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How Mercury in Pisces Affects Your March
Mercury in Pisces Communication planet Mercury entered the emotional sign of Pisces on March 1st and it lingers there until March 17th.  This is going to have the effect of making everyone more emotional, moody, and dramatic. Our inhibitions will be down and we will be more inclined to say what we “feel” rather than what we should say. This can result in chaos, disorder, and also the mating of many souls for life.

This type of influence can be good if you are in love because it can mean the person is more inclined to be romantic. We are likely to see more proposals and declarations of commitment. On the other hand, if you are upset with someone, those feelings are going to be more likely to color your judgment. People will be more in the mood to contact a long last love, which may or may not be a wise move.

Many of us will be more impulsive or childish simply because our feelings are ruling our judgment. Emotions such as envy, jealousy, and resentment are also likely to rule as is a tendency towards passive aggression. Some of us may take out our bad feelings on the wrong people as the Freudian concepts of transference and projection are likely to happen at this time.

On the up side, Mercury rules the subconscious mind and poets, writers, and artists will find it easier to express themselves from the darker more mysterious parts of ourselves. This can also be a very psychic time and intuitive types will find it easier to channel energies.

Here is a look at how this influence might affect your sign during the entire first half of March.


This influence is likely to make you a bit hot headed and irrational. You should probably put off making any big decisions until the last half of March as your judgment is off.  You may also find yourself inexplicably at the mercy of someone else’s wrath, when you have not done a single thing wrong! However, this influence is nice for lovemaking as it brings out your slower more sensual side.


This influence is going to wake you up to what really matters in life. You may be more inclined to wear your heart on your sleeve. This is a good time for you to propose to that long term love. One temptation you should avoid is to gossip about people, especially at work. Engaging in any ego struggles at this time is also not a good idea, as you are likely to create a hateful situation that could snowballs out of control.


Mercury is your ruling planet and when it enters the water sign of Pisces you tend to feel a little bit depressed. However it also has the effect of making you more intuitive. This is a good time for you to investigate matters of the occult or do some spiritual self-investigation of some kind. The cosmos is definitely favoring communication with those who are mentors or soul mates in your life. You need to take care of your health at this time as your sign is always vulnerable to respiratory infections. Mercury in Pisces makes you more prone to congestion and also just feeling a little dragged down in general.


Mercury in your fellow water sign of Pisces deepens your feeling for a special someone and you want to let them know how you feel. The key here is to express your feelings in a way that does not make the other person feel smothered. If you are a Cancer with a lot of water in your chart and you are pursuing someone, you could turn them off by being too eager to please.


Mercury in Pisces is a very frustrating planetary configuration for you because you want action, passion, and results and instead are going to find that people are too inward looking to get anything done. The more you demand things, the more you are  going to be put off or avoided for the first two weeks of March, so it is best for you to give up and just let things take their course if you are not getting the reactions you need.


Mercury in Pisces is a frustrating influence for you because people seem to be too involved in their relationships and soap operas to get things done. However, you also need to check your own emotions and make sure you are not out of bounds when it comes to expressing your resentment. However, now is actually a good time for you to express your feelings towards someone who is on your nerves.


You need to watch your tendency to go overboard emotionally the first half of this month. It could be that your feelings are being fueled by old memories from the subconscious that are subtly affecting the way you perceive other people. If you have a crush on someone at this time, hold back as your behavior could seem like borderline stalking to others.


Mercury in Pisces charges you up erotically and you find the actions and the words that you need to woo someone into bed with you. You may also find yourself possessed with extremely powerful dreams that could be the key inspiration to creating a work of art, expressing yourself with poetry. Symbolism in your dreams could also be key to working out problems in a current or past relationship.


Mercury in Pisces fills you with passion and you may feel that it is crucial to make big changes in your life even though they are not that sensible. The first two weeks in March is not the time to leave a relationship as the result will be a “false ending.” Likewise, it is also not a good time to begin a relationship either as it is likely an infatuation.


You like to think of yourself as having sound judgment and being fair-minded, but the truth is that you do not realize just how many your emotions are coloring your decisions at this time. You should also beware of a tendency to speak too frankly and if you are not sure what to say at this time then it is better to not say it at all.


This influence is going to make you want to pursue someone or something with more passion than you ever have before this is a good time for you to tell someone who you really love what you feel. Avoid is to gossip about people, especially at work. A danger for you the first two weeks of March is going to be compulsive shopping or splurging on things that you cannot really afford.


Planet Mercury in your sign favors the bringing our of any talents you have, including public speaking, art, poetry, music, writing, acting, and painting. You are blessed with especially acute powers of self-expression and your ability to flirt with potential lovers is also favored.  Watch out for spending too much money and fight back a temptation to indulge every day by using a favorite vice.

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