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How The End of Neptune's Retrograde Will Afffect You
Neptune Going Forward Neptune began its movement backwards through the sky on May 28th, 2009 and it will now start moving forward again on November 4, 2009. This was a very long retrograde period in the sign of Aquarius. The sign of Aquarius also hosted Chiron and Jupiter in retrograde motion for most of the year as well, which meant that the world was a little more depressing than usual. For the most part, the “visionary” in all of us was silenced to take care of more practical things.

Back in May, astrologers predicted that the Neptune Retrograde would experience a flu plague. Sure enough, this Fall we are dealing with the form of the HSN1 Swine Flu around the world. Neptune was given these powers because it this planet rules all of the fluids in the body and especially the bloodstream. When this planet moves backwards, it can also symbolize a weakening of the body, which can then leave us more vulnerable to viruses.

In November, we will probably hear about new developments having to do with vaccinations or cures for the flu. We might also hear about floods and disasters to do with water, as that is what happen every time that this planet makes a shift in a forward or backward direction.

On a personal level, we may have seen personal emotions running out of control. Addiction to alcohol and other issues might also be a problem. Aquarius got the worst aspects of this, but many signs in the zodiac were dealing with friends, lovers, and relatives who were dealing with addiction. When Neptune moves forward, either one of two things will happen. Either people will decide to get rid of their codependent relationships once and for all, or the relationship will actually improve as the individual embarks on a problem.

Neptune also rules emotions and feelings and when this planet was retrograde, self pity, aggression and distorted feelings were more dominant than thoughts of compassion, understanding, and kindness. Now that this planet is moving forward, there will be a lot more positive thinking and people will be less fixated on themselves.

Neptune follows directly on the heels of the asteroid Juno going direct the day before and Chiron going direct on the 31st of October. This means that a lot of troubled relationships are going to be healed. Emotional situations that were once murky will now be crystal clear and people will know exactly what they have to do to make each other happy again.

Here is a rundown of how Neptune going forward will affect your sign.


When Neptune goes forward, you are going to have a much better handle on your emotions. A relationship with an older woman that has been quite stormy all year is bound to improve. This is a good time to embark on a fitness plan or a new diet to lose weight.


When Neptune goes forward, you will find it easier to make a decision about a relationship. If you have been feeling emotionally cut off from someone, you will be able to relate to them once again. You might also find it easier to keep a vice or bad habit of yours more under control.


As Neptune goes forward, you will definitely see an improvement in the behaviors of those of around you who may be addicts or alcoholic. They will seem to have more power over their disease. You may have been confused about a major relationship lately, but in the near future you will have more of an idea about whether or not you should invest any more time or devotion to the romance.


You are a water sign, so you are very sensitive to the celestial movements of Neptune. Neptune moving forward after being retrograde for almost six months may cause a bit of an emotional upheaval in your life. Long suppressed emotions may suddenly come to the fore. Someone could end up venting and getting a lot of anger off of their chest or conversely someone could admit their undying love for you. Expect the unexpected.


When Neptune goes forward, you could find yourself confronted with a confession of love or even a proposal. The emotional impetus behind this is positive, but you have to be careful not to base all of your actions on what your heart feels. It is also important to use your head when it comes to making decisions about relationships, especially if the person that you love has an addiction problem or mental health issue.


When Neptune goes forward, you may finally be able to see someone for who he or she really is. It is time to stop being loyal to someone who has not been loyal to you. You also may find that you are less motivated by negative emotions, such as jealousy or resentment. One side effect of this planet going forward is that your cash flow will also improve.


When Neptune goes forward, you may finally find yourself free from the clutches of someone who has been trying to emotionally manipulate you for many months. It is highly possible that this person is female and in a position of authority. Once this person’s hold on you is loosened, you will feel more confident about yourself and the future.


When Neptune goes forward, you will be better able to trust your gut instincts, especially when it comes to romance. You will finally be able to make the right choice when it comes to love. All of your relationships should be flowing more smoothly and you are in for some peaceful and harmonious times. Your cash flow should be flowing more smoothly as well.


When Neptune goes forward, so will you, particularly when it comes to becoming closer to a special someone in life. It is also likely that you could meet a romantic prospect online or become more involved with somebody from another country. Neptune’s forward motion could also herald the arrival of a new job opportunity as well.


When Neptune moves forward in the sky, you will experience a definite improvement in your health. You will also feel more balanced emotionally and like you can make better decisions about your love life. The next few months are ideal for hiring contractors to do home repairs, especially if they have to do with plumbing.


When Neptune moves forward in the sky, you will have more clarity in general. This planet has been moving backwards in your sign for months, making it difficult for you to conduct sane relationships in both your work and romantic spheres. Thankfully, the days of confusion and misunderstandings are soon to be over and you will enjoy more fulfillment in life in general.


You are a water sign that is ruled by Neptune, so you are very sensitive to this planet’s movements. There has been a lot of emotional upheaval in your life since Neptune started moving backwards. You will most certainly be relieved of some duress financially, as someone makes a real effort to pay back a loan and creditors seem to get off of your back. This is also a good time to start a fitness regimen or weight loss diet.

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