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How The Uranus Retrograde Affects Your Zodiac Sign
Uranus Retrograde On July 1st, the planet Uranus goes retrograde in the sign of Pisces and stays that way until December 1st. Usually, this is an indication of fanaticism – in particular religious extremes. We may hear news of religious wars escalating overseas. There may be more persecution in general of lesser practiced religions as well.

Another effect of Uranus going backwards is outward expressions of rebelliousness. Those who were conformist may suddenly break free from their restrictive beliefs and act out of character. Those who normally seem independent and aloof may suddenly join a cause or try to become a champion for an underdog.

Uranus is the planet or change, risk, and independence and, when it goes backwards, the weirdoes seem to come out of the woodwork. It may seem that people are upsetting the apple cart or being provocative on purpose. You can expect the unexpected as people will not be following their innate logic. Instead, they will be more prey to strange compulsions and obsessions.

The good thing about Uranus moving backwards is that it can be a catalyst for change. It is a disruptive influence that can be very chaotic and many people experience a rebirth of some sort in their life as a result. Usually, people have a stronger sense of what they want out of life at the end of one of the five-month long Uranus retrogrades. They are more willing to try and live by their convictions, as well as shake things up a bit if they feel that someone is being wronged.

This Uranus retrograde is also going to have a great deal of impact on all signs because within three days, there are several squares between Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, and Venus in the sign of Aquarius. Personal relationships will be very rough to July 6th when some may even rupture. On July 6th, Venus squares off with Pluto, which means that anything toxic in relationships is likely to be brought to the forefront. Secrets could also be exposed during that six day period from July 1st to July 6th. No matter what your sign is, you should be ready for anything! At the very least, you will be in for an exciting ride as Uranus is the planet of change and even when it moves backwards, it ultimately is attempting to manifest a change for the better.

Here is an indication of how each Zodiac sign will be affected by Uranus moving backwards.


You are a bit of a hot head already and Uranus moving backwards is going to make you feel like telling your boss to “take this job and shove it.” This is obviously not the time to be so cavalier as other planets, such as Jupiter moving backwards through the sky, are causing a scarcity of money and jobs. You may find too that you don’t feel like cooperating much with a pushy older woman in your life. This is especially true in August. However, you may have to put up with this person’s smothering attentions, as they hold a position of authority and have the ability to decide your fate.


When Uranus moves backwards in the sky, your sign often feels terrified because you do not feel like you are in control. People may be acting in erratic ways, especially children and siblings. To your surprise, you may find that people who never dare disagree with you or challenge your beliefs have no problems doing so now and one of the less savory aspects of the next few months will be your loved one’s tendency to analyze all the mistakes you have made in the past. It may also be a challenge for you to keep your temper or behave rationally and coolly during this influence, as you will be more stuck on having things your way than usual. Unfortunately, others will not be so willing to accommodate you, so try to be flexible in your thinking.


The Uranus retrograde makes you feel like you want to run away from everything and indeed you may have an opportunity to quench your wanderlust in the fall. This summer may make it more difficult for you to travel just because of a crash crunch, but short trips and jaunts out are recommended. It could be that a close relationship is making you feel irritated and bit smothered. The cure for that is to develop other interests so that you do not obsess about the way you feel annoyed and wronged by this individual. Yet another consequence of this influence is feeling “taken for granted” or like others is trying to steal credit for your work. It is okay to stand up for yourself, but be as diplomatic and tactful as you can about it, as others are stingy emotionally and likely to ruthlessly attack you if they see you as a threat.


Uranus retrogrades can make you feel like everyone is on your case, that you can do no right and that you are blamed for everything wrong in the world. You also may feel very frustrated because there will be at least one person in our life who is constantly trying to question your credibility or ruin your reputation. This can make you feel depressed and cause you to turn to food, booze, or pills for comfort. This would be a bad idea as Uranus retrogrades also encourages addictive behavior. You should also make doubly sure that you take all gossip that you hear with a grain of salt, and resist spreading any dubious news yourself. Meditation, yoga, and taking long walks are the best remedy for soothing your hurt feelings for the next few months.


