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How The Sun in Scorpio Will Affect Your Sex Life
Sun in Scorpio On October 22nd, the Sun enters Scorpio which promises to be another one of the most erotic days of 2009.

Typically, Scorpio rules the areas of life to do with sex, death, the occult, secrets, jealousy, obsession, possessiveness, archeology, and anything that you are absolutely passionate about in general. It also rules revenge and long standing battles that are full of drama and intrigue.

Usually, the good news with regards to the Sun in Scorpio is a big improvement in your sex life. Single people definitely get luckier under this influence as well...

Here is how the Sun in Scorpio is likely to heat up your love life this November.


The sun in Scorpio is going to make you ultra-competitive for a certain someone’s affections. You are likely to triumph over your rival as you have both the passion and charm to sweep him or her off her feet. Beware of a tendency to flirt too heavily at parties if you are already attached, spouses are especially prone to jealousy when the Sun enters this possessive sign. Even though it is tempting, it is also unwise to entertain an infidelity with someone you work with.


The Sun in Scorpio fills you with a deep longing to be with the one you really love. Now is the time to make your move if you want to show someone how you really feel. The Bull is one of the best lovers in the horoscope and your sex drive will be very high during this cycle. Male bulls, in particular, will find that their stamina in bed is greatly increased for the next thirty days.


The Sun in Scorpio always makes you super-sexy. Be prepared to be worshipped and adored by your partner. You may meet someone who likes to role play or your lover may insist you dress up in sexy costumes for him or her. The Sun in this sign usually brings you a cash windfall as well, so be sure to spend it on some sexy clothing to attract the one you love. This is also an excellent time for the sign of the Twins to become hitched to their “other.” Single Geminis may end up having to choose between more than one partner.


The sun’s entrance in Scorpio could have the effect of making you feel jealous or insecure. Don’t give into negative feelings like this or you could sabotage an important relationship. Be prepared to be introduced to new and unusual individuals. You may also experience love at first sight or déjà vu upon meeting a charming and very sexy stranger. Don’t take a lover’s nonchalance personally. He or she is just too busy to pay you much attention. However, you could expect a handsome gift from an admirer in the next thirty days.


The Sun in Scorpio supercharges you with erotic charisma. You are blessed with the ability to seduce anyone that you please. However, you must resist the temptation to be jealous or make others jealous or you could sabotage an important relationship. Try to mind your own business if your partner seems aloof or wants some space, it is likely that your own jealousy or desire might be making this seem more extreme than it actually is. You should also avoid the temptation to have an affair with someone who can further your career.


You are likely to feel vengeful and a bit bitter while the Sun is in Scorpio. Rather than dwell on the past, go out and try and meet someone new. This is the ideal time for single Virgos to find a new love or for attached Virgos to relight the spark in a sexual relationship that has been less than satisfactory. The influence of the Scorpio sun also favors shopping for sexy clothes or an impressive new makeover. You can look forward to lots of party invitations in the following days and this makes it very likely that you could meet someone new.


The Sun in Scorpio is likely to bring you a financial windfall as well as an interesting romantic twist in your love life. You could also find yourself dealing with more than one very attracted suitor. If you are attached, you will definitely find your partner becoming more attentive and romantic. Try to avoid making him or her jealous as the smallest indication of infidelity is likely to make him or her very jealous.


If you have been wishing to seduce a special someone, the Sun in your sign is going to bring you your heart’s desire. You are very powerful sexually, however, you need to be discreet about your affairs. Scorpio is also a sign that keeps secrets and when the Sun is in your sign, you are more likely to become the third wheel in someone else’s relationship. You should also avoid making loved ones jealous on purpose, as it could backfire on you.


The Scorpio Sun is likely to bring you lots of sexy adventures and one of them may be with someone from a far off land. You should be very careful to watch a tendency in yourself to become possessive and jealous. Take all gossip with a grain of salt as it is not likely to be true. Keep in mind that you are more vulnerable to blowing things out of proportion than usual, especially if it is an emotional or sexual matter.


The Sun in Scorpio is going to bring you erotic adventures of one sort or another. Attached goats may find themselves having particularly passionate sex and singles could find a new love. People you meet in the next thirty days or so might seem to have a fated quality about them, as if you have known them all your life. The loneliness you have felt over the past several months will be no more.


The Sun in Scorpio is going to bring you a sexual escapade of one kind or another. Some of these people may be too hot for you to handle, so be careful not to make a premature promise to have a relationship with someone you barely know. You may have to watch out for strong jealousy or vindictive behavior from the lover of a former lover. You should also resist a tendency in yourself to be more covetous of other people’s relationships than usual.


The Sun in Scorpio brings temptations of all sorts. It may be best to think twice before sleeping with someone you barely know. This celestial influence has the effect of having Fishes having sex with someone who seems attractive at night, but during the day is obviously incompatible with you. You should also beware of anyone who is calling you a soul mate at this time as that is not likely to be true. However, this Sun does favor relationships that have a bit of a mystical bent to them. You could feel like someone you meet now is someone you once knew in a past life.

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