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How The Mercury Retrograde Will Affect You
Mercury Retrograde The Mercury retrograde is occurring in the sign of Libra which is the sign of balance and different signs will find themselves affected in different ways.  Mostly it will signify that some kind of imbalance is coming your way in your life. How will this occurrence affect your sign?

September’s Mercury retrograde happens on September 6th in the sign of Libra evening and stays retrograde all the way until September 29th in the evening. However, before its long trip through the sky ends, it travels from six degrees in Libra backwards to twenty one degrees Virgo and then returns to Libra. 

So what does all of this mean for you?  When Mercury goes backwards in Libra, it sets the tone for miscommunications in relationships. After six days, it enters the sign of Virgo, which is all about accountability for our actions. We will be asked to account for and address how we might have treated others and finally make moves to correct it all.  We may have a chance to return to some relationships and make amends to some who we have wronged.

This retrograde is especially severe on people who might be splitting up, as Saturn is also in the sign of Virgo. This means splits could be particularly savage or mean.  There may be a lack of fairness. One party could get everything and the other could end up in the poorhouse. The sign of Virgo can be autocratic and ruthless. There may be no middle ground, especially if you are caught up in some kind of legal situation.

The worst day for relationships is going to the 22nd when Mercury in Virgo is conjunct Saturn in Virgo, making communication between warring parties almost impossible. The situation then gets irrational and emotional when Mercury also opposes Uranus in Pisces on the 23rd. Secrets may come to light at this time, which allows you to distance yourself from a painful or destructive relationship. 

This emotionally trying influence extends itself from the 22nd to the 29th when a certain someone will seem almost impossible to deal with. For many of the signs, misunderstandings will seem to happen every five minutes.

From the 6th to the 29th of September is a long stretch of time for the planet of communication to be setting things awry including causing delays, unreturned calls, and problems with technology. Uranus rules technology and automation, so you can expect transportation delays and problems with automation as well, particularly from the 22nd to the 29th.

Even though the retrograde of the communication planet does not actually start until the 6th, you could start to feel its effects in terms of reduced communication and frustrations about five days beforehand. Many people also experience “shadow” effects of the backwards moving planet for the five days after the retrograde ends as well. The last week of August is not going to be easy anyway thanks to clashing influences from Mars and Pluto in the sky, so it might be a good idea to lie low romantically and emotionally before the retrograde starts on the sixth.

In general, it is best for all of the signs to stay away from signing any contracts to do with employment, performance, or royalties in any way until after the 6th. You should avoid signing any kind of contract to do with real estate or taking out a mortgage or a loan.


Life could seem to be very unfair in the near future. No matter what you do you will not be able to seem to please a certain special someone – to the extent you might stop giving a hoot about what he or she thinks. The imbalance caused by Mercury Retrograde in the sign of the scales will affect your travel plans. You need to read the fine print very carefully if you book hotels or flights. 


This Mercury retrograde is likely to bring you a big split from a relationship that has gone sour. This could be a marriage or an employer. This is also not the period of time for you to get a makeover or a haircut. It will simply have to be done over again. You might also have to stop talking yourself into buying things you don’t need.


Mercury is your ruling planet, so no matter what sign these retrogrades are in, your sign is going to have a rough time. When it is in Libra, you can expect there to be extra charges for items or delays in getting paid. When it is Virgo, you might feel that you just can’t get a break or that people are too critical of you. The upside is that the retrograde could bring you the opportunity to straighten out a romantic dilemma or someone who wronged you in the past could try and make amends to you.


Expect to be on hold forever and customer service representatives to be less helpful than usual. The Mercury retrograde may also cause problems with email and returned calls for your sign. This retrograde could bring someone into your life who you consider to be very unfair or it could seem that a current relationship is turning into a sado-masochistic nightmare. There may not be much you can do about others negativity at this point except live through it until October when attitudes become more easily going and relaxed.


You may find that people are making you wild promises during this period that they can’t possibly keep. Be prepared to be stood up every now and then. You might also have a secret revealed to you after the 20th that could shake up your world. The last week of September could be rough when it comes to relationships. By month’s end, you could make the decision to depart from a toxic situation for good.


No matter how hard you try there are going to be difficulties with regards to a major relationship. It might simply be time to let someone go and in the end you will be better off emotionally and financially. As the retrograde is in your sign, you may also have problems in maintaining control over how smoothly your business runs for the three weeks of the retrograde.  As Mercury rules technology, you are likely to see a lot of glitches especially with email.


This particular Mercury retrograde is in your sign, so you can expect to be hit the hardest with its malefic effects. Back up your computer. You can also expect misunderstandings to occur in both business and love. It is crucial for your sign to take things with a grain of salt during this time. If you owe money, you are going to be asked to pay up. People will especially be on your back from the 23rd onwards so you might want to lie low at that time.


This Mercury retrograde is going to hit you in the relationship department. Expect to be stood up, disappointed, and sent on wild goose chases. You should also be very careful about how you phrase your emails and text messages to avoid sounding terse or critical. People are very critical right now. If you have been having an affair, you might be discovered. A pressing financial matter might also become a crisis during the last week of September.


You will be affected in the area of travel, so you could experience problems with booking flights and all kinds of delays. Make sure you are not overcharged for things like car rentals or taxi cabs. If you have an expense account, be fair as employers will be in the mode to “audit” you if anything looks suspicious. You should also watch out for a visit from the tax man if you have not kept up with your payments. Keep your books in order as you could be called to task for your spending!


This retrograde is likely to cause an imbalance or unfairness to do with being charged for your household bills in some ways. Check your phone bills, power bills, and cable bills to make sure that they are correct. Planets in your sign the last week of August are also likely to bring up old issues between you and a partner or relative. Chances are that the matter that comes into dispute has something to do with an unpaid loan or splitting up property.


The last week of August is going to bring relationship challenges. It will only take one unkind word to start a huge fight with someone so be careful not to be sarcastic. Back up your computer files. This retrograde is likely to cause problems with technology. A project that you think might have the green light might suffer a set back or challenges that force you to put it off for awhile. You may have to humor a younger person who is making a big deal out of a setback.


You need to be very careful about how you interpret emails and text messages while Mercury retrograde is in Libra as it can bring misunderstandings. After the 20th, double check all documents that you send out as Mercury going back in Virgo can cause huge misunderstandings. This is also not the time to sign any contracts as the fine print can be misleading. It is important that you do things by the book and not try any shortcuts or you will regret it. Leave no stone unturned when it comes to investigating your own behavior a past relationship.

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