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How Saturn Will Affect You Today
How Saturn Will Affect You The days from September 15th to September 17th are going to be challenging for many signs.

This past September 12th, you may get the impression that this may not be the best week of your life as well when Saturn opposes Neptune in the sky. Communication is going to be foggy at a best and downright painful at its worst. The fact that Mercury, the planet of communication, is also retrograde at the same time is NOT going to help.

However, the proverbial dung is really going to “hit the fan” for most Zodiac signs on the 15th when Saturn opposes Uranus. Saturn is going to be in the fussy and prissy sign of Virgo and Uranus is going to be in the more irrational and chaotic sign of Aquarius. There is going to be a tug between the material and the spiritual with the sad result that the visionaries and positive individuals of this world are probably going to find themselves dealing with a setback or disappointment of some kind that simply cannot be helped.

On the 16th, Venus also opposes Neptune. Venus will be in Leo and Neptune will still be in Aquarius. This means that there may be a huge distraction preventing most of us from filling our life’s purpose. It may be difficult to focus on the crux of solving a problem. Procrastination and escapism will be in the air.

The 17th of September is also going to be a very uncomfortable day for many. The already afflicted Mercury (the planet of communication) is going to square Pluto (the planet of personal demons and pain). Mercury is in the sign of the scales – Libra – so you can expect to see emotions veering widely out of control. Pluto is in Capricorn so once again we are going to see distorted thinking, anger, and aggression, especially when it comes to conflicts over property or domestic arguments.

One of the weirdest conjunctions is going to be right on the 17th. This is when the Sun in Virgo conjuncts Saturn in Virgo. If you are born under the sign of Virgo, you may see years of work fall apart. You are definitely facing the end of a familiar situation.  Furthermore, there may be very little that you can do about this situation for weeks, as Mercury retrograde enters Virgo on the 18th and makes it impossible for people to resolve arguments or disputes just by talking. More concrete action may be required.

Here is a look at specifically how Saturn’s war with the other planets might affect your sign from the 12th to the 18th, with the most impact from the planet’s antics being felt on the 15th.


Watch out for September 14th when Venus is in your fellow fire sign of Leo and opposes both Chiron and Neptune. You might find yourself at the mercy of some kind of tyrant either on the relationship front or on the job. There may be little you can do, but let a seemingly crazy situation run its close, as trying to control it will just probably make things worse.


With Saturn in your fellow earth sign of Virgo, you might find yourself dealing with tangible difficulties to do with money or property. It is possible to that you may find yourself dealing with a jealous matriarch of some kind, who is trying to take control of your finances or guilt you into giving them money. The best thing to do is avoid rescuing this person, especially if the plea for help comes around the 14th or 15th of September.


You are not as badly affected by the planets in September as some other signs. Your main challenge is the Mercury retrograde that is occurring in your fellow air sign of Libra. This means that every time you try to get creative, you may be thwarted by some kind of harsh financial reality that is going to keep you on the treadmill working very hard until October 4th or so.


One of the most challenging days this month for the Crab is the 15th when Uranus in your fellow water sign of Pisces is in opposition to Saturn. Somebody or something is going to challenge you and make life difficult and you may be dealing with this toxic situation after October 4th or so when some of these celestial clashes no longer have an impact on your life.


Your worst day is probably going to be September 14th when Venus in your sign opposes both Neptune and Chiron. A loved one may be suffering from distorted thinking thanks to a substance abuse problem or you may find that a relationship that was meant to be a minor influence in your life is taking control of everything that you do and that you can’t get out of it without a messy scene.


Saturn is in your sign. It is the taskmaster planet, so you are in for a tough time no matter what. Others are definitely going to perceive you as selfish and controlling. By the 17th, you may find yourself so resented that you may no longer be able to hold onto what has become an untenable situation.


One of your worst days is when the Mercury Retrograde enters your sign on September 17th causing communication problems on all fronts. Technology could fail and you are definitely going to be misunderstood verbally. To avoid unnecessary challenges, you may have to lie low in life until October 4th when these planets of less of an impact on your life.


One of the most challenging days is the 15th when Uranus in your fellow water sign of Pisces is in opposition to Saturn. Somebody or something is going to try and you’re your life hell until October 4th. You must also be very careful on the 17th when unpleasant secrets could be revealed thanks to both the Sun and Saturn clashing in the finicky sign of Virgo. In fact, it is very possible you could be cross examined or accused of something on the 17th.


Your most challenging day in September is probably going to be September 14th when Venus in your fellow sign of Leo opposes both Neptune and Chiron.  A loved one may be very possessive angry and jealous – so much so that you might be tempted to leave the relationship. Wait until after October 4th until you make any more decisions about how to handle your emotional life.


Pluto goes direct in your sign on the 11th setting the tone and mood for the kinds of negative emotions that can cause problems with family. You also have to be very careful on the 17th when Mercury retrograde squares Pluto in your sign. Mercury is in Libra, the sign of fairness, but because the planet is afflicted you are going to feel abused or taken for granted in some way. Try and keep your cool!


Neptune and Chiron are in your sign and from the 12th to the 18th - these planets face off with both Saturn and Venus causing a lot of havoc in your love life. Your ideals do not have much of a chance of being respected at this time and you may be accused somehow of being obsolete. It may be time for you to look at a way to update your thinking so people don’t see you as being so archaic.


One of your worst days this month is the 15th when Uranus in your sign is in opposition to Saturn which is a big taskmaster planet. Somebody or something is going to plant itself squarely in the way of you meeting an objective or ideal and there may be very little that you can do about it until after October 4th or so when some of these planetary clashes stop having such a profound impact on your life.

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By Margo Denay, Tuesday, September 15, 2009 01:51:45 PM
Woah! Sounds like the next few weeks will need a lot of positive thinking and calmness to avoid communication issues. Mind over matter ..... planets have influence but mind has power to change thoughts and positive action has power to create positive balance, so lets try to ride this out knowing it will pass and only good things are to come, we only go down to go up again right?? I am going to make this net two weeks stellar!! good intentions regardless of the planetary alignments!! at least give it my bast effort!! cheers and God bless.
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