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How Pluto's Retrograde Affects Your Sign
Pluto Retrograde - April 6th - How Does It Affect You Pluto has been in Capricorn since November 2008 and every now and then it starts moving retrograde in this sign as well. Capricorn is a sign to do with security and foundations, and Pluto is the planet of transformation, so many people are going to see big shifts in their reality in the next little while.

Just as a matter of interest, when a planet does go retrograde, it does not really mean that it is going backwards in the sky, it just appears to be because of the rotation of the earth.

There has always been a big significance to retrogrades and especially the retrograde movements of the outer planets, because their influence tends to last a long time. This is going to be true of this particular Pluto retrograde that lasts until September.

Pluto is a planet of deep transformation and profound psychological change, whether you are ready for it or not. Depending on what sign you are, you may find yourself feeling like you are out of control or like you are at the mercy of events. Many of the signs may also find major relationships rupturing, especially long term ones. Some people who feel they may have been making progress in a relationship may find out that they are not any more.

If there is any co-dependency or addiction in your life, you may find yourself or a partner hitting rock bottom of some sort over the next six months. Often, the source of the addiction or psychological disorder is some kind of trauma.

When Pluto goes retrograde, almost everyone takes some kind of “journey into the dark” to confront their personal shadow. For some, it means a reunion, the need to understand different points of view, or an inner need to discover what really matters in life. Many people end up having to confront their demons while this goes on.

Like the last few Pluto retrogrades, this retrograde takes place in the sign of Capricorn. When this type of planetary movement is in Capricorn, many people will see family arguments over money and property. 

So how will the Pluto Retrograde of April 6th affect your sign.


The Aries native will be find themselves experiencing a replay of whatever relationship dramas plagued them last April when Pluto did exactly the same thing on April 4th. Old relationship demons could raise their ugly heads and resurrect old issues. You may have no recourse but to just let this stuff play itself out.


This retrograde is likely to spotlight difficulties to do with jointly owned property. It could be possible that you experienced a similar confrontation or conflict last April and May. You may find it necessary during the next six months to trade in one lifestyle for another. It is a mistake at this time to forsake the future for the past, no matter how guilty you feel about leaving someone behind.


This Pluto retrograde allows you to slow down and take a breather. You need time to sort out your feelings about an important relationship that may feel like it is harming you as much as it is helping you. The next six months are a good time to work quietly alone in the background, achieving your goals, and let others be involved in ego struggles.


Pluto retrogrades are usually very hard on your sign because they often bring confrontations or embarrassing criticisms that your really don’t deserve. The worst thing you could do is believe what others think of you so keep calm and carry on even while others are trying to make you feel bad. You are better than them!


If you have been keeping secrets, you are going to be exposed during this Pluto retrograde. It is likely that the exact same issues that plagued an important relationship last summer are going to come up to plague you again. Some of you may consider leaving a relationship that may be stifling or too critical of you in the near future. It is ultimately a good idea.


Be prepared for a rerun of the drama that played itself out last spring with regards to an important relationship. It is quite likely that a close associate or partner is wrestling with a psychological or addiction issue that is bleeding you dry financially. The fact that the retrograde is in Pluto means that you may be called in to address a debt or a big problem to do with a piece of jointly held property.


The Pluto Retrograde is likely going to create a set of circumstances that is going to make you realize that a current relationship is not longer sustainable. Unfortunately, this planet also tends to bring out our shadow sides and if you have emotional issues to work out it is best to do it alone rather than with a partner. The next six months are going to be good for consolidating your debts and putting a plan together to get back on top of the world financially.


Pluto is one of your ruling planets and when it goes backwards you tend to feel very lethargic and depressed. You may feel more sceptical of relationships of this time, but you should beware of tendency to isolate from others. The next six months is good for assessing your goals in life and seeking out some psychotherapy if you feel you need it.


The Pluto retrograde may have a sobering effect on your psyche and life could seem to be a bit more of a grind. You may be aghast at the way every one seems to have lost their sense of humour. A project in progress could be delayed or stalled, but you can overcome all obstacles by putting in the extra hours that are needed to make it happen.


Pluto retrograde is once again going to cause some setbacks and emotional confusion in your personal life. It is going to feel like you are living in a dramatic rerun of whatever happened last summer. Squabbling over property with a spouse or a sibling is likely. You could also experience difficulties with a stubborn child or a pet that refuses to behave.


This Pluto retrograde may find you feeling numb emotionally for the next few months and indeed this are not the time to make big commitments to others or get too involved romantically. You may find the way that others make demands of you to be oppressive and at one point this summer you may also find it necessary to leave a relationship that you feel is suffocating you or that is not in your best interests.


The Pluto retrograde makes it hard to see the world through rose collared glasses, like you usually do, but you are encouraged to remain an optimist no matter how badly others disappoint you emotionally. Issues that were problems in a close relationship last summer may also once again come back to haunt you. There may be little that you can do to help a person who insists on being self-destructive so it is best to let things run their course.

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