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How Full Moon in Scorpio Will Affect Your Weekend
Full Moon in Scorpio On May 9th, all of the world will be looking at a full moon in Scorpio which can be one of the sexiest or meanest nights of the year depending on what is going on with your sign.

Full moons in any sign typically mean that whatever is going on in your life that is under the dominion of that sign will come to fruition. Typically, Scorpio rules the areas of life having to do with sex, death, the occult, secrets, jealousy, obsession, possessiveness, archeology, and anything that you are absolutely passionate about in general.

It also rules revenge and long standing feuds. If an argument is going to come to a head, it certainly might during the Scorpio full moon. On the other hand, if you have been desiring someone for a long time your erotic stress just might be relieved at this time.

Here is how this full moon in Scorpio might affect your particular sign this weekend.


The full moon in Scorpio is going to have the effect of making your triumphant over a rival. Whatever the situation is, you are bound to rightfully claim what is yours by Saturday evening. You should receive a financial windfall by Friday afternoon as well. This could help fund a pet project you have wanted to start for a while.


The full moon in Scorpio may have you feeling vengeful or bitter towards an ex-partner. Be sure not to take it out on somebody close to you who also loves you. Your sex drive is guaranteed to be very high all of Friday and Saturday morning. Something you have always treasured is finally yours by the time the moon enters Sagittarius.


The full moon in Scorpio always makes you sexier than ever. Be prepared to be wooed and courted by your lover. Single Geminis are also bound to get lucky. You are in the spotlight, but you should also avoid making other people jealous as it could backfire on you. By the weekendís end, you will also be a lot better off financially than before.


The full moon in Scorpio could have the effect of making you feel jealous or insecure. Donít give into negative feelings like this or you could sabotage an important relationship. Meditation and exercise can help ground you Saturday afternoon when you will find the energies of the straying moon to be a bit unsettling.


The full moon in Scorpio supercharges you with lust and desire. You are blessed with the ability to seduce anyone that you please, especially on Friday. However, on Saturday, you must resist the temptation to be jealous or you could sabotage a romance. Avoid engaging in a fight with someone who is too critical or sarcastic.


You are likely to feel vengeful and out of sorts while the full moon is in Scorpio. It is important to remember that jealousy only hurts the person who is feeling it and that it is not a productive emotion. Meditation and exercise can help ground you on Saturday afternoon when you may feel the most oppressed. A coincidence may give you insight into a mysterious situation where information is being withheld from you.

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A long held romantic promise may finally be fulfilled by Saturday morning. However, by Saturday afternoon, you may find yourself the target of unfair criticism or verbal abuse from an unexpected quarter. It is best not to engage in any arguments Saturday night. Bite your tongue even if you are in the right.


This is your full moon and a long held wish will probably come true by Friday. You are especially potent sexually. You need to be as discreet as possible about your affairs by the weekend. If you have been keeping a secret, it could be discovered Saturday afternoon or Saturday night. It is also a very bad idea to purposefully try to make someone jealous Saturday night, as it will backfire on you.


Vengeance is yours when the Scorpio moon brings you redemption on Friday night. It is likely that the situation you will conquer has to do with a local gossip or mean meddler and that it will have more to do with politics or work than sex. Saturday night you may find yourself caught between two warring factions. It is better to withdraw from this battle which was never yours to fight in the first place.


The full moon in Scorpio is going to bring you erotic thrills of one sort or another. Attached goats may find themselves having particularly intense sex and singles could find a new lover. On Saturday avoid flirting to make another jealous as it could backfire on you. On Friday you can also expect your finances to take a turn for the better.  This is also a good weekend to see a psychic.


The full moon in Scorpio is going to bring a secret that you have been coddling out into the light. By Saturday, there is a great possibility of a misunderstanding with a loved one so be very precise with your speech and say what you mean. Misunderstandings are likely and if handled badly you could end a friendship.


The full moon in Scorpio brings a sexual temptation that may be too hot to handle. Attached fishes can look forward to one of the most romantic evenings of the year on Friday. On Saturday, you may have to watch out for jealousy from a sibling or relative that may have an eye on your assets.  You are more intuitive than usual all weekend and the moon in Scorpio is always a good time to investigate the occult or see a psychic.

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