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How The Recent SuperMoon Will Affect Your Weekend
The SuperMoon in Leo The recent the New Moon in the fiery sign of Leo on August 20th appeared Ė it was the 3rd SuperMoon of the summer. A SuperMoon means that the moon itself is as close as it ever can be to the earth. 

A moon in Leo signifies creative expression, leadership, recreation and children. This is also a good time to take risks for love and being confident enough to move forward with new ideas. 

Even though the new moon in Leo often bodes a time of philanthropy, generosity and kindness for the fourteen days following it, this particular moon is at an odd degree. When a celestial body is at 28 degrees in this sign, it can mean that we may feel so overwhelmed with possibilities that we can make any type of decision at all. Some of us may feel like we have too many choices and that we cannot possibly move forward.

As Leo is a fixed sign, your best bet is to stay as focused as possible by limiting your field of vision and activity. It is best to keep a lower profile no matter how much you want to have fun.

Furthermore, this moon opposes Uranus and Chiron in the sign of Aquarius. If you are in a toxic relationship, there are going to be issues. The two of you may decide to work things out with the idea that you want to find a solution for your problems that serves the greater good of all.

Just note that this is probably not a good time to get a new pet. Chances are that it will be difficult or have problems in some way. Here is a glimpse of how this recent SuperMoon in the showy sign of Leo is likely to affect your sign over the near future.


You are a fire sign, just like the sign of Leo, so you will be deeply affected by this SuperMoon.  You may find yourself overwhelmed by too many career opportunities at once and be force to overwork just at the point in time when most people are taking a vacation. You should also be careful of having a secret affair at this time as it is likely to be very volatile, to the point that it could have you leaving your spouse (if you are attached). If not attached, the vibe is much more favorable as the relationship is not likely to be a flash in the pan.


This SuperMoon is going to convince you to follow your heart and make the choice to go after what you really want in life. This is especially true if you have been confused romantically. If you must make a decision between two people, you should go with whoever has the most potential to make your soul and heart sing. This is also a good time for you to confront any demons that you have from the past and leave them behind forever.


This SuperMoon is going to clean up the mess that your romantic life has begun and more than likely bring you the romance that you desire. Thanks to the benevolent position of Venus with regards to your sign, you are going to see the return of an old lover or be blessed with a new one. Many Geminis have had a rough time later, but soon you will see both your money and love situation rise from the ashes just like a Phoenix. You may also enjoy more popularity and find life to be more fun than usual in the next two weeks.


This SuperMoon will affect you profoundly because the last SuperMoon on July 21st was in your sign. Any project or relationship that you started around a month ago is likely to get the go ahead now. However, the drawback might be that it will have you a little busier or involved than you want to be. Furthermore, the person or people involved in this venture might prove to show themselves to have real issues emotionally that are going to have to be faced or addressed in the next few weeks or the whole thing could be sabotaged.


This SuperMoon is bound to profoundly affect you because it is in your sign. For the next two weeks, you can expect some surprising developments. Many of you will be swept off your feet by a new lover.  Some may be contemplating leaving an existing relationship for a new one.  If you do want to pull up your roots and relocate somewhere else, try not to do so until after September 3rd.  Ventures begun now may have a false start simply because the temptation is to take on too much.  If you feel overwhelmed by a romance, do not be afraid to take a break for a few days so you can make wise decisions!


This SuperMoon is most likely going to give you a wake up call when it comes to a relationship that has been going sour for many months. Over the summer, the outcome of this romance or friendship may have seemed optimistic, but the cold light of this Leo moon may shed light on a secret situation. It could be at this time that this person shows their true colors and you fall out of love with them or a current situation to have to do with a love triangle finally becomes untenable. If you have been bending over backwards for someone, you will realize that it may have been a waste of time and that now is the perfect time to look for someone new.


This SuperMoon is going to be intense. If you are in love, your feelings will feel like they are magnified times ten. If you are single, you could fall in love. Attached Librans may feel the temptation to cheat on a partner. You should be careful not to develop a crush on someone who seems fun on the surface, but who is actually suffers from quite a few personal problems. You could also face problems with addiction over the next few weeks, either your own addiction or that of a loved one. Do not go into denial about this or you could receive a rude wake up call regarding your emotional or physical health.


As you are a water sign, this fiery moon in Leo could bring some disagreeable circumstances your way Ė especially romantically. If you have been have any kind of secret affair, you could be found out and thanks to the influence of Chiron opposing this moon, the offended party may not make life easy on you. Yet another thing to watch out for is attracting obsessed or addicted individuals into your life who may seem like a dream come true at first and then proceed to turn your life into a nightmare.


This SuperMoon will have a very positive influence on your family relationships in general and lighter worry free times are ahead of you in the next few weeks. You may also be enjoying many opportunities to travel and enjoy yourself in exotic lands. However, you must be careful to watch your health and especially your nerves during this SuperMoon phase. It will be very tempting for you to take on way too much. You donít want to be burnt out before the new season even starts so be sure to take time out and smell the roses.


This SuperMoon is going to bring you more time with friends and family, which is either going to be a big blessing or a curse depending on how high your tolerance is going to be for competitive or jealous individuals. Sibling rivalry could definitely play a big role in your life in the near future, whether it be between yourself and a brother and sister or be a matter of your children fighting for your attention. You might also have a schedule that is so full of social opportunities that your head is going to be whirling. Be sure to take time out for yourself as even a great deal of happy stress can still burn you out if you are not careful.


This SuperMoon faces off against Uranus and Chiron in your sign which means you are probably going to be facing some challenges in your relationships. The moonís clash with Chiron could bring an unpleasant face off between you and someone who did not treat you well as a child. Furthermore you may feel a real tug between the desire to vacation and the desire to complete a project that is very important to you but must be done before the arrival of the Fall season in order to make any impact. Chances are you will get it all done before Labor Day but donít be surprised if you are somehow fighting an uphill battle all the way.


This SuperMoon is in a fire sign, which means it might feel a little stressful to you because you are a peaceful fire sign. The next two weeks are definitely going to be a little more chaotic than you are used to, particularly when it comes to dealing with your family. Leo is the sign of the drama queen so be prepared for some excitement. You are also going to be more popular socially than usual. Be aware of a tendency for your partner to be jealous and possessive of you right now and just take it with a grain of salt. Singles also have a great chance of meeting someone new under the influence of this New Moon, which lasts until Labor Day!

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By michelle, Saturday, August 22, 2009 11:59:44 AM
hmmm. my ex is a virgo , my ex friend and his mistress is a capricorn and I am a libra who has been talking quite a bit lately to my exes mistresses husband..... i wonder.... any one have some speculations?
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