Uranus retrograde always turns you into a bit of a fanatic. You may feel very passionate about the causes you support and throw yourself almost full time into a hobby or charity work. The only problem with this is that you can be very extreme in your beliefs and intolerant of anyone who does not support your cause or agree with your opinions.  You are naturally an overwhelming personality anyway but the backwards Uranus motion may have others perceiving you as a bit of bully. The challenge for you during this five month period will be speaking and acting with moderation and tact. You may also feel impatient with others and become overworked because you insist on doing everything yourself. It is best for you to delegate your responsibilities to others every now and then just to stay sane.


When Uranus moves backwards in the sky, you feel shaken by events. This planetary movement has the effect of making you feel like you have lost control of the direction of your life. Furthermore, you may find that others are a little less willing to obey or humor you. Children, pets, and spouses will be especially rebellious if you try to boss them around. Furthermore, you may find yourself obsessing about little things and overanalyzing the past in order to find out where you went wrong. It may also be a challenge for you to keep your cool during this influence, as it may seem that others are resisting you just to be spiteful. The truth is there may be something in your tone that is turning them off and making them rebel against you.


The Uranus retrograde makes you feel like you want to stop everything you are doing and trade in your life for a whole new one. However, it is not feasible to run away forever at this time. A little escapism is definitely recommended. It could be that a close relationship is not going that well and even making you feel trapped. The relationship might also feel that you are taking him or her for granted or lacking appropriate communication skills. During the next few months, you may even find it necessary to leave this relationship for new prospects. However, keep in mind that you may end up returning to your “old life” once the energy from this planet stops filling you with strange obsessions and compulsions.


When Uranus moves backwards, you may find that people who were formerly cooperative with you suddenly have a lot of resistance to your suggestions. This is going to be particularly true of lovers and spouses who may suddenly rebel against the amount of personal or sexual control that you have over them. The consequence of this will either be that they become more adventurous or dominant with you sexually or that they will feel so smothered by you that they will leave the relationship. You may also feel the compulsion to explore new relationships, especially sexual ones, and it may be a challenge for you to remain faithful if you are attached during the next five months.


A Uranus retrograde always turns you into a bit of an extremist. You may feel very passionate about your beliefs. This is an excellent influence if you are considering getting involved in a charity, as you will have the kind of drive and faith that it takes to truly save others. However, if this passionate energy is channeled anywhere else in your life, others could perceive you as a bully or fanatic. You need to be diplomatic and tactful or others are simply going to refuse to cooperate with you. Uranus moving backwards may also make you feel like playing hokey or quitting your job, but this is not recommended as a coexistent Jupiter retrograde would make finding a new job or making extra money tough. Your survival during the next five months might depend on you not taking things personally no matter how outrageous and insulting the behavior of others seems.


When Uranus is retrograde in the sky your sign often feels powerless. This creates the kind of fear and resentment that could put you in a bad mood every day if you can’t get a handle on it. You might also be aghast at the way your relationships seems to be turned topsy turvy. To your surprise you may find that people who are normally very supportive of you seem a little more skeptical of your charms. You might also have to watch out for an older female in your life who is very critical of you in an unfair way. This person could be a relative or boss who has some kind of impact on your future so you are well advised to try to be patient and not take any negative developments or remarks too personally.


Uranus is moving backwards in the sky and this is going to complicate your life which has already been meddled with by four other planets in your sign. Chances are that by the time this retrograde happens on July 1st you will have taken all the crap that you are willing to take from other people and make big changes. For you this might mean quitting a job, divorce or simply making the decision to detach yourself from people who upset you. You may have been very diplomatic over the past few months but this retrograde Uranus motion is going to finally give you the strength and courage to leave a relationship or situation that has been poisoning your psyche with negativity. Do not fear change over the next five months as you will be a happier and emotionally healthier person as a result.


Uranus moving backwards is in your sign which means that you will be really feeling fed up with a situation that you feel has been bleeding you dry for months on end. You may finally put your foot down and stop humoring a needy relative. You could also find out that a loan may never be repaid or that a promise made to you a long itme ago just possibly cannot be kept. Instead of taking this type of news as a betrayal you are better off to take it all in stride and just accept the losses. The phrase “What you resist, persists” really does apply to you this month. Many of you will feel so lost in life that you will turn to prayer and religion to try and comfort you during dark times. However you should also be aware that love is an action and not just a belief and make sure that you are able to maintain your sense of humor through these tough times.

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By LeslieJean, Wednesday, July 01, 2009 04:22:35 PM
The more informed or the more information we receive the more aware I can become and hopefully prevent harm or hurt someone due to my ignorance, so thank you! LJ
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