of how this lunar eclipse might affect each individual sign on August 5th.


This eclipse is in your third house, which rules matters such as your ego, your confidence, and your pride. You may find yourself confronted with a situation where you might have to apologize to someone so the two of you can have a fresh start together. On the other hand, you might be the one that is asked to bestow forgiveness. This is a cleansing time emotionally for you that will offer a relationship a new start.


This eclipse is in your fourth house, which means that you might be leaving a long term situation for something new and fresh that really excites you. The sacrifice of an ideal for the material may feel a bit painful at first, but the lure of true love will be strong. This is a day when you should listen very closely to your heart, as it is telling you that what is best for you is in your future and not in your past.


This moon is trine to Mars in your fifth house which means you will be given more opportunity for creativity and romance than you have had in a very long time. The eclipse will have the effect of having you address any bad habits that you have and also give you the opportunity to start fresh.  Many of you will find true love as the result of this eclipse. Many of you will have our heart’s desire realized.


This moon is in your sixth house. You may be facing a wake up call with regards to your health or with regards to the health of someone you love.  Many Cancers may find themselves finally finding the strength to give up a harmful personal habit. Some of you may have also been suffering from obsession over a certain someone from the past.  This moon will allow those of you in this situation to distance yourself from this harmful relationship.


The Sun is in your seventh house on the 5th of August. This is your house of intimate partners and open enemies. If you are in a love triangle at this time, much could be exposed. Another effect could be disapproval from friends or relatives of a current relationship that you are involved in that ultimately convinces you to leave for good.


This eclipse takes place is in your eighth house of investments, partnerships, and inheritances. Many of you will be solidifying a divorce at this time. Yet another consequence may be the loss of property due to a lack of money to be able to afford it or because of the lack of a partner. The eclipse will offer you a way out of this mess, if you are willing to cut your losses now and find the strength to let go of those things in our life that no longer are working for you.


You may have a spiritual awakening of some kind during this eclipse. It takes place in your ninth house, which rules revelations and epiphanies - both of the archaic or ordinary type. Any realization that you have on the 5th is likely to be a significant one. Pay attention to your gut instincts. They are trying to help you make an important decision about whether to stay or leave a certain situation or a certain someone. 


This eclipse is in your tenth zodiac house of career. It is very possible that many Scorpions will be losing a job or finding out that they will be starting a new job on this day. Those of you in the public eye might have secrets about yourself exposed today. The best thing to do is to be candid, frank, and honest in all that you do whether you are dealing with a person or a professional matter. If you have been lying about anything in the recent past, you will be caught.


This eclipse is in your eleventh house, so you might find yourself to be the focus of some kind of family disagreement or you could find yourself caught in the middle between two warring friends. Unfortunately, this type of lunar eclipse is going to put you in a position where you will be forced to make a choice between one person and another no matter how much this idea repels you. However, once you make this choice, you will find a great deal of the stress in your life to be reduced.


This eclipse is in your twelfth house of sex and death, so you could find yourself dealing with something quite traumatic. Changes to a relationship could be sweeping and final. Be careful what you say today because saying the wrong thing is very easy. During this full moon, emotions are heightened and people will be ruled by their emotions.  Not many people will be very rational. Do your best to avoid cynicism and sarcasm which could be very damaging to relationships.


You have Chiron, Neptune, and Jupiter all happening in this first house along with the lunar eclipse. This means that you will be confronting a lot of change. The eclipse is definitely going to rid you of a toxic situation or a relationship that you have been hanging on to for quite some time. This eclipse is in the first house, so after this you will be looking at the birth of a completely “new you.”  Some of you may be changing jobs, relationships, and residences all at the same time. This may seem very traumatic, but all of this is in your best interests, even if it does not seem like it right now.


This eclipse is in your fellow water sign of Cancer. Water signs are very psychic in nature to begin with, but on August 5th, this talent of yours will be very much enhanced.  The eclipse takes place in the twelfth house, which also enhances your interest in the occult. Watch for omens and portents of the future on that day. They will tell you what move you should make next in life to enhance your own quality of life as well as the overall happiness of everyone that you know.  August 5th is also a good day for you to get advice from a psychic.

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By LeslieJean, Saturday, August 08, 2009 01:12:21 PM
I think what we read about our signs helps us to learn the good, bad and sometimes the ugly. This way we can recognize those things that we made need to improve upon. Dear Angels and guides help me help myself so I may help others as well. Thanks for the information. Leslie Jean
By NoelWellborn, Wednesday, August 05, 2009 08:41:31 PM
WOW and I thought I was seriously losing it this is so accurate it really is scary (Aquarius) I am doing all three or should I say contemplating all three( job, marriage, living situation) I need to be me and all those things above cant seem to understand I am not controlling it...time has come for the change... be it good, or bad I only hope to learn what I need to get through it down here... I am not coming back....AZNA be praised.....
By dvon, Wednesday, August 05, 2009 10:08:45 AM
What an awesome and amazing read! Don't worry, be HAPPY! This is the time to wash away the old and welcome the new. WE'VE been waiting for this day - for "NOW" is the time to let go - really let go and start fresh. The universe is supporting you completely! Enjoy!
By Tiffany, Wednesday, August 05, 2009 06:23:37 AM
Wwooow. This reads pretty accurate for me (virgo) and all the others I've read for my family and acquaintances.
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