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How The Mercury Retrograde Affects Your Zodiac Sign
How Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Starting May 7th at 1 am ET, the planet Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Gemini and it remains that way until 9:22pm on May 30th. This is quite a long time for Mercury to be retrograde and, by the end of this planetís long passage backward, it will be in the sign of Taurus.

A Mercury retrograde typically has the effect of slowing life down. As Mercury is the planet of communication, everyone in general is also likely to experience more misunderstandings, delays, and technological breakdowns than usual.  As this particular retrograde is in the sign that Mercury rules, Gemini, we can expect the impact of this to be even more extreme. It is probably a good idea to back up your computer files and make sure that each and every email that you send has reached its destination. 

As Gemini is a sign that rules performance, you can also expect glitches in anything to do with broadcasting and that includes television, radio and the internet. Maybe take the time to write down all of your passwords and other Internet related information just in case. As Gemini is also the sign of the Twins, problems such as identity theft and credit card theft will also be more prominent so keep an eye on your wallet and paperwork and be wary of all online transactions.

The retrograde stays in Gemini until the 13th and then makes its way into the more stable sign of Taurus. Taurus is a much more stable sign and we will experience less problems with technology. However, once it enters this family oriented sign, we are likely to experience more misunderstandings with our relatives and loved ones. When Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, there can also be problems to do with property or banks, usually these are just minor glitches that can be solved but they can be frustrated all the same.

In general, it is best for all of the signs to stay away from signing any contracts to do with employment, performance, or royalties in any way until after the 30th, but especially from the 7th until the 13th of May.  After May 13th, do your best to avoid signing any kind of contract to do with real estate or taking out a mortgage or a loan.

Here is a run down of how this retrograde period may affect each individual zodiac sign:


This Mercury retrograde will probably not affect you that much, but it is best to back up your computer files and return all calls promptly. You will feel its effects the most the last week of May when Mars in your sign conjoins with the backwards moving Mercury to possibly cause confusion with regards to a payment or long standing debt.


You will feel the effects of this Mercury retrograde most intensely from the 13th to the 30th when relationships with relatives may feel a bit strained. This is not the time to borrow or lend money, and it is also not the time to confront someone who has a longstanding debt with you.


You will feel the effects of this Mercury retrograde most acutely from the 7th to 13th, especially if you are a freelancer or a performer. It may be harder for you to get paid than usual or there may be a mess up at the bank. You should also take extra care to make sure that all of your emails really have been sent once you push that send button.


This Mercury retrograde will not be too painful for you but you should avoid signing contracts or investing money. This is not a good time for you to take a vacation, especially by air, as there are likely to be screw ups in your travel agenda.


You will find this Mercury retrograde particularly frustrating until the 13th. Be prepared to be stood up, forgotten, and caught in traffic. Make sure that you pay all of your bills on time to prevent an unpleasant misunderstanding by the end of the month.


This Mercury retrograde is likely to hit you in the technology department of your life, so make sure all of your files are backed up. Watch out for being careless about home security from the 13th onwards when you are more likely to prey to thieves. You should also keep your eye on your wallet at all times.


This Mercury retrograde is likely to affect your love life. You may experience more misunderstandings or a lover may seem less communicative. Before you jump to conclusions about someoneís behavior, it may also be important for you to make sure that they have received all of your messages and phone calls as glitches are likely.


This Mercury retrograde could bring you a temporary cash flow shortage. If you are freelance it may be more difficult for you to get paid and there could be a frustrating screw up at the bank. It is better to work behind the scenes during this entire period rather than strut your stuff.


The main concern for you during this retrograde period is travel. You should especially avoid traveling by air from the 7th to the 13th when you could experience a lot of frustrations and delay. If you are going to book a vacation or business trip it is best to do it after the 30th.


This Mercury retrograde is likely to cause challenges to do with cash flow, loans, and paying bills. Make sure all of the information on the bills you are sent is correct, as inaccuracies are likely to happen. It may also be hard not to argue over money or assets during the last week of May. 


Watch out for misunderstandings with family members all through this retrograde period. You should back up your computer and do frequent virus checks from the 7th to the 13th which is a vulnerable time for your sign.  Avoid confrontations and proposals until after May 30th as well.


Technology could be frustrating during this retrograde period and you may find yourself also encountering a lot of problems with vehicles, trains, planes and anything to do with traffic. If possible, take public transit, as you are also more likely to get a parking ticket while Mercury moves backwards through the sky.

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