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How The SuperMoon Affects You?
SuperMoon in Cancer The new moon in Cancer is on Monday June 22. Furthermore, it is a SuperMoon, which means that the moon is 90% or greater of its closest approach to the earth. It is thought  that when this happens the influence astrologically of that particular moon and the sign that it is in is greatly enhanced.

Other influences could also be enhanced at this time. The day before this happens Venus conjuncts Mars in the sign of Taurus, which is a very diplomatic and loving astrological configuration. The day before that, the Sun will have just entered Cancer – emphasizing the home loving, emotional and intuitive sides of our nature. Mercury will be in the fun sign of Gemini, thus smoothing hurt relationships and adding a light hearted quality to everything.

However, as loving and bonding as the new SuperMoon in Cancer promises to be, the wealth planet Jupiter will be going backwards in Aquarius causing problems with employment, money, and cash flow. This will cause distress for some signs and the amplified emotional energy from the Cancer SuperMoon may have some signs feeling full of self-pity.

Here is what the New Moon in Cancer – a SuperMoon – has in store for your sign.


During this New Cancer SuperMoon, you may be touched by the suffering in the world and feel inspired to raise money for a favorite charity. You might also feel like mending fences with a long time enemy, particularly if it is a relative or ex-spouse. This is a great evening for you to go out and meet a soulmate if you are single.

The next two weeks are great for making plans for the future with a loved one, especially if the two of you are planning to get married. It is also an ideal time to travel over water or take a holiday near a large body of water. Single Rams may find themselves emotionally involved with someone new, but it may also be a challenge not to become obsessed or jealous of this person as well. The moon will cause strange impulses and compulsions.


If you have been less than kind to someone you live with, then you will have the chance to make amends. It is possible that you could acquire a new pet. There is a warning with the moon not to become too close with someone who is a toxic, older relationship for you. You have recently been given the chance to make a new start and because of other planets, you have been close to losing to what is most precious to you. Don’t choose the past over the future!

If you are in a sexual relationship, it will become more passionate than ever. This two weeks is ideal for committing to the person that you love. It is also a good time to buy gemstones or plan a special trip away with a special someone. Holidaying by a large body of water is also recommended during the next fourteen days.


You will greatly benefit from the compassion and kindness of this Cancer SuperMoon. Finally, after being a scapegoat for months, you will get the sympathy and understanding that you need. This “break” will allow you to get some much needed rest. Money matters will also greatly improve and you may find yourself finally able to purchase much needed items for your home.

This moon will make a lover very passionate and devoted to you. You will feel owned and commitment may never be an issue in a special relationship again if your issues are talked over at this time. Single Geminis are also likely to find someone who feels very passionate about them at this time. Your sex life will be wild and deeply emotional. Many of you may be proposed to at this time as well.


The SuperMoon in your sign brings you many blessings. You could reunite with someone you have not seen in years or fall in love with a childhood friend. The Sun in your sign compliments the moon, bringing you romantic satisfaction as well as harmony with friends and family. This is the perfect evening to make plans for the future with a special someone.

This moon is very favorable and you will be very lucky in the next two weeks. This is the optimum time for you to try and make a long held dream come true. If you need a job, then this is the time to hunt for one. Singles are more likely to find romance. If you have burnt a bridge in the past, you are more likely to reconnect with the person more easily than usual.


This SuperMoon could bring challenges emotionally. If you feel that you cannot handle your emotions or how you feel about someone from your past, then it might be time to get some time alone. This is not a great time for you to confront others. The energy on this night favors diplomacy, giving in and forgiveness.

The mood of the next two weeks might be a little “heavy” for you. You might feel like loved ones have lost their sense of humor. You might also feel smothered by a female presence that is very demanding in your life. Duty and obligation may seem to take precedence over fun, but keep in mind that the relationships that you take care of now will blossom later.


Saturn in your sign is playing havoc with your finances and the SuperMoon in Cancer might distort your thinking. Resist the temptation to show disdain for those who you feel have wronged you in the past as your emotions will be all over the place. If you find yourself sliding into self-pity, the best cure is to participate in a favorite charity or spend your time doing things for others.

This next two weeks will find you focusing on assessing your material assets and making difficult financial decisions. You may find that you have been holding on to things that you absolutely cannot afford for sentimental reasons. The challenge will to not be possessive and to “let go” of an old style of life. The blessing in the long term will be a fresh start in life that is less stressful and expensive.


The New Moon in Cancer might make you feel nostalgic and you may find yourself yearning for someone far away or who you have been estranged from for some time. You may feel extraordinarily emotional, especially if you are feeling the effects of an economic or employment setback of sometimes. Find refuge and comfort in the company of good friends this evening.

This moon will have you focusing on family and friends for the next two weeks and it is also an excellent time in your life to make new friends. This influence also favors therapy and the creation of art works.


It may be difficult for you to control your emotions with the Moon in Cancer being so close to the earth. You may also feel your sexual desire is amplified and if you are with someone, they will be the lucky benefactor of your lust. If you are single, tonight is a very good evening to seduce someone or go out on a first date. Chances are you will be kissed!

The tone of the next two weeks will be quite sexual and romantic, but you also may find yourself dealing with someone who is possessive or jealous. You may also find that fighting is the mirror image of desire.


This Supermoon you may find that your relatives are more emotional than usual. This is not a good day to plan a vacation as a family crisis could arise. You could find yourself dealing with sibling rivalry or problems with a pet. It is also possible that someone close to you could have an economic setback that also affects you. This Moon in Cancer also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate just how emotionally supportive you can be in an emergency.

This moon marks the beginning of a two week period in which you will be able to spend more time with your family and, as a result, find the compassion and strength to understand and get to know them better.


This SuperMoon is probably a bit challenging for you, as Cancer is the sign of the drama queen. A family secret could be revealed or you could have an unpleasant experience watching a family member really “act out.”  Issues, such as codependency or addiction, might be center stage. Emotionally, you may feel smothered and you may feel the urge to “fly away” from the situation. You might have to grin and bear it as travel is not recommended this evening.

The tone of the next two weeks might be a bit distressing because you will find yourself questioning the value or virtue of unconditional love. Some of you will be letting toxic relationships go and deeply questioning your role and accountability for some of the problems in your life.


This SuperMoon may feel a bit disturbing to you. First of all, Jupiter going backwards in your sign could have brought news of an economic setback that might have you feeling overwhelmed. The challenge might be that others are also choosing to unload their problems on you when you feel that you have too much to deal with. It is quite alright to tell others that you have too much on your plate as it as long as you can do it diplomatically.

You might find the mood that this moon sets for your life for the next two weeks a bit upsetting as it may disrupt long held routines and patterns for you. However, it will be an excellent time for you to spend some time looking for a way to make money doing something that you really love to do.


When the moon in a fellow water sign is this close to the earth, you may feel overly emotional. You will be more likely to internalize what others say to you and your feelings might be hurt more easily. You need to keep in mind that you are more sensitive than usual and that your judgment of others might also be distorted. This is not the time to confront others with your issues. Instead, spend some time alone this evening meditating and if you are religious, it is quite a great evening to pray for others or pray for peace of mind.

The tone that this New Moon will set for the next two weeks in your life will be one of diplomacy. You will be asked to do favors for relatives and to be more compassionate in both your professional and personal endeavors.


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