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How The New Moon In Capricorn Will Affect You
New Moon in Capricorn The New Moon in Capricorn on the 15th of January is going to be exceptionally powerful because a Total Solar Eclipse in the same sign happens at almost the same time. This amplifies the energy of this New Moon, which is positive and action oriented.

Any changes you make during this New Moon are likely to last a long while, so be sure to make wise choices. The New Moon in Capricorn builds the foundations for things that are meant to ensure your future security and also last for future generations.


The very practical energy of this New Moon gives you a chance to lay a new foundation for your financial security. An improvement in your cash flow may be tied to the potential buying or selling of a house. The things that you buy or improve now have the potential to become long lasting and durable and that is also true on the more metaphorical level of relationships. Donít let others criticize you or try to hold you back because of your success as they are just jealous.


This New Moon will bring you the opportunity to build more structure in a valued relationship. It could be that this relationship has somehow been secret and that you would now like it to be more visible. Romantically, you may feel inspired to contribute to a special someoneís well being through a proposal or by moving in with them. To create an empire that is enduring, it might serve you to be a little more selfish than you usually are this month.


This New Moon will bring you the opportunity to build a strong relationship that has the potential to last until the rest of your life. Some of you will be looking at a change in residence that represents a vast improvement in your circumstances. Many Geminis will be receiving a proposal of marriage in the near future. For some, this new union might also signify a change of residence. Your friends may need you more than usual and even though they may seem too needy, you should try and be as loyal and affirmative with them as possible. Your kindness will be paid back in spades.


This New Moon is going to give you the chance to show off how creative you can be. You will be a champion problem solver and, despite great odds, you are going to triumph over what is banal and mean and manage to make everybody happy. You will not only grow personally, but you will find yourself soon in a position to make others grow as well. You will thrive this month if you are a teacher and some Crabs might be invited to do some public speaking. Get ready for guests to stop by your home for dinner or even a longer stay.


This wonderful New Moon is going to give you the opportunity to build a permanent money making structure that brings long term gains. It may also bring you a new business or romantic partner that you can count on. If you are aspiring to be in a position of leadership or authority, this is a good time for you to sell yourself to higher ups. It is also a great time to reorganize or redecorate your office or home. If you wish hard enough on this special moon, your dream may come true.


You may have been more liberal in your views in the past few months in the name of trying to make yourself more attractive to an emotionally remote love interest, but this New Moon will bring you the courage to make necessary changes. Capricorn is a deliberate, conservative, and cautious sign and your sign is often in agreement with these attitudes. Now, is the time to revert to these points of view so that your life can be more peaceful and organized in general.


This new Moon is going to help you become more deliberate, determined, and disciplined when it comes to realizing your career and money goals. This is a great evening to sit down and make a business plan or create a budget. If you have dealings with the government that need to be straightened out, such as a loan or back taxes, now is the time to negotiate a deal as you will be seen much more favorable during this influence.


This New Moon is going to bring you a badly needed opportunity to work hard so you can have more success in life. This moon favors tried and true traditional means of making a living. Some Scorpios may see the need to spend more time at a nine to five job because a freelance opportunity may not be working as well. This is also a very good day to buy or sell real estate or take out a loan.


This New Moon is going to bless you with some kind of legacy. You could receive news of an inheritance or cash windfall of some sort, which is good news as you have not been that solvent lately. It is also possible that you could win some kind of small award this month thanks to this lucky influence as well. However, in other areas of your life, success may not come as easily. You might be expected to pay dues of some sort.


This New Moon is in your sign and you can expect to be blessed with health, wealth, and prosperity, but only as long as you are willing to play by the rules. Time-tested strategies that are proven to work are what you should stick by, if you are going to make progress. This is the month that you can get all of the money AND all of the glory thanks to the fact that both the Solar Eclipse and this energizing New Moon are in your sign.


This New Moon is good for writing down your aspirations about what you want to accomplish in your career. You may find yourself feeling more confident and being aware of a stronger sense of yourself and where you would like to go in life. If you have been craving the attention of the public, then this is the ideal time for you to go after the fame and respect that you crave. Whatever you practice being, this month is something that could catch on and make you quite wealthy as well.


This New Moon will give you the gift of vision, commitment, resources, and energy you need to make positive choices in your life. You may also decide to sacrifice the smaller for the greater and in some way automatically choose the good of the many of the good of just one person.  You might also find yourself in a position of authority that requires you to make some difficult financial decisions, but realize that you may be in this position because others consider you to be a pillar of the community.

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